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S.No. Name of the Supervisor /
Name of the Ph.D. Scholar Mode of Ph.D. Registration Number Date of Registration Research Topic Likely Date of Completion Availing Fellowship Funding Agency of Fellowship
Faculty of Science : Department of BiochemistryUpdated on: 13/09/2021 
1.   Prof. Rajat Sandhir Kirti Arora Full Time 15-GC-55 18/08/2021 No
2.   Dr. Nirmal Prabhakar Rishika Rohilla Full Time 2021-EZ-22 09/07/2021 No
3.   Dr. Dipti Sareen
Dr. Saswata Goswami, Associate Professor, CIAB, Mohali
Suvosree Mukherjee Full Time 2021-EZ-38 09/07/2021 Yes Central of Innovation and Applied Bioprocessing, Mohali
4.   Prof. Amarjit Singh Naura Ayushi Sandhu Full Time 21-22/14/Ph.D/R&S 17/06/2021 No
5.   Prof. Sukesh Chandra Sharma Prabhsangam Kaur Dhillon Full Time 21-22/13/Ph.D/R&S 17/06/2021 No
6.   Prof. Sukesh Chandra Sharma Amandeep Kaur Full Time 21-22/15/Ph.D/R&S 17/06/2021 No
7.   Dr. Dipti Sareen Poonam Mundlia Full Time 20-21/477/Ph.D./R&S 30/03/2021 No
8.   Prof. Navneet Agnihotri Arushi Menrai Full Time 20-21/474/Ph.D/R&S 19/03/2021 No
9.   Prof. Navneet Agnihotri Shivali Full Time 20-21/475/Ph.D/R&S 15/03/2021 Yes CSIR
10.   Dr. Nirmal Prabhakar Navreet Kaur Full Time 20-21/473/Ph.D./R&S 12/03/2021 No
11.   Prof. Sukesh Chander Sharma
Dr. Ravinder Pal Singh, Ramalingaswami Fellow, NABI
Jayashree Niharika Panda Full Time 20-21/485/Ph.D/R&S 10/02/2021 No
12.   Prof. Rajat Sandhir
Dr. Richa Rivedi, Scientist, INMAS
Palkin Arora Full Time 20-21/476/Ph.D./R&S 27/01/2021 Yes DRDO
13.   Prof. Amarjit Singh Naura Lipsy Goyal Full Time 20-21/120/Ph.D./R&S 24/12/2020 Yes DRDO-INMAS
14.   Prof. Navneet Agnihotri Sudha Full Time 20-21/118/Ph.D./R&S 15/12/2020 Yes DBT
15.   Prof. Sukesh Chander Sharma Sukhwinder Singh Full Time 20-21/72/Ph.D./R&S 21/10/2020 Yes Rajiv Gandhi Fellowship
16.   Prof. Rajat Sandhir
Dr. Neha Singla, Deptt. of Biophysics
Neha Dhiman Full Time 20-21/78/Ph.D./R&S 05/10/2020 Yes DST-INSPIRE
17.   Prof. Amarjit Singh Naura Jitender Chandel Full Time 20-21/121/Ph.D/R&S 06/08/2020 Yes CSIR
18.   Prof. Archana Bhatnagar
Dr. Monika Garg
Akhil Full Time 19-20/591/Ph.D/R&S 27/02/2020 Yes CSIR-UGC
19.   Prof. Sukesh Chander Sharma
Dr. Ravinder Pal Singh, Ramalingaswami Fellow, NABI
Raja Bhaiyya Full Time 19-20/556/Ph.D/R&S 03/02/2020 Yes UGC
20.   Prof. Sukesh Chander Sharma
Dr. Ravinder Pal Singh, Ramalingaswami Fellow, NABI
Khandare Kiran Kishor Full Time 19-20/621/Ph.D/R&S 03/02/2020 Yes CSIR
21.   Prof. Rajat Sandhir Rahul Gupta Part Time 19-20/500/Ph.D./R&S 07/01/2020 No
22.   Dr. Dipti Sareen
Dr. Saswata Goswami, CIAB, Mohali
Harshdeep Rana Full Time 19-20/431/Ph.D/R&S 20/12/2019 Yes DBT
23.   Dr. Dipti Sareen Shweta Kishen Full Time 19-20/430/Ph.D/R&S 13/11/2019 Yes DST-SERB
24.   Prof. Archana Bhatnagar
Dr. Monika Garg, NABI, Mohali.
