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S.No. Name of the Supervisor /
Name of the Ph.D. Scholar Mode of Ph.D. Registration Number Date of Registration Research Topic Likely Date of Completion Availing Fellowship Funding Agency of Fellowship
Faculty of Arts : Department of Public AdministrationUpdated on: 31/05/2024 
1.   Dr. Nemi Chand Saloni Full Time 23-24/391/Ph.D./R&S 08/02/2024 Not yet decided 31/12/2029 Yes UGC NFSC
2.   Dr. Monika Dara Aakanksha Kashyap Full Time 23-24/390/Ph.D./R&S 02/02/2024 Not yet decided 31/12/2029 Yes UGC
3.   Dr. Nemi Chand Yashita Dogra Full Time 23-24/370/Ph.D/R&S 31/01/2024 Not yet decided 31/12/2029 Yes UGC
4.   Dr. Anil Kumar Harish Bhatia Full Time 23-24/318/Ph.D/R&S 31/01/2024 Not yet decided 31/12/2029 Yes UGC
5.   Dr. Monika Dara Arti Nautiyal Full Time 23-24/369/Ph.D/R&S 31/01/2024 Not yet decided 31/12/2029 Yes UGC
6.   Prof. Navreet Kaur Pragya Mahajan Full Time 23-24/317/Ph.D/R&S 31/01/2024 Not yet decided 31/12/2029 No
7.   Dr. Rupinder Aulakh Purnima Kapoor Full Time 23-24/373/Ph.D./R&S 31/01/2024 Not yet decided 31/12/2029 No
8.   Prof. Navreet Kaur Manish Sihag Full Time 23-24/372/Ph.D./R&S 31/01/2024 Not yet decided 31/12/2029 Yes UGC
9.   Dr. Monika Dara Savita Nain Full Time 23-24/368/Ph.D/R&S 31/01/2024 Not yet decided 31/05/2029 Yes UGC
10.   Prof. Navreet Kaur Anmol Rattan Singh Full Time 23-24/457/Ph.D/R&S 31/01/2024 Not yet decided 31/05/2029 No
11.   Dr. Silender Kumar Sunil Garg Full Time 22-23/252/Ph.D/R&S 20/02/2023 Not yet decided 29/02/2028 No
12.   Dr. Sandeep Kaur Shailja Bhandari Full Time 22-23/253/Ph.D/R&S 20/02/2023 Not yet decided 29/02/2028 No
13.   Dr. Bharati Garg Diksha Makkar Full Time 22-23/254/Ph.D/R&S 16/02/2023 Not yet decided 29/02/2028 Yes Panjab University Fellowship for Ph.D.
14.   Dr. Anil Kumar Venus Full Time 22-23/328/Ph.D/R&S 16/02/2023 Not yet decided 29/02/2028 Yes UGC
15.   Dr. Bhawna Gupta Twinkle Attrey Full Time 22-23/329/Ph.D/R&S 16/02/2023 Not yet decided 20/02/2028 No
16.   Dr. Silender Kumar Sheetal Sharma Full Time 22-23/327/Ph.D/R&S 16/02/2023 Not yet decided 29/02/2028 No
17.   Dr. Silender Kumar Prashant Garg Full Time 22-23/326/Ph.D/R&S 16/02/2023 Not yet decided 29/02/2028 No
18.   Dr. Nemi Chand Goliaya Swati Full Time 22-23/412/Ph.D/R&S 16/02/2023 Not yet decided 29/02/2028 No
19.   Prof. Ramanjit K. Johal Amanjot Kaur Full Time 19587/Ph.D. 12/12/2022 Food and Nutritional Security among Rural Communities in Punjab (India) 11/12/2024 Yes ICSSR Post-Doctoral Fellowship
20.   Dr. Purva Mishra Kartic Sharma Full Time 22-23/54/Ph.D/6164/R&S 29/08/2022 Not yet decided 31/07/2027 Yes UGC
21.   Dr. Puneet Aneja Gurpreet Choudhary Full Time 21-22/500/Ph.D/R&S 09/05/2022 Not yet decided 08/05/2025 No
22.   Dr. Puneet Aneja Mohit Manderana Full Time 21-22/491/Ph.D/R&S 09/05/2022 Not yet decided 08/05/2025 Yes UGC
23.   Prof. Ramanjit K. Johal Akhilesh Singh Tomar Full Time 21-22/523/Ph.D 09/05/2022 Not yet decided 08/05/2025 Yes UGC
24.   Dr. Nemi Chand Goliaya Garima Full Time 21-22/370/Ph.D/R&S 24/03/2022 Not yet decided 23/03/2025 Yes UGC
25.   Dr. Nemi Chand Goliaya Anju Chhillar Full Time 21-22/369/Ph.D/R&S 22/03/2022 Implementation of Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006: A Comparative Study of Gurugram (Haryana) and Chandigarh (UT) 21/03/2025 Yes UGC
