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S.No. Name of the Supervisor /
Name of the Ph.D. Scholar Mode of Ph.D. Registration Number Date of Registration Research Topic Likely Date of Completion Availing Fellowship Funding Agency of Fellowship
Faculty of Science : Department of Microbial BiotechnologyUpdated on: 10/07/2019 
1.   Dr. Rohit Sharma Anjali Kashwal Full Time 18-19/591/Ph.D./R&S 16/05/2019 No
2.   Dr. Samer Singh Prem Lata Full Time 18-19/146/Ph.D./R&S 24/09/2018 ----- No
3.   Dr. Rohit Sharma Shruti Nagrath Full Time 17-18/81/Ph.D./R&S 23/08/2017 ---- Yes DBT-BIRAC
4.   Dr. Rohit Sharma Tanya Bajaj Full Time 17-18/80/Ph.D./R&S 23/08/2017 --- Yes DST PURSE-II
5.   Dr. Rohit Sharma Shivanshi Vashist Full Time 17-18/68/Ph.D./R&S 23/08/2017 -- Yes DBT-BIRAC
6.   Dr. Jayeeta Bhaumik, Scientist-D, CIAB, Mohali Sanjam Chandna Full Time 17-18/70/Ph.D./R&S 23/08/2017 -- Yes ASRB-NET (CIAB Mohali)
7.   Dr. Jayeeta Bhaumik, Scientist-D, CIAB, Mohali Ravneet Kaur Full Time 17-18/69/Ph.D./R&S 23/08/2017 -- Yes CSIR JRF
8.   Dr. Rohit Sharma Shallu Goyal Full Time 17/1452/Ph.D. 27/03/2017 --- Yes DBT- BIRAC
9.   Dr. Sudesh Kumar (Scientist- F) CIAB, Mohali Shushil Kumar Rai Full Time 16/1218/Ph.D. 14/09/2016 ---- Yes DBT-SRF
10.   Dr. R. S. Sangwan, CIAB & Dr. Sudhir P.Singh, CIAB, Mohali Girija Kaushal Full Time 16/211/Ph.D. 27/07/2016 - Yes DST INSPIRE
11.   Dr. (Mrs.) Rachna Singh Mahaldeep Kaur Full Time 16/174/Ph.D. 13/05/2016 Identification of self-inhibitory molecule(s) in pathogenic Mucorale Rhizopus arrhizus and evaluation of their potential therapeutic utility Yes DST-INSPIRE Fellowship
12.   Dr. R. S. Sangwan, CIAB
Dr. Sudhir P. Singh , CIAB
Satya Narayan Patel Full Time 16/1091/Ph.D. 14/03/2016 ---- Yes DBT- CIAB
13.   Dr. Rachna Singh
Prof. Praveen Rishi
Anayata Sharma Full Time 15/1265/Ph.D 02/11/2015 In vitro and in vivo evolution of DNase mediated biofilm dispersal as a strategy to reinstate management efficacy against Klebsiella pneumonia biofilms Yes D. R. Estt., P.U., Chd
14.   Dr. Samer Singh Rajinder Kaur Full Time 15/1149/Ph.D. 10/08/2015 Studies on antimicrobial activity of some common medicinal plants against Bacillus anthracis Yes Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship
15.   Dr. Rachna Singh and Prof. Rupinder Tewari Anjna kumari Full Time 14/1176/Ph.D. 14/10/2014 INTERACTION OF Staphylococcus spp. WITH PATHOGENIC MUCORALE Rhizopus Arrhizus: AN IN VITRO STUDY Yes ICMR-JRF
16.   Dr. Girish Sahni (IMTech) & Prof. Rupinder Tewari (DMBT, PU) Kashika Arora Full Time 13/1329/Ph.D. 13/12/2013 Protein Engineering of Thrombolytic proteins: design, expression and functional Studies. Yes CSIR
17.   Dr. Girish Sahni (IMTech) & Prof. Rupinder Tewari (DMBT, PU) Ishwinder Kaur Full Time 13/204/Ph.D. 11/09/2013 Culture dependent and independent approaches to unravel the industrially important enzymes from different niches Yes CSIR
18.   Dr. Jasvinder Singh Bhatti, Dr. Samer Singh and Dr. Sanjay Kumar Bhadada Navneet Kaur Full Time 13/1072/Ph.D. 29/04/2013 Evaluation of Gut Microbiota and genetic predisposition to type 2 diabetes among Asian Indians Yes DST/INSPIRE fellowship
19.   Prof. Rupinder Tewari and Prof. S. K. Soni Om Parkash Full Time 13/1031/Ph.D. 09/04/2013 Cellulases from Aspergillus niger partial purification & gene cloning/ expression and application. Yes CSIR

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