Panjab University Research Scholars

S.No. Name of the Supervisor /
Name of the Ph.D. Scholar Mode of Ph.D. Registration Number Date of Registration Research Topic Likely Date of Completion Availing Fellowship Funding Agency of Fellowship
Faculty of Science : Department of BotanyUpdated on: 25/09/2020 
1.   Prof Sunita Kapila
Prof I.B. Prasher
Megha Sethi Full Time 19-20/613/Ph.D./R&S 26/02/2020 Bryophytes of Chandigarh and adjoining areas and their association with endophytic fungi 26/12/2023 Yes CSIR-UGC
2.   Dr. Jaspreet Kaur
Arshpreet Kaur Full Time 19-20/569/Ph.D./R&S 26/02/2020 Molecular characterization of therapeutically important orchids 26/12/2023 Yes UGC
3.   Prof. Daizy Rani
Ipsa Gupta Full Time 19-20/570/Ph.D./R&S 26/02/2020 Ecological Studies on the Invasive Plants of North-West Himalayas (India) 19/12/2023 Yes UGC
4.   Dr. Shalinder Kaur
Nasmeen Hakim Full Time 19-20/616/Ph.D./R&S 26/02/2020 Study of Impact of Tourism on Climate Change in Indian Trans-Himalaya: Ladakh 26/12/2023 Yes UGC-CSIR
5.   Prof Richa Puri
Abul Qasim Full Time 19-20/571/Ph.D./R&S 27/01/2020 Cultivation practices and nutritional analysis of Lycium ruthenicum 31/12/2023 Yes UGC
6.   Prof A.N. Singh
Sheenu Sharma Full Time 19-20/428/Ph.D./R&S 20/12/2019 Evaluation of multi-functionality approaches in the urban ecosystem for their services in a changing environment 31/12/2022 Yes CSIR-UGC
7.   Prof M.C. Sidhu
Neelam Gautam Full Time 19-20/429/Ph.D./R&S 20/12/2019 Exploration of Angiosperm Diversity and its Medicinal Importance 31/12/2022 Yes CSIR-UGC
8.   Dr. S. K. Upadhyay
Madhu Full Time 19-20/111/Ph.D./R&S 09/09/2019 Cloning and characterization of incRNAs in Bread Wheat (Triticum aestivum) 31/03/2023 No
9.   Prof. C. Nirmala
Norbu Dolma Full Time 19-20/112/Ph.D./R&S 09/09/2019 Evaluation of Nutrients, Antinutrients, and Bioactive compounds of some underutilized plants of Leh Disrict of Ladakh 31/03/2023 Yes CSIR
10.   Dr. Anju Rao
Dhiksha Muwal Full Time 19-20/41/Ph.D./R&S 08/08/2019 Bryophtes are the second most diverse group of plant species after the flowring plants which includes mosses, liverworts, hornworts etc. 31/03/2023 No
11.   Prof. Sunita Kapila
Anshul Full Time 19-20/46/Ph.D./R&S 05/08/2019 Screening of some west Himalayan Bryophytes for biologically active phytochemical constitutents 31/03/2023 No
12.   Prof. Sunita Kapila
Swati Full Time 19-20/42/Ph.D./R&S 05/08/2019 seasonal variations in chemical composition in some western himalayan bryophytes 31/03/2023 No
13.   Prof. Daizy R. Batish
Aditi Sharma Full Time 19-20/48/Ph.D./R&S 05/08/2019 To explore the dynamics and mechanism of plant invasion 31/03/2023 No
14.   Dr. Anju Rao
Madhu Full Time 19-20/44/Ph.D./R&S 05/08/2019 Medicinal Plants comprise of traditional such as Ayurvedic, Homeopathic, Unani, chinese and modern form of medicines etc. 31/03/2023 No
15.   Prof. Promila Pathak
Kirti Full Time 19-20/43/Ph.D./R&S 05/08/2019 Studies on propagation and induction of flowering in some commercially viable orchids in vitro: Identification of suitable explants and chemical stimulus 31/03/2023 No
16.   Dr. A. N. Singh
