Panjab University Research Scholars

S.No.Enrollment DateResearch ScholarTitle of Research Supervisor
Funding Agencies
Department of Psychology
1.  20/01/2016Shikha GargDr. Roshan LalUGC JRF
2.  19/01/2016Parvesh KumarDr. Roshan Lal
Dr. Rajesh Kumar
3.  14/01/2016Jasvir KaurProf. Meena Sehgal
4.  18/12/2015Vipan ChaudharyDr. Shruti Shourie
5.  07/11/2015Unman SinghDr. Akansha Tripathi
6.  19/10/2015Tripti JaiswalDr. Akanksha Tripathi
Dr. Neha pandeya
7.  08/10/2015chandni Prof. Meena Sehgal
8.  06/10/2015Amit KumarDr. Roshan Lal
Professor Anuradha Bhandari
9.  12/08/2015Ashima IrfanHarpreet Kanwal Chhabra
10.  23/07/2015Upneet Kaur DhaliwalProf. Meena Sehgal
11.  25/02/2015Radhika GuptaDr. Komila parthi
12.  15/12/2014Harguneet KaurProf. Anuradha BhandariUGC
13.  07/11/2014Karanbir KaurDr. Akanksha Tripathi
14.  30/10/2014Supreet Kaurprofessor Meena Sehgal
15.  30/10/2014AmreenProfessor Meena Sehgal
16.  21/05/2014Heena ParveenDr. Harpreet Kanwal ChhabraUGC -JRF
17.  04/04/2014Preetinder KaurDr. Komila
18.  04/04/2014Mallika GuptaDr. Komila
19.  28/03/2014Nisha KumariSeema Vinayak
20.  21/02/2014Beenu VarmaDr. Roshan Lal
21.  06/02/2014Farnaz DehkhodaDr. Seema Vinayak
22.  04/02/2014Najmeh SafariolyaeiProf. Seema Vinayak
23.  27/11/2013Shilpa SinghCorrelates of Mental Health Among Research StudentsDr. Komila ParthiP.U.
24.  27/11/2013AnkitaDr. Akanksha TripathiNA
25.  12/11/2013Neha ChopraA Comparative Study of Correlates of Psychological Well Being Among Working and Non Working Wives of SeafarersDr.Shruti Shourie
26.  12/11/2013Lakhminder SinghDr. Shruti Shourie
27.  28/10/2013Jotika JudgeProf. Seema Vinayak
28.  11/10/2013Sonali KondalDr. Akanksha Tripathi
Dr. Geeta Bhagat
29.  18/09/2013Bita NoketehdanProf. Seema Vinayak
30.  16/04/2013Zahrajafari
31.  03/04/2013Sharanjit Kaur
32.  06/03/2013Simplejeet KaurProf. Seema Vinayak
33.  16/11/2012Yashu Bansal
34.  27/09/2012Ramanpreet KaurDr. Harpreet Kanwal Chhabra
35.  11/09/2012Usha SharmaProf. Meena Sehgal, Prof. Jitendra Mohan
36.  11/09/2012Sukhmani SinghProf. Meena Sehgal, Prof. Jitendra Mohan
37.  07/09/2012Aastha SharmaProf. Meena Sehgal, Prof. Jitendra Mohan
38.  07/09/2012Kimmi Vaneet Kaur SethiProf. Meena Sehgal, Prof. Jitendra Mohan
39.  07/09/2012Mitika KanwarProf. Meena Sehgal, Prof. Jitendra Mohan
40.  07/09/2012DivleenDr. Harpreet Kanwal Chhabra
41.  07/09/2012Aakriti JainDr. Harpreet Kanwal Chhabra
42.  07/09/2012Anupreet Kaur AroraDr. Seema Vinayak
43.  07/09/2012Aparajita SharmaDr. Seema Vinayak
44.  21/08/2012Jyoti VermaProf. Meena Sehgal
45.  12/05/2012Nitasha SharmaAdolescent Resilience in Relation to Emotional Intelligence, Coping, Personality and Interpersonal ReactivityProf. Jitendra Mohan
46.  16/04/2012Akriti DadwalDr. Sudha Banth
47.  10/04/2012Seyed Mehdi MousaviProf. Jitendra Mohan
48.  10/04/2012Mojgan BeytanehProf. Jitendra Mohan
49.  20/12/2011Nidhi VermaProf. Meena Sehgal
50.  29/11/2011Navdeep KaurA Psychological Outlook on Institutionalized Children Prof. Jitendra Mohan
51.  29/11/2011Tarini MohilThe Impact of managers' passion, psychological capital and emotional intelligence on job satisfaction and burnout.Dr. Sudha Banth
52.  30/09/2011Harshmeet KaurDr.Shruti Shourie
53.  27/09/2011Guneet Inderjit KaurProf. Jitendra Mohan
