Panjab University Research Scholars

S.No.Enrollment DateResearch ScholarTitle of Research Supervisor
Funding Agencies
Department of Biotechnology
1.  29/08/2016Deepika VermaDr. Kashmir SinghDBT-JRF
2.  29/08/2016Garima BhatiaDr. Kashmir SinghICMR-JRF
3.  27/08/2016Shally SharmaProf. Desh Deepak SinghDST/INSPIRE
4.  05/08/2016Saurabh ChughProf. Desh Deepak SinghDBT
5.  27/06/2016Vijay KumarDr. Mahendra Bishnoi (NABI)
6.  03/06/2016Nisthha SharmaDr. Vikas Rishi (NABI)
7.  10/05/2016Shimayali KaushalDr. Nitin K. Singhal (NABI)
8.  03/03/2016ShumaylaDr. Kashmir SinghMulana Azad National Fellowship for Minority student
9.  16/02/2016Anil KumarDr. Ajay Kumar Pandey (NABI)
10.  01/09/2015Vasundhara ThakurTranscriptome analysis of Sausurea lappaDr. Kashmir SinghUGC
11.  27/08/2015Saloni SharmaDr. Monika Garg (NABI)
12.  14/05/2015FlowerikaDr. Siddhartha Tiwari (NABI)DBT
13.  19/03/2015Nishant KaushalHairy root induction and outer expression of squalae synthase genes in chlorophytem Brivilianeem for increased production of saponinsDr. Kashmir SinghCSIR
14.  18/03/2015Ankita MishraDr. Joy K. Roy (NABI)DST-INSPIRE
15.  23/12/2014Amitabh MondalDr. Jagdeep Kaur ( IMTECH)UGC
16.  15/12/2014Hade Mangesh DattuBiochemical and biophysical characterization of Mlut_6780 truncated haemoglobin gene of Micrococcus luetes.Dr. Kanak Lata Dikshit (IMTECH)
Dr. Jagdeep Kaur
17.  28/11/2014Bandana KumariPendingProf. Jagdeep Kaur
Dr. Kashmir Singh
18.  03/09/2014Shruti KashyapPersistence of Acinetobacter nosocomialis to fluoroquinolonesProf. Neena Capalash
Prof. Prince Sharma
19.  04/08/2014Neetu Goyal PendingDr. Kashmir Singh
20.  31/07/2014Pankaj KumarDr. Ajay Kumar Pandey (NABI)
21.  16/07/2014Stanzin AngmoDr. Nitin K. Singhal (NABI)
22.  17/06/2014Aman KumarUtilization of wild species of genus Thinopyrum for improvement of bread making quality of wheat. Dr. Monika Garg (NABI)DBT
23.  12/05/2014Mandeep KaurDr. Neena CapalashUGC
24.  07/05/2014Koushik ShahExperimental Identification of Homodimerizing and Hetrodimerizing B-ZIP families in Triticum aestivumDr. Vikas Rishi (NABI)DBT
25.  07/05/2014ShivaniBiofortification of Indian banana fruit for enhanced Pro-vitamin A (PVA) contentDr. Siddharth Tiwari (NABI)GATE
26.  11/04/2014Abhishek Bhandawat Next generation sequencing studies for Elucidating molecular mechanism of Growth and Creation of Genomic resource in BambooDr. Ram Kumar Sharma (IMTECH)
Dr. Jagdeep Kaur
27.  21/01/2014Harsimran SidhuProf. Neena Capalash
28.  17/12/2013Monika KajalHigh throughput sequencing of small RNA to indentify novel and conserved miRNA in Chlerophytum borivilianumDr. Kashmir Singh
29.  10/12/2013Aashish SharmaPendingProf. Jagdeep Kaur
30.  10/12/2013Lalit GautamPendingDr. Neena Capalash
Prof. Prince Sharma
31.  17/09/2013Jashandeep KaurPendingProf. Jagdeep KaurCSIR
32.  30/07/2013Sipla AggarwalIdentification, characterization and functional analysis of genes contributing for lwo phytic acid in Triticum aestivum.Dr. Ajay Kumar Pandey (NABI)
33.  19/07/2013Ashish Kumar PathakDr. Rakesh Kumar Tuli (NABI)
Dr. Jagdeep Kaur
34.  12/07/2013Prateek JainProbing B-ZIP transcription factor role in seed development in plants :Use of designed dominant negative protein Dr. Vikas Rishi (NABI)
Dr. Jagdeep Kaur