Sabir Hussain Full Time 19-20/45/Ph.D./R&S 05/08/2019 To assess the exosystem multifuctionality of Ladakh vegetation in a changing environment 31/03/2023 Yes CSIR
17.   Prof. Sunita Kapila
Neha Dogra Full Time 19-20/9/Ph.D./R&S 03/06/2019 Phytochemical analysis and antioxicant activity of essential oils in some Indian Bryophytes 31/08/2023 Yes UGC
18.   Prof. C. Nirmala
Mamta Full Time 18-19/583/Ph.D./R&S 08/05/2019 Phytoremediation of heavy metals in soil using bamboo 31/08/2023 No
19.   Prof. C. Nirmala
Babita Joshi Full Time 18-19/114/Ph.D./R&S 31/03/2019 Evaluation of some underutilized plants and determination of their potential for food and pharmaceuticals 31/03/2022 Yes UGC
20.   Dr. Anju Rao
Shiwani Latwal Full Time 19-20/8/Ph.D./R&S 19/03/2019 In vitro regeneration of mosses and studies on their developmental and cytological variations from natural plants 31/12/2022 No
21.   Prof. M. C. Sidhu
Kajal Full Time 18-19/530/Ph.D./R&S 05/02/2019 Inventorization of Floristic diversity of Kalesar National Park, Haryana 31/03/2023 No
22.   Prof. Harsh Nayyar
Anjali Bhardwaj Full Time 18-19/529/Ph.D./R&S 05/02/2019 Proposed research work: Study on responses o grain legumes to high temperature stress 31/03/2023 Yes ACRADA
23.   Dr. S. K. Upadhyay
Amandeep Kaur Full Time 18-19/528/Ph.D./R&S 05/02/2019 Identification and characterization of Cation/CA2+ exchangers (CCXs) in Bread wheat (Triticum aestivumL.) 31/03/2023 Yes CSIR
24.   Prof. Richa Puri
Sushila Rani Full Time 18-19/527/Ph.D./R&S 05/02/2019 To study the medicinal potential of some arare medicinal plants and their micropropagation of Himachal Pradesh 31/03/2023 Yes CSIR
25.   Prof. Sunita Kapila
Hiteshi Sabharwal Full Time 18-19/525/Ph.D./R&S 05/02/2019 Study of Medicinal aspects of various species of Bryophytes 31/03/2023 Yes INSPIRE
26.   Prof. Kamaljit singh
Chhering Dorje Full Time 18-19/526/Ph.D./R&S 05/02/2019 Phytochemical studies on some plants used in AAmchi System of medicine practiced in cold desert region of Himachal Pradesh 31/03/2023 No
27.   Dr. Shalinder Kaur
Rigzin Chuskit Full Time 18-19/475/Ph.D./R&S 15/01/2019 Behavior and leav functional approaches of vascular plants and their involvement in ecosystem services changing climate in eastern region of Ladakh: an integrated ecological study 31/12/2022 Yes UGC
28.   Dr. A. N. Singh
Diksha Full Time 18-19/473/Ph.D./R&S 15/01/2019 Integrated Ecological analyses of soil contamination in agro-ecosystems of a lower shivalik region 31/12/2022 No
29.   Prof. Daizy R. Batish
Amrit Pal Full Time 18-19/472/Ph.D./R&S 15/01/2019 Invasive plant species and their amnagement 31/12/2022 Yes CSIR
30.   Dr. A. N. Singh
Rajni Full Time 18-19/474/Ph.D./R&S 15/01/2019 Exploration and characterization of soil contaminants via pesticides in Agro-Ecosystems of a lower Shivalik region, India: an ecological perspective 31/12/2022 No
31.   Dr. A. N. Singh
Pardeep Kumar Full Time 18-19/46/Ph.D./R&S 31/10/2018 Ecology 31/10/2021 Yes CSIR
32.   Prof. C. Nirmala
Dr. Tapan K. Mondal
Jyoti Full Time 18-19/115/Ph.D./R&S 20/09/2018 Functional characterization of uncharacterized transcription factors of rice 31/03/2022 Yes CSIR
33.   Prof. Daizy R. Batish