Shreya Vats Full Time 19-20/378/Ph.D/R&S 30/09/2019 Yes PU Fellowship
25.   Prof. Archana Bhatnagar
Dr. Monika Garg
Vandita Tiwari Full Time 19-20/377/Ph.D/R&S 23/09/2019 Yes PU-Felloship
26.   Prof. Navneet Agnihotri Yogain Taank Full Time 2013-BCH-32 15/07/2019 Yes CSIR
27.   Prof. Rajat Sandhir Sonam Full Time 19-20/93/Ph.D. 15/05/2019 Yes UGC
28.   Prof. Amarjit Singh Naura Manpreet Kaur Full Time 18-19/478/Ph.D. 15/01/2019 To evaluate the protective effects of Commiphora wightii extracat in elastase induced mouse model of chronic obstructive pulmonary sheets attached Yes CSIR
29.   Prof. Amarjit Singh Naura Naina Monga Full Time 18-19/122/Ph.D. 18/09/2018 To explore the beneficial role of probiotics in asthma pathogenesis using murine model of the disease. Yes ICMR
30.   Prof. Sukesh Chander Sharma Shivani Full Time 18-19/94/Ph.D. 22/08/2018 Study of the effect Amla extact on high glucose induced apoptosis on in vitro model of Diabetic Nephritis by using cultured rat kidney proximal tubular epithelial cells (NRK 52E). Yes PU-Felloship
31.   Prof. Rajat Sandhir Ananya Shukla Full Time 18-19/402/Ph.D. 18/07/2018 Identification of common molecular targets between Alzheimer’s, Diabetes and Obesity.(tentative) Yes UGC
32.   Prof. Amarjit Singh Naura Arun Narota Full Time 18-19/7/Ph.D/R&S 28/05/2018 Bio-activity guided approach to examine the beneficial potential of Randia dumetorum Lamk. in acute lung injury. Yes CSIR
33.   Prof. Rajat Sandhir
Dr. Yamini Singh, Scientist 'D', DIPAS, DRDO
Swati Sharma Full Time 18-19/150/Ph.D./R&S 24/05/2017 Genetic and metabolic responses by mitochondria under hypobaric hypoxic conditions at high altitude in Indian population No
34.   Dr. Dipti Sareen Sandeep Chaudhary Full Time 17/1459/Ph.D. 02/05/2017 Characterization of novel antimicrobial lantibiotic, Roseosin. (tentative) Yes CSIR
35.   Dr. Nirmal Prabhakar
Dr. Suman Singh
Shilpa Rana Full Time 17/472/Ph.D 4665/R/S 21/03/2017 Development of Ligand Functionalized Drug-Delivery System as a Nano- Therapeutic Vehicle against Anemia of Inflammation Yes UGC
36.   Prof. Rajat Sandhir
Dr. Pooja Chaudhary, Scientist 'C', DIPAS, DRDO
Shivani Sharma Full Time 17/1454/Ph.D. 25/01/2017 Studies on molecular mechanisms in heat mediated changes in skeletal muscles No
37.   Dr. Amarjit S. Naura Gayatri Full Time 2010-BCH-14 30/09/2016 To evaluate the role of NLRPG3 inflammasomes in acid aspiration mediated acute lung injury in mice No
38.   Prof. Navneet Agnihotri
Dr. Varinder Kaur
Shagun Sharma Full Time 16/1140/Ph.D. 19/07/2016 An in vitro and in vivo study to evaluate anticancer activity of glutamine conjugated organotin derivatives in colon cancer Yes ICMR
39.   Dr. Navneet Agnihotri Chetna Bhandari Full Time 16/138/Ph.D.5197 25/04/2016 Evaluation of effect of Pine Nut Oil on Obesity Linked Colorectal Cancer in Wistar Rats Yes DBT
40.   Prof. Rajat Sandhir Satya Prakash Sharma Full Time 2016-E2-85 01/04/2016 Influenza virus-host interplay in viral infection and identification of host targets for therapeutic intervention No
41.   Prof. Rajat Sandhir Anjana Full Time 16/1067/Ph.D 11/01/2016 Studies on beneficial effect of hydroxytyrosol in experimental model of Parkinson’s desease No
42.   Prof. Archana Bhatnagar
Prof. Archana Bhatnagar
Jyotsana Kaushal Full Time 16/1056/Ph.D 04/11/2015 Study on association of DNA Promoter methylation patterns with Antioxidant response and tissue remodeling in Rheumatoid Arthritis No
43.   Prof. Archana Bhatnagar
Dr. Aman Sharma (PGIMER, Chd)
Gurjasmine Kaur Full Time 15/1126/Ph.D 29/07/2015 A kinase Anchor Protein 1 in Rheumatoid Arthritis: Status of promoter methylation and mitochondrial dysfunction No
44.   Prof. S. C. Sharma Lakhvinder Singh Full Time 15/1037/Ph.D. 04/05/2015 To study the role of Hal5 Protein kinase on ethanol tolerance in Sccharomyees cerevisiae No
45.   Prof. Archana Bhatnagar, Dr. Aman Sharma, PGIMER Ankit Tandon Full Time 15/1036/Ph.D. 13/04/2015 Study on effect of oxidative stress on methylation pattern in promoter of genes from T-cells and NK cells in systemic lupus erythematosus No
46.   Dr. Dipti Sareen Pranav Bhaskar Full Time 13/1112/Ph.D 24/06/2013 Identification, cloning, overexpression and characterization of a putative terpene cyclase from Stackebrandtia nassauensis. No
47.   Prof. Rajat Sandhir
Prof. M. P. Bansal (Dept. of Biophysics, P.U., Chd)

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