26.   Dr. Nemi Chand Goliaya Satwinder Kaur Full Time 21-22/372/Ph.D/R&S 22/03/2022 Not yet decided 21/03/2025 No
27.   Dr. Anil Kumar Sumit Mor Full Time 21-22/371/Ph.D/R&S 21/03/2022 Not yet decided 20/03/2025 Yes UGC
28.   Prof. Navreet Kaur Pankaj Dabgotra Full Time 21-22/228/Ph.D/R&S 15/02/2022 Not yet decided 14/02/2025 No
29.   Dr. Sandeep Kaur Abhishek Sarta Full Time 20-21/337/Ph.D./R&S 29/01/2021 Socio-Economic Inclusion of Transgender Community with Reference to the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act, 2019: A Case Study of Tricity (Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali) 28/01/2026 No
30.   Dr. Anil Kumar Maneesh Thakkar Full Time 20-21/257/Ph.D/R&S 29/01/2021 Implementation of Madhya Pradesh Public Service Guarantee Act 2010: A Study of District Administration in Bhopal and Damoh 31/12/2026 Yes UGC-NFSC
31.   Dr. Nemi Chand Savita Full Time 20-21/259/Ph.D/R&S 28/01/2021 Implementation of National Food Security Act (NFSA), 2013: A Comparative Study of Ambala and Nuh Districts of Haryana 31/12/2026 No
32.   Prof. Swinder Singh Neha Katoch Full Time 20-21/251/Ph.D/R&S 28/01/2021 Women and Child Welfare in Himachal Pradesh: A Study of the Effectiveness of Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana (PMMVY) and Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) Programme 31/12/2026 Yes UGC
33.   Prof. Navreet Kaur Deepti Umashankar Full Time 20-21/252/Ph.D/R&S 27/01/2021 Addressing Disparities in School Education: An Analytical Study of Policy and Practice in Haryana 31/12/2026 No
34.   Prof. Navreet Kaur Rajdev Full Time 20-21/260/Ph.D/R&S 27/01/2021 An Analytical Study of Sustainable Agriculture Schemes for Water Resource Management in Haryana with Special Reference to Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana (PMKSY) 31/12/2026 Yes UGC-JRF
35.   Dr. Dharmendra Singh Gurwinder Kaur Full Time 20-21/371/Ph.D/R&S 27/01/2021 Citizen-Centric Initiatives of Punjab Police: A Study of Saanjh Kendras of Select Districts 31/12/2026 Yes UGC-NFSC
36.   Prof. Swinder Singh Rao Virendra Yadav Full Time 20-21/321/Ph.D/R&S 25/01/2021 Rural Out-Migration from Eastern Uttar Pradesh: A Study of Causes, Consequences and Administrative Challenges 31/12/2026 Yes UGC
37.   Dr. Purva Mishra Zakir Hussain Full Time 20-21/322/Ph.D/R&S 25/01/2021 Role of Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council (LAHDC) in the Development of Ladakh: A Study of Kargil District 31/12/2026 Yes UGC
38.   Dr. Bharati Garg Anupama Sharma Full Time 19-20/130/Ph.D/R&S 18/09/2019 Culture, Sustainable Development and Sustainable Cities (UN SDG-11): A Case Study of Varanasi City, Uttar Pradesh, India 31/12/2024 No
39.   Dr. Bhawna Gupta Manvi Sharma Full Time 19-20/129/Phd/R&S 18/09/2019 A Study of Sustainability of Self Help Groups (SHGs) in the Districts Lahaul & Spiti and Kullu (H.P.) 31/12/2024 Yes UGC
40.   Prof. Ramanjit K. Johal Navid Rahman Full Time 19-20/199/Phd/R&S 18/09/2019 Foreign Aid and Social Development: A Study of School Education in Kabul Province, Afghanistan (2002-2020) 31/12/2024 No
41.   Dr. Puneet Aneja Abhishek Singh Chauhan Part Time 18-19/544/Ph.D./R&S 28/02/2019 Policy, Law and Administration for Child Labour: An Empirical Study of Dhanbad District 28/02/2024 No
42.   Dr. Bharati Garg Akhil Bhardwaj Full Time 18-19/151/Ph.D/R&S 01/10/2018 Evaluation of Public Service Delivery System: A Study of Rajasthan Guaranteed Delivery of Public Services Act, 2011 01/11/2023 No