Mushtaq Ahmad Dar Full Time 18-19/113/Ph.D./R&S 20/09/2018 Invasive plants pose a major threat 31/03/2022 Yes CSIR
34.   Prof. M.C. Sidhu
Rai singh Full Time 18-19/93/Ph.D./R&S 30/08/2018 Inventorisation of floristics in selected areas of Malwa region of Punjab, India 31/10/2021 No
35.   Prof. Neera Garg
Ishta Bhardwaj Full Time 18-19/92/Ph.D./R&S 30/08/2018 Plant Physiology 31/10/2021 Yes CSIr
36.   Dr. Shalinder Kaur
Deachen Angmo Full Time 18-19/91/Ph.D./R&S 30/08/2018 Assessment of Ecological Status and biological activitites of Aromatic Plants of Sham Valley, District Kargil (Ladakha, J&K 31/10/2021 Yes UGC
37.   Prof. Harsh Nayyar
Poonam Full Time 18-19/90/Ph.D./R&S 30/08/2018 Studies on heat tolerance in food Legumes 31/10/2021 Yes CSIR
38.   Prof. C. Nirmala
Shahar Bano Full Time 18-19/89/Ph.D./R&S 30/08/2018 Evaluation of nutritional and medicinal properties of some underutilized plants 31/10/2021 Yes CSIR
39.   Prof. Neera Garg
Ishta Bhardwaj Full Time 19-19/92/Ph.D./R&S 30/08/2018 Industrialization, soil ecosystem contamination of salt and HMs that are toxic and hazardous, physiological and metabolic processess in plants 30/09/2022 No
40.   Prof. Neera Garg
Aditi Full Time 18-19/48/Ph.D.R&S 01/08/2018 Plant Physiology 31/10/2021 Yes CSIR
41.   Prof. Neera Garg
Kanika Thakur Full Time 18-19/52/Ph.D./R&S 01/08/2018 Plant Physiology 31/10/2021 No
42.   Prof. C. Nirmala
Prof. M.S. Bisht
Mamta Rani Full Time 18-19/49/Ph.D./R&S 01/08/2018 Cytogenetics 31/10/2021 Yes CSIR
43.   Prof. Kamaljit Singh
Meena Kumari Full Time 18-19/50/Ph.D./R&S 01/08/2018 Plant Physiology 31/10/2021 Yes CSIR
44.   Dr. S. K. Upadhyay
Meenakshi Rathour Full Time 18-19/51/Ph.D./R&S 01/08/2018 Environmental Stress etc. 31/10/2021 Yes UGC
45.   Prof. Richa Puri
Pooja Boora Full Time 18-19/53/Ph.D./R&S 01/08/2018 Medicinal properties of some rare plants of Kinnaur and their conservation 31/10/2021 Yes CSIR
46.   Prof. Promila Pathak
Sunita Full Time 18-19/47/Ph.D./R&S 01/08/2018 In vitro Propagation and cytological studies of some Indian Orchids 01/10/2018 Yes CSIR
47.   Prof. Neera Garg
Vaishali Sharma Full Time 18-19/54/Ph.D.R&S 01/08/2018 Plant Physiology 31/10/2021 Yes CSIR
48.   Prof. Promila Pathak
Vasundhra Full Time 18-19/55/Ph.D./R&S 01/08/2018 In vitro Propagation of some medicinal orchids 31/10/2021 No
49.   Prof. C. Nirmala
Prof. Ashwani Koul
Aribam Indira Devi Full Time 17-18/527/Ph.D./R&S 15/05/2018 Phytochemicals in bamboo and their health benefits 31/05/2021 Yes CSIR
50.   Prof. Richa Puri
Dechan Angmo Full Time 17-18/528/Ph.D./R&S 15/05/2018 Wethno-Medicinal study of Ladakh Region 31/05/2021 Yes UGC
51.   Dr. A. N. Singh
Meenu Full Time 17-18/483/Ph.D. 28/02/2018 30/04/2021 Yes UGC-JRF
52.   Prof. Harsh Nayyar
Shikha Chaudhary Full Time 17-18/482/Ph.D.R&S 27/02/2018 Evaluation of responses of summer season food legumes to high temperature stress 28/02/2021 Yes CSIR Project
53.   Prof. Richa Puri
Sudhir Kharyal Full Time 17-18/432/Ph.D./R&S 06/02/2018 Survey of Angiospermic flora of Chandigarh along with adjoining area and screening of some plants for corosolic acid 28/02/2021 No
54.   Dr. Jaspreet Kaur