35.  06/05/2013Nisha Chopra Prof. Jagdeep Kaur
36.  06/05/2013Pratibha MannDichephering the role of membrane bound Rv 1288 and Rv2223c of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in immunomodulation and intracellular survival of bacterium Prof. Jagdeep Kaur
37.  02/05/2013Savita BainsFunctional genomics studies of costunolide biosynthesis in " Saussurea lalppa"Dr. Kashmir Singh
38.  02/11/2012Manpreet Kaur SainiMetabolomics Approach to Study Factors Affecting Quality and Postharvest Stability of Kinnow mandarinDr. Neena Capalash
39.  18/11/2011Yogesh GuptaNot available Dr. Kashmir Singh/Dr. R. TuliDBT
40.  17/11/2011GurkamalCloning and Characterization of Lipase genes of Mycobacteria sp.Prof. Jagdeep Kaur
41.  10/10/2011Rohit Kumar Not available Dr. Kashmir Singh/Dr. R. TuliDBT
42.  03/08/2011ShwetaA Study of single nucleotide polymorphism in candidate genes associated with Asthama in North Indian populationDr. Jagtar SinghUGC
43.  16/02/2011AmanjotPotentiation of probiotic lactobacillus plantarum by cloning lactonase gene for quenching quorum sensing in virulent strains of pseudomonas aeruginosa Dr. Neena Capalash
Prof. Prince Sharma
44.  28/01/2011HimanshuNot availableDr. Jagtar SinghN.A.
45.  25/01/2011Neha LakhanpalTo study the role of Cap binding protein in abiotic stress tolerance in plants.Dr. Kashmir SinghUGC
46.  06/01/2011ManishaCloning and Characterization of Mycobacterial Lipase genesDr. Jagdeep Kaur/ Dr. K. SinghDST
47.  06/01/2011Vishal SharmaStudies on immuno-modulatory effects and reversal of epigenetic silencing in acute lymphoid by semi-synthetic natural compounds.Dr. Jagdeep Kaur/ Dr. A. BhatnagarCSIR
48.  05/01/2011Arbind Kumar-Dr. Jagdeep Kaur/ Dr. R. SinghCSIR
49.  09/12/2010Karnika ThakurUnderstanding the Pathogens of V.Inaequalis in Malus Domestica (Borkh.)Dr. Jagdeep Kaur/ Dr. Gopalji Jha, IHBTCSIR
50.  26/10/2010Sonu BhatiaNot available Dr. Jagtar Singh-
51.  20/10/2010Nandita DograCloning and characterisation of mycobacterial Promoters of Lipase genesDr. Jagdeep Kaur/ Dr. K. SinghDBT
52.  01/10/2010AkshraTo establish the molecular mechanism of anticancer activity of p19, a novel semi-synthetic analog of parthenin in leukemia and pancreases cancer. Dr. Jagtar SinghCSIR
53.  13/07/2010Stuti AryaStudies on Differential expression of Lipase genes in Mycobacterium tuberculosis.Dr. Jagdeep KaurCSIR
54.  16/04/2010Nidhi BhargavaIn vitro studies on attenuation of Acinetobacter baumannii virulence by Glycyrrhiza Glabra Linn.Dr. Neena Capalash/ Dr. Prince Sharma/ Dr. Anupam SharmaCSIR
55.  31/03/2010Rakesh KumarDirected Evolution of a Metagenome Derived Lipase for Enhancement in Thermostability.Dr. Jagdeep Kaur/ Dr. Ranvir SinghCSIR
56.  29/03/2010Depender JadejaExpression and Characterization of RV2970C and RV1169C Gene Products from Mycobacterium Tuberculosis H37RVDr. Jagdeep Kaur/ Dr. Ranvir SinghCSIR
57.  30/09/2009Richard Chalo MuokiHBT Identificationand Evaluation of Dehydration Responsive Transcriptome in Camellia Sinesis (H.) O. Kuntze.Dr. Kashmir Singh/Dr. Sanjay SinghCSIR
58.  11/09/2009Gaurav PrasharScreening of Natural Inhibitors of DNMTI and Their Role in Reversal of Promoter Hypermethylation of Tumor Suppressor GenesDr. Neena CapalashCSIR