43.   Prof. Ramanjit K. Johal Chetanpreet Nilon Full Time 18-19/152/Ph.D/R&S 28/09/2018 Sport as an Enabler of Gender Equality (UN SDG-5): A Study of the Implementation of Haryana Sports and Physical Fitness Policy-2015 02/10/2023 No
44.   Prof. Navreet Kaur Chitrakshi Vashisht Full Time 18-19/6/Ph.D/R&S 11/06/2018 Working of Multi-Purpose Co-Operative Societies in Punjab: A Study of Agriculture Through NABARD 01/07/2023 No
45.   Dr. Cheena Gambhir Rajat Soni Full Time 17-18/183/Ph.D./R&S 27/09/2017 Sustainable Agriculture in Punjab: An Evaluative Study with Special Reference to Sustainable Development Goal 2 26/09/2023 No
46.   Dr. Bharati Garg Rohit Barach Full Time 17-18/141/Ph.D./R&S 22/09/2017 Assessing Public Health Governance for Improved Health Outcomes: A Study of Select Districts in Himachal Pradesh 21/09/2023 No
47.   Prof. Ramanjit K. Johal Kamlesh Bansal Part Time 17/1461/Ph.D. 09/05/2017 Drawing Lessons for Policy: A Study of the Implementation of Occupational Health and Safety Laws in the Construction Sector, Sirsa District, Haryana 09/05/2022 No
48.   Prof. B.S. Ghuman Rimpi Full Time 02-Cor-13207 04/05/2017 Access and Learning Outcomes of Differently-Abled Students in The Universities of Punjab: Extent, Nature and Determinants 03/05/2022 No
49.   Prof. B.S. Ghuman Mukesh Bisht Part Time 17/408/Ph.D. 24/01/2017 Performance Management in Government: Diagnostic Impact Analysis of A Public Policy Strategic Intervention in Districts of Punjab 31/01/2022 No
50.   Prof. Ramanjit K. Johal Keerat Pal Kaur Full Time 16/1343/Ph.D. 22/11/2016 Policy and Practice of Road Safety in India: A Study of S.A.S. Nagar, Punajb 21/11/2022 No
51.   Dr. Purva Mishra Rupam Vijay Part Time 16/1274/Ph.D. 24/10/2016 Socio-Economic Benefits of Financial Inclusion Programmes: A Study of Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana in Two Districts of Haryana State 23/10/2022 No
52.   Dr. Cheena Gambhir Kuldeep Singh Part Time 16/1275/Ph.D. 21/10/2016 Evaluation of The Pratham Model in Promotion of Primary Education: A Comparative Study of Select Districts of Punjab India 20/10/2022 No
53.   Dr. Nemi Chand Mandeep Kaur Full Time 16/75/Ph.D. 23/03/2016 Land Administration in Haryana with Special Reference to the Haryana Land Records Information System (HALRIS) 22/03/2022 No
54.   Dr. Nemi Chand Ankita Choudhary Full Time 16/74/Ph.D. 23/03/2016 Role of Government in Sugarcane Farming in Uttar Pradesh: An Ethnographic Study of Muzaffarnagar and Maharajganj District 22/03/2022 No
55.   Prof. Ramanjit K. Johal
Prof. Parmod Kumar (IDC)
Lakhvinder Singh Full Time 16/1093/PhD 17/03/2016 State Response to Violent Agitations in Haryana: A Comparative Study of JAT Agitation (2016) and Protest by Dera Sacha Sauda Followers (2017) 31/08/2023 No
56.   Prof. Anil Monga Parul Bhatnagar Part Time 15/323/Ph.D 16/11/2015 A Study of Public Grievance Redressal Mechanism of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited in Haryana 15/11/2021 No
57.   Prof. Swinder Singh Guneeta Choudhary Full Time 15/1272/Ph.D. 19/10/2015 Dynamics of Cooperative Management and Development: A Study of Milk Cooperatives in Punjab State (India) 18/10/2021 No
58.   Prof. Ramanjit Kaur Johal
Prof. S.K. Chadha

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