54.  27/09/2011Pria SinghProf. Meena Sehgal, Prof. Jitendra Mohan
55.  25/04/2011DharmeshwariThe psychological and spiritual correlates of hedonic and eudaimonic well-being.Dr. Sudha Banth
56.  10/02/2011Harmeen K. BasraPsychological Correlates of Sociometric Preference and Impact Among AdolescentsProf. V.V. Upmanyu
57.  27/01/2011Maryam Didehdar Ardebil The Effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction for Treatment of Chronic Low Back PainDr. Sudha Banth
58.  20/01/2011Harsha AggarwalRole of Psychosocial factors in gambling tendencies among adolescentsProf. Meena Sehgal
59.  18/01/2011Bharti Mor
60.  21/10/2010Akram Ansari MoghaddamEffectiveness of CBT Anger Management on Aggression, Hostility, Depression, Anxiety Self-esteem, Social Skills and assertiveness in children and adolescent.Prof. Jitendra Mohan, Prof. Meena Sehgal
61.  21/10/2010Ashrafalsadat Giti GhoreishiA Study of Personality traits and Optimism, Hostility and stress and coping styles of cancer patients.Prof. Jitendra Mohan, Prof. Meena Sehgal
62.  11/09/2010Nidhi KatariaEffectiveness of Managers: The fole of innovation, Emotional Intelligence and organizational Climate.Dr. Sudha Banth
63.  05/05/2010Pooja ThakurA study of organizational and psychological correlates of workaholismProf. Meena Sehgal
64.  04/05/2010Seema AggarwalSocial Media Usage, Social Capital, Interpersonal Relationships and Well-Being in Young AdultsDr. Seema Vinayak
65.  05/04/2010PinkiA Study of Gender Differences in Occupational Stress, Burnout and Its Correlates Among Chandigarh Police ConstablesProf. Meena Sehgal
66.  17/11/2009Kuldeep SinghPsychological Profile of University Level BoxersProf. Jitendra Mohan
67.  06/10/2009Guneet Singh, JRFRole of Driving Anger, Vengeance, Boredom Proneness and Sensation-Seeking in Propensity Towards Unsafe DrivingDr. Seema Vinayak
68.  30/09/2009Bani Narula, JRFEvaluating the efficacy of strength building program of gratitude and forgiveness and study its effect on happiness.Dr. Sudha Banth
69.  17/02/2009Payal GoyalMaterialism Media and Happiness: A psychological ProbeDr. Seema Vinayak
70.  05/02/2009Neha SainiCoronary heart disease in working and non-working women: the Role of stress, coping, type a behavior, anger and marital stressProf. Meena Sehgal
71.  23/09/2008Monika SainiCognitive and Affective Predictors of Tension Type HeadachesDr. Seema Vinayak
72.  15/07/2008Dipika Sangwan, JRFGay and Bisexual Males: Personal Challenges and Mental Health Problems.Dr. Seema Vinayak
73.  29/03/2008Harnoor SandhuA Study of Sleep Related Disturbances Among Adolescents In relation to Academic Achievement, Anxiety, Stress, Coping and Familial FactorsProf. Meena Sehgal
74.  11/09/2007Maman PalA study of Psychosocial aspects of evaluation of sports injury and rehabilitation.Prof. Jitendra Mohan, Prof. J.S. Sandhu
75.  02/04/2007Vaneeta VermaniEffect of Arts Therapy on Creativity, Spirituality and CompassionProf. l.S. Minhas
76.  Aditi SharmaThe Role of Anxiety, Induced Mindfulness and Music in Cognitive Output LatencyDr. Sudha Banth
77.  AnuradhaDr. Harpreet Kanwal Chhabra
78.  NirupamaRole of Managerial Creativity and Emotional Intelligence in Employee Motivation Commitment and PerformanceProf. L.S. Minhas

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