59.  28/08/2009Vibha MandhanMining the Stevia rebaudiana SmRNA for identification & Characterization of micoRNAsDr. Kashmir SinghUGC
60.  28/08/2009Neha SinghDevelopment and evaluation of nanocarrier based phytochemicals as hepatoprotectants.Dr. Neeraj Khullar / Dr. Indu Pal KaurICMR
61.  06/08/2009Marjan AksariMolecular Genetic Markers. Markers in Breast Cancer among North Indian Population Diagnostic Implementation.Dr. R.C. Sobti-
62.  17/12/2008Sunil KumarFunctional Genomics of Saponins Biosynthesis in Chlorophytum borivilianum.Dr. Kashmir SinghCSIR
63.  10/11/2008Ritu RathiIdentification and Molecular characterization of mutations and polymorphism in UGT1A1, OATP and G6PD genes in term and late-preterm neonates with severe hyperbilirubinemia.Dr. Neeraj KhullarICMR
64.  10/10/2008Gurpreet SinghCloning: overexpression purification and biochemical characterization of Lipase isolated from environmental DNADr. Jagdeep Kaur/ Dr. K. SinghCSIR
65.  29/08/2008AvneeshCloning and Characterization of genes involved in flavinoid biosynthesis in Phyllanthus emblica (L.)Dr. Kashmir Singh & Dr. Jagdeep KaurCSIR
66.  06/08/2008Shikha KalraCloning and Characterization of early genes involved in saponin biosynthesisin Chlorophytum borivilianum.Dr. Kashmir Singh/ Dr. Jagdeep KaurDST
67.  10/07/2008Shelly GoomberFunction Analysis of Bacillus lipase by directed evolution and rational mutagenesisDr. Jagdeep Kaur/ Dr. Ranvir SinghUGC
68.  30/05/2008Deepak KakkarSynthesis and functional characterization of early genes involved in Flavonoid biosynthesis in Phyllanthus EmblicaDr. Jagtar Singh/ Dr. L. Bhardwaj CSIO-
69.  31/01/2008Amit KishoreStudies on Mitochondrial DNA Sequence Based Evolutionary Relationship and characterization of Heliotypic Diversity of Milk Protein genes promoter in Indian Native Cattle (BOS INDICUS) BREEDSDr. R.C. Sobti-
70.  12/12/2007Monika SharmaA study on Tem. Adaptation and Improved Lipase Activity By Directed Evolution.Dr. Jagdeep Kaur/ Dr. Ranvir SinghDST
71.  16/05/2007Arun KumarBioprospecting Thermostable Superoxide Dismutase from the Flora of Western Himalayas.Dr. Kashmir Singh/ Dr. Sanjay SinghCSIR
72.  19/02/2007Soumya MishraIdentification and Molecular characterization of type 2 Dopamine Receptor(DRD2) Serotonin Receptor(5HT2A) and CYP2D6 GENE Polymorphisms in selation to Response of ATYPICAL Antipsychotic Drug (Rispericlone) in north Indian Schi 20 phernic populationDr. R.C. Sobti / Dr. Rajendra Prasad-
73.  12/02/2007Hitesh KumarMolecular basis of Stevisoside Biosynthesis in Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni, A Source of Non-Calorific sweetner.Dr. Kashmir Singh / Dr. Sanjay SinghICMR
74.  15/12/2006Sukhdeep SinghAssociation of sequence variations in DNA repair and cell cycle genes with head and neck cancer in a North Indian PopulationDr. Jagtar Singh/ Dr. Anoop Raj MAMC New Delhi -
75.  27/11/2006Neha SinglaA Case-Control Study for Evaluation of Gene Polymorphism as a Possible Risk Factor of Tuberclosis.Dr. Jagtar Singh/ Dr. D Gupta PGIMERPU Fellow ship
76.  08/11/2005Niti BribianGene polymorphism as risk towards Asthama in the North Indian Population.Dr. R.C. Sobti/ Dr. S.K. Jindal PGIMERUGC RGNF
77.  28/01/2005Rupinder KlerNot given . Dr. R.C. Sobti-

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