Panjab University Research Scholars

S.No. Name of the Supervisor /
Name of the Ph.D. Scholar Mode of Ph.D. Registration Number Date of Registration Research Topic Likely Date of Completion Availing Fellowship Funding Agency of Fellowship
Faculty of Engineering and Technology : Dr. S. S. Bhatnagar University Institute of Chemical Engineering & TechnologyUpdated on: 12/10/2018 
1.   Prof. Amrit Pal Toor
Dr. Rajiv Arora
Preeti Beniwal Full Time 18-19-/71/Ph.D./7450/R&S 05/10/2018 Phytic Acid 31/12/2021 No
2.   Dr. Amit Sobti
Prof. R.K. Wanchoo
Amanjot Kaur Full Time 17-18/126/Ph.D./R&S 11/09/2017 No
3.   Dr. Gaurav Verma Kanupriya Full Time 17/478/Ph.D. 02/06/2017 No
4.   Prof. Amit Pal Toor
Prof. R.K. Wanchoo
Priyanka Verma Full Time 17/1445/Ph.D 10/05/2017 No
5.   Dr. Gaurav Verma
Dr. Amit Sobti
Charanpreet Kaur Full Time 17/1444/Ph.D 10/05/2017 No
6.   Dr.Gargi Ghoshal Prabhjot Kaur Full Time 17/449/Ph.D 19/01/2017 No
7.   Prof. Anupama Sharma
Prof. Vasundhara
Achal Kumar Pathik Full Time 16/309/Ph.D 16/11/2016 No
8.   Dr. Sudesh Kumar
Dr. U.S. Shivhare
Deepak Mehta Full Time 16/335/Ph.D 04/11/2016 No
9.   Prof. Sushil Kumar Kansal
Dr. Sasi kumar Elumalai
Pranati Full Time 16/1232/Ph.D 18/10/2016 No
10.   Prof. Sushil Kumar Kansal
Prof.Sasikumar Elumalai
Sandeep Kumar Full Time 16/212/Ph.D 01/08/2016 No
11.   Prof. Sanchita Chauhan Umang Bedi Full Time 16/173/Ph.D. 10/06/2016 Yes TEQIP-II
12.   Prof. Sanchita Chauhan
Dr. Y.P. Verma
Maninder Kaur Part Time 15/1221 23/09/2015 No
13.   Dr. Gargi Ghoshal
Dr. Meenakshi Goyal
Raj Kumar Full Time 15/1119 dt.23.6.2015 23/06/2015 Yes UGC
14.   Dr. Gargi Ghoshal
Prof. Meenakshi Goyal
Nisha Full Time 15/1106 01/06/2015 Yes TEQIP-II
15.   Dr. Santanu Basu Usman Ali Full Time 15/1102 15/05/2015 No
16.   Prof. Neeta Sharma Neha Dhiman Full Time 15/1064 13/04/2015 Yes INSPIRE Fellowship
17.   Dr. S.K.Kansal Girish Gupta Full Time 15/1048 01/04/2015 Yes TEQIP-II
18.   Prof. Meenakshi Goyal Sahil Kapoor Full Time 15/1049 01/04/2015 No
19.   Dr. Santanu Basu Purba Chakraborty Full Time 14/1248 19/01/2015 No
20.   Dr. Santanu Basu Ramanpreet Kaur Full Time 14/388 15/12/2014 No
21.   Prof. Meenakshi Goyal Vikas Sharma Full Time 14/225 03/11/2014 No
22.   Dr. Gaurav Verma
Prof. Amrit Pal Toor
Narinder Singh Full Time 14/70 04/04/2014 No
23.   Prof. Anupama Sharma Anupama Full Time 14/1023 25/03/2014 Yes UGC-Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship(JRF)
24.   Prof. Amrit Pal Toor Vivek Kumar Full Time 14/23 22/01/2014 No
25.   Prof. Sanchita Chauhan Balwinder Singh Full Time 13/1242 10/10/2013 No
26.   Dr. S.K.Kansal Amandeep Kaur Full Time 13/1170 13/09/2013 No
27.   Dr. Gaurav Rattan Maninder Kumar Full Time 13/1042 12/04/2013 Catalytic Abatement of Methane Emission From CNG Vehicles No
28.   Prof. Anupama Sharma Dheeraj Ahuja Full Time 13/75 04/03/2013 Synthesis And Characterization of Lignopolyol/Cellulose Nanofibers Based Polyurethane Nanocomposite From Lignocellulosic Waste Material For Biomedical Applications Yes UGC-Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship(JRF) Handicap
29.   Prof. Anupama Sharma/Dr.Deb Datta Ratna Ms. Nisha Dhariwal Full Time 13/5 03/01/2013 - Yes UGC Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship
30.   Prof. Anupama Sharma Mr. Lokesh Full Time 18352 01/03/2011 synthesis and charactrization of nano-hydroxyapatite polurethane nano-composite scaffolds Yes UGC
31.   Dr.Seema Kapoor/Dr.Uma Batra Ms.Sonia Sharma R Full Time 17310 10/10/2008 synthesis, characterization and bioactivity evaluation of nano hydroxyapatite doped with different elements for bone tissue engineering aplications No
32.   Prof. Amrit Pal Toor
Prof. R.K. Wanchoo
Hasanpreet Kaur Full Time 17-18/365/Ph.D./2105/R&S Hydrodynamics & Mass Transfer Studies in Packed Bed 09/03/2021 No

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