Panjab University Research Scholars

S.No. Name of the Supervisor /
Name of the Ph.D. Scholar Mode of Ph.D. Registration Number Date of Registration Research Topic Likely Date of Completion Availing Fellowship Funding Agency of Fellowship
Faculty of Science : Department of BiotechnologyUpdated on: 25/01/2017 
1.   Dr. Kashmir Singh Deepika Verma Full Time 16/1188/Ph.D 29/08/2016 Yes DBT-JRF
2.   Dr. Kashmir Singh Garima Bhatia Full Time 16/1189/Ph.D. 29/08/2016 Yes ICMR-JRF
3.   Prof. Desh Deepak Singh Shally Sharma Full Time 16/1152/Ph.D 27/08/2016 Yes DST/INSPIRE
4.   Dr. Kashmir Singh Shumayla Full Time 16/1087/Ph.D. 03/03/2016 Yes Mulana Azad National Fellowship for Minority student
5.   Dr. Kashmir Singh Vasundhara Thakur Full Time 15/1234/Ph.D. 01/09/2015 Transcriptome analysis of Sausurea lappa Yes UGC
6.   Dr. Kashmir Singh Nishant Kaushal Full Time 15/1041/Ph.D. 19/03/2015 Hairy root induction and outer expression of squalae synthase genes in chlorophytem Brivilianeem for increased production of saponins Yes CSIR
7.   Dr. Jagdeep Kaur ( IMTECH) Amitabh Mondal Full Time 14/385/Ph.D 23/12/2014 Yes UGC
8.   Dr. Kanak Lata Dikshit (IMTECH)
Dr. Jagdeep Kaur
Hade Mangesh Dattu Full Time 14/386/Ph.D. 15/12/2014 Biochemical and biophysical characterization of Mlut_6780 truncated haemoglobin gene of Micrococcus luetes. Yes ICMR
9.   Prof. Jagdeep Kaur
Dr. Kashmir Singh
Bandana Kumari Full Time 14/1229/Ph.D. 28/11/2014 Pending Yes DBT
10.   Prof. Neena Capalash
Prof. Prince Sharma
Shruti Kashyap Full Time 14/211/Ph.D. 03/09/2014 Effect of intrspecies signaling molecule, indole and its derivatives on the virulence of acinetobacter baumannii and its persistence against fluoroquinolones Yes DST/INSPIRE
11.   Dr. Kashmir Singh
Neetu Goyal Full Time 14/1124/Ph.D. 04/08/2014 Pending Yes UGC BSR
12.   Dr. Neena Capalash Mandeep Kaur Full Time 14/1090/Ph.D. 12/05/2014 Yes UGC
13.   Dr. Vikas Rishi (NABI) Koushik Shah Full Time 14/1083/Ph.D. 07/05/2014 Experimental Identification of Homodimerizing and Hetrodimerizing B-ZIP families in Triticum aestivum Yes DBT
14.   Prof. Neena Capalash
Harsimran Sidhu Full Time 14/14/Ph.D. 21/01/2014 Anti cancer proterties of natural compounds downregulating UHRF1 in Caski Cells Yes ICMR
15.   Dr. Kashmir Singh
Monika Kajal Full Time 13/1294/Ph.D. 17/12/2013 High throughput sequencing of small RNA to indentify novel and conserved miRNA in Chlerophytum borivilianum Yes UGC
16.   Prof. Jagdeep Kaur
Aashish Sharma Full Time 13/1283/Ph.D. 10/12/2013 Pending Yes UGC
17.   Dr. Neena Capalash
Prof. Prince Sharma
Lalit Gautam Full Time 13/1284/Ph.D. 10/12/2013 Pending Yes CSIR
18.   Prof. Jagdeep Kaur Jashandeep Kaur Full Time 13/205/Ph.D 17/09/2013 Pending Yes CSIR
19.   Prof. Jagdeep Kaur
Nisha Chopra Full Time 13/116/Ph.D. 06/05/2013 Understanding temperature adaptation in proteins: Bacillus lipase as model system Yes CSIR
20.   Prof. Jagdeep Kaur
Pratibha Mann Full Time 13/120/Ph.D. 06/05/2013 Dichephering the role of membrane bound Rv 1288 and Rv2223c of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in immunomodulation and intracellular survival of bacterium Yes DBT
21.   Dr. Kashmir Singh
Savita Bains Full Time 13/117/Ph.D 02/05/2013 Functional genomics studies of costunolide biosynthesis in " Saussurea lalppa" No
22.   Dr. Neena Capalash
Prof. Prince Sharma
Amanjot Full Time 18592 16/02/2011 Potentiation of probiotic lactobacillus plantarum by cloning lactonase gene for quenching quorum sensing in virulent strains of pseudomonas aeruginosa Yes ICMR
23.   Dr. Jagtar Singh Himanshu Full Time 18529 28/01/2011 Not available No
24.   Dr. Jagtar Singh Sonu Bhatia Full Time 18387 26/10/2010 Not available No

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