Madhvi Kanchan Full Time 17-18/435/Ph.D. 05/02/2018 Characterization of wox gene in orchids 31/03/2020 Yes DST, INSPIRE
55.   Dr. Jaspreet Kaur
Devina Ghai Full Time 17-18/434/Ph.D. 05/02/2018 Characterization of somatic embryogenesis reaptor like kinases (SERK) genes in orchid 30/04/2022 Yes CSIR
56.   Prof. Daizy R. Batish
Sonia Rathee Full Time 17-18/431/Ph.D. 05/02/2018 Ecological status and impact of invasive alien plants in Kinnaur region of Halalayas 31/03/2022 No
57.   Prof. Daizy R. Batish
Disket Zomba Full Time 17-18/430/Ph.D. 05/02/2018 Traditional knowledge and Inventorization of high altitude species 31/03/2022 Yes CSIR
58.   Prof. Neera Garg
Shyna Bhalla Full Time 17-18/433/Ph.D./R&S 29/01/2018 Abiotic Stresses Impacting productivity in priincipal crops 30/09/2021 Yes UGC-CSIR
59.   Prof. M. C. Sidhu
Anita Kumari Full Time 17-18/325/Ph.D. 08/01/2018 Medicinal Plant 30/04/2021 Yes UGC-JRF
60.   Prof. Promila Pathak
Roshan Lal Full Time 17-18/331/Ph.D. R&S 01/12/2017 Reproductive Biology and Conservation of some terrestrial orchids of Himachal Pradesh 30/04/2021 Yes UGC-JRF
61.   Dr. A. N. Singh
Abhishek Kumar Full Time 17-18/324/Ph.D. R&S 01/12/2017 Biodiviersity analysis and nutrient cycling in lower shivalik region 30/04/2021 Yes UGC-JRF
62.   Dr. Papiya Mukherjee
Kiran Parasher Full Time 17-18/130/Ph.D./R&S 18/09/2017 Microprpagation and cryopreservation of medicinal plants of Himalayan region 30/04/2018 No
63.   Prof. Promila Pathak
Babita Thakur Full Time 17-18/128/Ph.D.R&S 13/09/2017 Conservation and restoration ecology of some floriculturally important orchids 31/12/2020 Yes Panjab University Fellowship
64.   Prof. Daizy Rani
Kamaljit Grewal Full Time 17-18/127/Ph.D./R&S 13/09/2017 Ecology 30/09/2020 No
65.   Prof. Richa Puri
Dr. M. L. Sharma, Emeritus Professor
Monika Mehta Full Time 17-18/90/Ph.D 01/09/2017 Stydt if antidiabetic activity of some unexploited antidiabetic plants of Kinnaur of Himachal Pradesh 31/10/2020 No
66.   Prof. I.B. Prasher
Vijay Kumar Full Time 17-18/114/Ph.D. 31/08/2017 Mycology 30/09/2020 No
67.   Dr. S. K. Upadhyay
Alok Sharma Full Time 17-18/91/Ph.D. 29/08/2017 Genome-wide characterization of superoxide dismutase (SOD) etc. ......... 30/11/2020 Yes CSIR
68.   Prof. Promila Pathak
Pratibha Full Time 17-18/98/Ph.D./ R&S 28/08/2017 In vitro mass Propagation, morphological and Molecular characterization of two medicinally important orchids of North West Himalaya 31/10/2020 Yes UGC-JRF
69.   Dr. Papiya Mukharjee
Shailika Sharma Full Time 17-18/66/Ph.D./R&S 25/05/2017 In vitro propagation and cryoperservation of clonally propagated crops for conservation of genetic resources 30/04/2021 Yes CSIR
70.   Dr. shalinder Kaur
Meenal Sharma Full Time 17-18/9/Ph.D. 19/04/2017 Allelopatric effects of Ricinus coconunis L. 31/05/2020 No
71.   Prof. Kamaljit Singh
Kusum Singh Sahariya Full Time 17/469/Ph.D. 11/04/2017 Study of root architecture on leguminous crops 30/04/2020 Yes UGC-JRF
72.   Prof. Daizy R. Batish
Prof. H.P. Singh
Kulwinder Kaur Full Time 16/1199/Ph.D. 09/11/2016 Weed Ecology Yes CSIR
73.   Prof. Harsh Nayyar
Anju Rani Full Time 16/12323/Ph.D. 03/11/2016 Cold Stress in chickpea No
