Panjab University Research Scholars

S.No.Enrollment DateResearch ScholarTitle of Research Supervisor
Funding Agencies
Department of Geology
1.  25/11/2016Tandeep Singh DhaliwalDr. Gurmeet KaurPart time
2.  18/08/2016Ashok KumarDr. Mahesh Thakur
Dr. P.N. Joglekar Delhi
Part time
3.  28/07/2016Garry SinglaDr. Birendra P. SinghGATE
4.  18/07/2016Hitander Singh GillDr. seema SinghJRF CSIR
5.  18/07/2016Anjali KumariDr. Seema SinghJRF CSIR
6.  18/07/2016Sarabjeet SinghDr. seema SinghLS
7.  18/07/2016 Mohamad AliProf. Naveen Chaudhri
Dr. Parampreet Kaur
8.  18/07/2016Satinder SinghDr. Paramppreet Kaur
Prof. Naveen Chaudhri
9.  19/05/2016Chaitanya PopliDr. Seema SinghDST- INSPIRE
10.  21/01/2016Kanu PriyaDr. Seema SinghJRF (CSIR)
11.  21/01/2016Ajay KumarDr. Seema SinghJRF (CSIR)
12.  21/01/2016Jai ParkashDr. Mahesh Thakur
Dr. T.N. Singh, IIT, Bombay
13.  14/12/2015Bhart SinghDr.Seema SinghJRF(CSIR)
14.  21/09/2015Saurabh PalDr. Ashu Khosla
Dr. Omkar Verma, School of Sciences, IGNOU, Delhi.
Part time
15.  21/09/2015ReenikaTaphonomy and Paleoecology of thePaleogene Succession of Foreland Basin, District-Solan, Himachal Pradesh.Prof. R.S. LoyalPart time
16.  31/07/2015Jasdeep KaurUpper Cretaceous Biota from the Intertrappean Beds of Dindori and Chhindwara Districts, Madhya Pradesh, India: Palaeoecologic, Palaeoenvironment and Palaeobiogeorgraphical ImplicationsDr. Ashu Khosla
Dr. Omkar Verma,School of Sciences, IGNOU, Delhi.
17.  31/07/2015Ravneet Kaur ChhinaGround and surface water Quality studies of SAS Nagar district, Punjab: Geological and Societal relevanceDr. Gurmeet Kaur
Dr. Seema Singh
Part time
18.  31/07/2015Ramanpreet KaurSequence and Bio-Event Stratigraphy of the Cambrian Kunzam La (Parahio) Formation of the Spiti Region, Tethyan Himalaya.Dr. Birendra P.SinghGATE
19.  31/07/2015Vijit ThakurProf. Naveen Chaudhri
Dr. Parampreet Kaur
Part Time
20.  31/07/2015Jaideep Kaur TiwanaGeochemistry and Petrogenesis of the Sendra Granitoid Complex, Southern Delhi Fold Belt, Rajasthan, NW India.Dr. Parampreet Kaur
Prof. Naveen Chaudhri
Part Time
21.  12/05/2015Gurvinder SinghDr. Mahesh ThakurLS
22.  29/12/2014Mohamed RashidDr. Ashu Khosla
Prof. G.V.R. Prasad
23.  22/12/2014Virender Singh NegiEvaluation of Landslide Susceptiblity and Scope Instability on Right Bank of River Satluj Around Reckong-Peo Area of District Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh.Prof. Naval Kishore
Dr. B.P. Singh
Part time
24.  12/12/2014Pravesh KumarSlope Stability Analysis of Vulnerable Landslide Zones Along Srinagar to Rudraprayag National Highway, Uttarakhand. Dr. Mahesh Thakur
Prof.T.N. Singh, Deptt. of Earth Sciences, IIT, Bombay
LS( JRF in Project)
25.  19/11/2014Jagjeet KaurReconstruction of Taphonomy, Palaeoecology and Sedimentary Environments of Fossil Vertebrate Assemblages in the Upper Siwalik Exposures between Nalagarh and Paonta Sahib, Himachal Pradesh.Prof. Rajeev PatnaikDST Inspire
26.  29/08/2014Yuvika KhannaTectono-Depositional Set-up and Environmental Conditions during Deposition of early Himalayan Foreland Sediments in the Subathu Sub-Basin of NW Himalaya, India. Dr. Seema Singh
Prof. Santanu Bannerjee, Deptt. of Earth Sciences,IIT, Bombay
27.  22/08/2014Ravinder KumarPetrogenesis of the Kargil Intrusive Complex, Ladakh, Western Himalaya, India: Implications for Magma Genesis in the Indus Suture ZoneDr. Parampreet Kaur
Prof.Naveen Chaudhri
28.  22/08/2014JyotiHydrogeochemical and Geoelectrical Studies in and around Dharamasala Area:Dist. Kangra Himachal Pradesh, IndiaProf. Naval KishoreLS
29.  22/08/2014Atul BhatiaProf. Naval KishorePart Time
