Panjab University Research Scholars

S.No. Name of the Supervisor /
Name of the Ph.D. Scholar Mode of Ph.D. Registration Number Date of Registration Research Topic Likely Date of Completion Availing Fellowship Funding Agency of Fellowship
Faculty of Science : Department of StatisticsUpdated on: 20/11/2019 
1.   PROF. MANOJ KUMAR BAVNEET KAUR SIDHU Full Time 18-19/282/Ph.D. 14/11/2018 13/11/2023 No
3.   PROF. NARINDER KUMAR ARUN KUMAR Full Time 18-19/107/Ph.D. 13/09/2018 Statistical Inference 30/09/2023 Yes CSIR(JRF)
4.   Prof. Sangeeta Chopra
Prof. Kalpana K. Mahajan
VIKAS JANGRA Full Time 17-18/129/Ph.D. 07/09/2017 08/09/2022 Yes UNIVERSITY FELLOWSHIP
5.   Prof. Amar Nath Gill JATESH KUMAR Part Time 15/1224 22/09/2015 31/01/2019 No
6.   Prof. Narinder Kumar Manish Goyal Full Time 15/172 08/09/2015 Some Testing Problems for Location and Scale Parameters using U-statistics 30/09/2020 Yes UGC(JRF)
7.   Prof. Kalpana K. Mahajan
Prof. Sangeeta Chopra
Ritu Kumari Full Time 15/1038 17/03/2015 Bayesian Estimation in the Context of Reliability and Related Fields using Complete and Censored Samples 31/08/2020 Yes BSR fellowship
8.   Prof . Suresh Kumar Sharma
Prof. Kanchan K Jain
GURPREET SINGH BAWA Full Time 14/1166 13/10/2014 Advanced Unstructured Data Analysis Techniques and Their Applications (tentative) 31/01/2019 No
9.   Prof. Kanchan Jain
Prof. Suresh Kumar Sharma
Dilpreet Kaur Part Time 14/1167 01/10/2014 Advanced Statistical Models for Social Data Analysis and Their Applications (tentative) 31/07/2019 No
10.   Prof.Kanchan K. Jain
Prof.Suresh K. Sharma
Azad Roshani Part Time 14/1079 21/04/2014 Exploring New Modelling Techniques for Categorical Data 31/12/2019 No
11.   Prof. Sangeeta Arora
Prof. Kalpana. K. Mahajan
Prerna Godura Full Time 19447 15/12/2012 Some Results on Bayesian Inference Using Zenga Curve and Related Measures 31/01/2018 Yes UGC(RFSMS)
12.   Prof. Amar Nath Gill
Dr. Vishal Maurya
Aarti Goyal Full Time 19480 15/12/2012 Some Inferences and Multiple Comparisons Under Heteroscedasticity 31/01/2018 Yes UGC(RFSMS)
13.   Prof. Kalpana K. Mahajan
Prof. Sangeeta Arora
Priyanka Vashista Part Time 19471 15/12/2012 Some Results on Monitoring Process Control and Process Capability 30/09/2020 No
14.   Prof. Kanchan Jain
Prof. Suresh Kumar Sharma
Sukhmani Sidhu Full Time 19370 25/09/2012 Modeling and Analysis of Survival Data Using Frailty Models 28/09/2018 Yes UGC (RFSMS)
15.   Prof. Suresh K. Sharma
Prof. Kanchan Jain
Savita Jain Full Time 19346 19/09/2012 Meta-Analysis Techniques and their Applications 31/01/2018 Yes DST Inspire Fellowship
16.   Prof. Sangeeta Arora
Prof. Kalpana K. Mahajan
Preety Rattan Part Time 18904 02/12/2011 Statistical Inference for Lorenz Dominance and Related Orderings 30/11/2017 No
17.   Dr. Manoj Kumar
Dr. Vikas Bist
Maninder Kumar Full Time 18906 02/12/2011 Some Problems on Improved Estimators & This Performance Properties Under Different Comparison Criteria 30/11/2017 No
18.   Prof. Kanchan Jain
Prof. Suresh Kumar Sharma
Bhavna Kaushal Part Time 18917 29/09/2011 Statistical Study of Receiver Operating Characteristic Curves 30/09/2017 Yes UGC (RFSMS)

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