74.   Prof. Promila Pathak
Anamika Kumari Full Time 16/1190/Ph. 25/10/2016 Microprpagation and conservation of some medicinaly important orchids of North Western Himalayas Yes UGC
75.   Prof. Kamaljit Singh
Sujata Khamn Full Time 16/1200/Ph.D. 10/10/2016 Medininal Plants No
76.   Prof. Kamaljit Singh
Gagandeep Kaur Full Time 16/1229/Ph.d. 10/10/2016 Stress Physiology No
77.   Prof. Promila Pathak
Aakanksha Sharma Full Time 16/1198/Ph.D. 07/10/2016 Application of Fragrant Orchid onCosmetology No
78.   Prof. Neera Garg
Amandeep Cheema Full Time 16/1192/Ph.D. 07/09/2016 Functional diversity amongst Amf in modulating Asineluced responses in chickpea genotypes No
79.   Prof. Kamaljit Singh
Jyoti Sharma Full Time 16/1193/Ph.D. 06/09/2016 Medininal Plants Yes CSIR
80.   Dr. S. K. Upadhyay
Shivi Tyagi Full Time 16/1191/Ph.D. 06/09/2016 Genome-wide characterization of superoxide dismutase (SoD) and qlutathione peroxidase (GPX) genes in Triticum aestivum L.) 31/03/2020 Yes DST-SERB
81.   Prof. A. S. Ahluwalia
Bhavna Kabila Full Time 16/1165/Ph.D. 16/08/2016 Algea No
82.   Prof. A. S. Ahluwalia
Prof. Sanjeev Puri
Alisha Sood Full Time 16/1148/Ph.D. 04/08/2016 Algea Yes CSIR
83.   Prof. Promila Pathak
Ankush Prakash Full Time 15/1280/Ph.D. 05/11/2015 Orchid No
84.   Dr. Jaspreet Kaur
Himani Full Time 15/1281/Ph.D. 05/11/2015 nil No
85.   Dr. Shalinder Kaur
Roop Lal Full Time 15/1285/Ph.D. 05/11/2015 Nil No
86.   Dr. Shalinder Kaur
Shikha Chandel Full Time 16/1041 05/11/2015 Ph.D. Yes DST Research Project
87.   Dr. M. C. Sidhu
Punita Full Time 15/1284/Ph.D. 08/10/2015 Nil No
88.   Prof. I. B. Prasher
Shivani Raghuwanshi Full Time 15/1286/Ph.D. 08/10/2015 Nil No
89.   Prof. Neera Garg
Kiran Saroy Full Time 13-Bot-24 08/10/2015 Relative contributions of ppolyamines and Arbuscular mycorrhiza in modulating Nickel induced physiological and biochemical responses in Cajanus cajan (L.) ZMillsp. Yes UGC-BSR
90.   Prof. Harsh Nayyar Lomeshwar Full Time 15/1062/Ph.D 01/05/2015 Yes ICRISAT Project Fellowship
91.   Prof. Richa Puri Rinku Jhamta Full Time 14/308/Ph.D 19/12/2014 Yes UGC
92.   Dr. Kamaljit Singh
Dr. Jaspreet Kaur
Navdeep Kaur Full Time 14/374/Ph.D 10/12/2014 No
93.   Prof. Richa Puri Sana Khan Full Time 14/370/Ph.D. 10/12/2014 Yes MAF, UGC
94.   Prof. Kamaljit Singh
Dr. Jaspreet Kaur
Navdeep Kaur Full Time 14/374/Ph.D 10/12/2014 Ployamines and heavy metals: an introctive study of putrescine and cadmium to ameliate stress induced toxcity in munbean and soybean crops. No
95.   Prof. Daizy R. Batish Narayan Singh Full Time 14/1105/Ph.D 26/05/2014 Yes PU
96.   Dr. A. N. Singh
Prof. C. Nirmala
Viney Kumar Full Time 19082/Ph.D. 22/03/2012 Ecological assessment of geochemical accumulation and distribution pattern of heavy metals in urban soils of Chandigarh and Baddi areas in lower Shiwalik Region: Impact of urban and industrial activities No
97.   Prof. Neera Garg Kriti Dhiman Full Time 18152/Ph.D 28/07/2010 Endo-mycorrhizal endophytes and in vitro symbiotic seed germination some therapeutically important terrestrial orchids. Yes NASI

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