30.  31/01/2014Choudhurimayum Anup SharmaDetailed Litho-Bio-Chronostratigraphy and Ichnofabric Analysis of the Cambrian Successions of Nigali Dhar Syncline, Lesser Himalaya, India.Dr. B.P. SinghLS
31.  21/01/2014Ningthoujam Premjit SinghPalaeoecology and Taphonomy of Faunal and Floral Assemblages from Lower Siwalik Sequence Exposed around Ramnagar, Udhampur District, Jammu and Kashmir.Prof. Rajeev PatnaikLS (JRF in MoES project)
32.  20/12/2013RavneetGroundwater Quality Studies in Aquifer system of Bist-Doab Punjab- A case study from Talwara Region, Hoshiarpur District, Punjab, India.Dr. Gurmeet Kaur
Dr. Gopal Krishan, NIH, Roorkee & Prof. Naval Kishore
33.  16/12/2013KartikaStratigraphic framework and Palaeoenvironmental settings of pre-palaeogene and palaogene formation exposed in Subathu-Arki belt and adjoining areas, Himachal PradeshProf. R.S. LoyalINSPIRE
34.  12/12/2013Ranveer Singh NegiDetailed Biostratigraphy and Carbon, Oxygen and Sulphur Isotopic Studies Across the Cambrian series 2- series 3 (lower-middle cambrian) Interval in the Spiti Himalaya, India.Dr. B.P. SinghPart time
35.  30/08/2013Simran Singh KotlaReconstruction of Palaeoecology and Palaeoclimatology using Stable Carbon and Oxygen Isotopes of Pedogenic Clays, Molluscan Shells and Mammalian Dental Enamel from Siwalik Sequences Exposed between Ghaggar and Markanda river valleys (Haryana, India).Prof. Rajeev Patnaik
Dr. Ramesh Kumar Sehgal,WIHG,Dehradun
Part time
36.  07/08/2013Nitin MohanStratigraphic Facies and Sequence Stratigraphy of Palaeogene Sediments of Foreland Basin of Bilaspur, Himachal PradeshProf. R.S. LoyalPart time
37.  29/07/2013Ankita SinglaStudy of Murid Rodents from Upper Siwaliks Exposed between Ghaggar and Markanda River Valleys (Haryana)Prof. Rajeev PatnaikLS
38.  16/07/2013Ravi ShankerIntegrated litho-bio-chrono-sequence Stratigraphy and Facies Analysis of the Sanugba group, Spiti Himalaya, India.Dr. B P Singh
Prof. Naval Kishore
Part time
39.  16/07/2013Reena AhujaAquifer System Analysis, Ground water Assessment and Development of Sustainable Aquifer Management plan, Nalagarh watershed, Himachal PradeshDr. Gurmeet KaurPart time
40.  16/07/2013DeepaAssessment of Impact on Groundwater after the closure of mining activities in and around the Aravalli Hills of District Faridabad, Haryana, IndiaProf. Naval Kishore
Dr. Gopal Krishan, NIH, Roorkee and Dr. K.E.Mothi Kumar, HARSAC, Hissar.
41.  28/03/2012 Sanjay PandeyImpact assessment of Hydrogeological Regime in the Notified Area of Gurgaon Town and its Adjoining Industrial Area, Haryana State, India.Prof. Naval Kishore
Dr. Madhuri
Part time
42.  21/10/2011Navjot KaurGeochronological Applications of Cosmogenic Radionuclides in the Neogene-Quaternary Deposits of Siwaliks(Himachal Pradesh) and Narmada Valley(Madhya Pradesh)Prof. Rajeev PatnaikPart time
43.  28/10/2010 ParveenReconstruction of Palaeoecology and Palaeoclimatology of Neogene-Quaternary Siwalik Sequences Exposed Between Jammu-Udhampur (Jummu and Kashmir) and Saketi (Himachal Pradesh) using Fossil Mammalian Dental Microwear and Mesowear Analyses.Prof. Rajeev PatnaikPart time
44.  21/10/2010MinuHydrogeological and Hydrochemical Studies of Muktsar District, Punjab State, India with Special Reference to Geoenvironmental Problems.Prof. Naval Kishore
Prof. K.P. Singh
Part time
45.  24/09/2010 Nusrat Eliyas Characterization and Petrogenesis of A-type granitoids of the Alwar Complex, NE Rajasthan, India.Prof. Naveen Chaudhri
Dr. Parampreet Kuar
Part time
46.  19/08/2009 Lalit MohanPalaeomonsoonal Studies in the Siwalik Sediments Exposed Between Jawalamukhi and Sarkaghat Areas of Himachal Pradesh Using Palaeontological, Palaeobotanical and Palaeopedological ProxiesProf. Rajeev PatnaikPart time

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