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Name of the Ph.D. Scholar Mode of Ph.D. Registration Number Date of Registration Research Topic Likely Date of Completion Availing Fellowship Funding Agency of Fellowship
Faculty of Centres & Facilities : Centre for the Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive PolicyUpdated on: 30/11/2023 
1.   Dr. Kanchan Chandan Sunny Thakur Full Time 2022-EZ-102 09/02/2023 Exploring the intersection of social taboos, women Empowermwnt and govt schemes on voting behaviour of women in kullu district of HP No
2.   Dr. Manish Kumar Manish Full Time 09/02/2023 A study of women in Panchyati Raj Institution in Jind District of Hry 09/02/2023 No
3.   Dr. Kanchan Chandan Vikas Full Time 17812000772 09/02/2023 The role of caste preference influencing the voting divide:an empirical study of Hry electoral Performance No
4.   Dr. Kanchan Chandan Gurpreet Singh Full Time 15-ES-05 09/02/2023 Study/Role/Importance of Social upport provided by residential homes for neglected persons with mental illness:A study from malwa region of Punjab No
5.   Dr. Kanchan Chandan Deep lal Full Time 2022-EZ-98 09/02/2023 Impact of Privatisation on Higher Education in HP No
6.   Prof. G.C Chauhan Visheshar Lal Full Time 17609000769 09/02/2023 Nepalese Immigrants in HP: Policies, Rights and Realities No
7.   Dr. Manish Kumar Minu Dugala Full Time 2000-DW-532 25/09/2019 Gender Dimension of Human Rights: A Study of Women Prisoner Punjab 15/09/2022 No
8.   Dr. Kuldeep Singh Gurbinder Singh Full Time 41170006032 25/09/2019 Socio-Economic and Political Implications of Insurgency in South Kashmir (1999-2019) 15/09/2022 Yes UGC JRF
9.   Dr. Kuldeep Singh Daler Singh Full Time 2019-EZ-132 25/09/2019 Socio Economic-Political Exclusion and Inclusion of Transgenders: A Study of Punjab 15/09/2022 Yes UGC JRF
10.   Dr. Kamla Inderjit Kaur Full Time 12614000137 25/09/2019 Women Legislators in Punjab: Role, Perception and Performance (1967-2017) 15/09/2022 Yes UGC JRF
11.   Dr. Kulwinder Singh Balinder Kumar Full Time 2015-Geog-3 25/09/2019 An Analysis of the Marginalization of the Sikligar(SC) of Punjab Through the Socio-Economic and Cultural Forces 15/09/2022 No
12.   Dr. Reena Chaudhary Suraj Full Time 17606000839 25/09/2019 A Sociological Study to Assess the Secondary and Tertiary levels of Delays in Starting the Cancer Treatment 15/09/2022 No
13.   Dr. Manish Kumar kulvir Singh Full Time 14207000253 25/09/2019 Study of Sub-Sects within Minorities in Punjab:Case Study of Namdhari Sikhs No
14.   Dr. Rakesh Thakur Surender Singh Full Time 2018-EZ-192 24/09/2019 SOCIAL EXCLUSION AND TRIBAL SOCIETY: A CASE STUDY OF PANGWAL TRIBE IN HIMACHAL PRADESH 15/09/2021 No
15.   Prof. Emanual Nahar jagdeep kumar Full Time 2018-EZ-213 25/09/2018 Political Participation of Dalits in Punjab: A Case Study of the Doaba Region” No
16.   Dr. Rakesh Thakur Virender Full Time 2013-Geog-21 24/09/2018 Identity and Dynamics of Dalit Movement in Punjab (1956-2018) No
17.   Dr. Navneet Arora Rajesh Kumar Full Time 2018-EZ-143 24/09/2018 Exclusion of LGBTQ People in India: State, Society and Politics No
18.   Dr. Ghanshyam Dev Prashant Rohta Full Time 17606000508 24/09/2018 A study of Kinnaur Region of HP: Understanding Transformations in Society, Economy and Ecology Since 1960's No
19.   Dr. Kamla Rajiv Kumar Sharma Full Time 2018-EZ-137 24/09/2018 Political Participation of Dalit Minorities in Punjab No
20.   Dr. Manish Kumar Sumesh Negi Full Time 17612000723 24/09/2018 Political Empowerment of Women Through Panchayati Raj Institutions: A Study of Kinnaur District in Himachal Pradesh No
21.   Dr. Kanwalpreet Kaur Vishavdeep Singh Full Time 18013000726 24/09/2018 Political Participation Among Dalits In Punjab: A Case Study of Amritsar, Sangrur and Jalandhar Districts No
22.   Prof. Emanual Nahar Jyoti Full Time 2018-EZ-158 24/09/2018 Federalism in India Under Modi Regime: Inclusive Policies and Change No
23.   Dr. Anupam Bahari Neelima Full Time 18113000433 24/09/2018 A Sociological Study of Metropoliyan cities: Mumbai and Kolkata- seperated by borders united by prostitution 15/09/2021 No
24.   Dr. Ghanshyam Dev Krishan Kumar Full Time 2018-EZ-104 20/04/2018 Gandhi and Ambedkar on Social Inclusion of Dalits: A Comparative Study 23/11/2022 No
25.   Dr. Kanwalpreet Kaur Rohil Full Time 2017-EZ-174 13/11/2017 Politics of Marginalization in Sri Lanka: A Study of Christian Religion in the Post 2000 Period No
26.   Dr. Rajan Bhandari Jitender Singh Full Time 2017-EZ-173 13/11/2017 Dynamics of Pastoral Nomadism: A Cae Study of Van Gujjars in Upper Yamuna River Basin Yes UGC JRF
27.   Dr. Mona Arora Samuel Jaya Kumar Full Time 2017-EZ-181 31/10/2017 Not decided No
28.   Prof. Emanual Nahar Charanjit Singh Channi Full Time 81-EZ-2303 31/10/2017 Indian National Congress: A Study of Central Organization and Electoral Strategies in the Lok Sabha Elections Since 2004 No
29.   Dr. Ghayansham Dev Manpreet Kaur Full Time 2017-EZ-168 31/10/2017 A study of Muslims in the State of Punjab No
30.   Dr. Rajneesh Saryal Kirandeep Kaur Full Time 2017-EZ-92 04/08/2017 Not decided No
31.   Dr. Kamla Navjot Kamboj Full Time 11810000514 28/11/2016 Social Security Schemes for Agricultural Labour: A Study of Implementation in Malwa Region of Punjab No
32.   Dr. Kamla Harjinder Singh Full Time 11309000168 28/11/2016 Scheduled Caste’s Access to Common Land in Malwa Region of Punjab: A Study of Punjab Village Common Lands (Regulation)ACT, 1961 No
33.   Dr. Kanchan Chandan Ravinder Kumar Full Time 2016-EZ-238 28/11/2016 Dalit Politics in India: A Comparative Study of Bahujan Samaj Party in Haryana and Uttar Pradesh since 1991 No
34.   Dr. Anupam Bahari Ila Sharma Full Time 2016-EZ-251 28/11/2016 Working and Performance of Rural Sanitation Programmes: A Study of Punjab No
35.   Dr. Kanchan Chandan Parambeer Kaur Brar Full Time 09-USOL-10107 15/01/2016 Prenatal and Postnatal care of women:A Sociological Study of Fatehgarh Sahib District 25/10/2021 No
36.   Dr. Gaurav Kalotra Vijay Kumar Full Time 08-geog-24 05/01/2016 Socio-Economic Attributes of Bazigars in Rural Haryana: A Case Study No
37.   Prof. Emanual Nahar
Prof. Harsukhjit Kaur
Hardeep Full Time 03/EZ/13536 01/09/2015 Dr B.R Ambedkar’s Vision on Social Justice Related to Women Empowerment and its Implementation Under the Indian Constitution in the era of Globalized 27/01/2023 No
38.   Prof. Emanual Nahar Devinder Kaur Full Time 2015-EZ-92 28/07/2015 Centre Govt Inclusive Policy Study on Punjab State No
39.   Dr. Kamla Sony Pal Full Time 08-ES-06 28/07/2015 Empowerment of Scheduled Castes Through Reservation of Seats in Panchayati Raj Institutions: A Case Study of Punjab No

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