Panjab University Research Scholars

S.No. Name of the Supervisor /
Name of the Ph.D. Scholar Mode of Ph.D. Registration Number Date of Registration Research Topic Likely Date of Completion Availing Fellowship Funding Agency of Fellowship
Faculty of Science : Department of BotanyUpdated on: 08/03/2017 
1.   Prof. Daizy R. Batish
Prof. H.P. Singh
Kulwinder Kaur Full Time 16/1199/Ph.D. 09/11/2016 Weed Ecology Yes CSIR
2.   Prof. Harsh Nayyar
Anju Rani Full Time 16/12323/Ph.D. 03/11/2016 Cold Stress in chickpea No
3.   Prof. Promila Pathak
Anamika Kumari Full Time 16/1190/Ph. 25/10/2016 Microprpagation and conservation of some medicinaly important orchids of North Western Himalayas Yes UGC
4.   Prof. Kamaljit Singh
Sujata Khamn Full Time 16/1200/Ph.D. 10/10/2016 Medininal Plants No
5.   Prof. Kamaljit Singh
Sujata Khamn Full Time 16/1200/Ph.D. 10/10/2016 Medininal Plants No
6.   Prof. Kamaljit Singh
Sujata Khamn Full Time 16/1200/Ph.D. 10/10/2016 Medininal Plants No
7.   Prof. Kamaljit Singh
Gagandeep Kaur Full Time 16/1229/Ph.d. 10/10/2016 Stress Physiology No
8.   Prof. Promila Pathak
Aakanksha Sharma Full Time 16/1198/Ph.D. 07/10/2016 Application of Fragrant Orchid onCosmetology No
9.   Prof. Neera Garg
Amandeep Cheema Full Time 16/1192/Ph.D. 07/09/2016 Functional diversity amongst Amf in modulating Asineluced responses in chickpea genotypes No
10.   Prof. Kamaljit Singh
Jyoti Sharma Full Time 16/1193/Ph.D. 06/09/2016 Medininal Plants Yes CSIR
11.   Prof. A. S. Ahluwalia
Bhavna Kabila Full Time 16/1165/Ph.D. 16/08/2016 Algea No
12.   Prof. A. S. Ahluwalia
Prof. Sanjeev Puri
Alisha Sood Full Time 16/1148/Ph.D. 04/08/2016 Algea Yes CSIR
13.   Prof. Promila Pathak
Ankush Prakash Full Time 15/1280/Ph.D. 05/11/2015 Orchid No
14.   Dr. Jaspreet Kaur
Himani Full Time 15/1281/Ph.D. 05/11/2015 nil No
15.   Dr. Shalinder Kaur
Roop Lal Full Time 15/1285/Ph.D. 05/11/2015 Nil No
16.   Dr. Shalinder Kaur
Shikha Chandel Full Time 16/1041 05/11/2015 Ph.D. Yes DST Research Project
17.   Prof. Neera Garg
Kiran Saroy Full Time 15/1282/Ph.D. 08/10/2015 Nil No
18.   Dr. S. K. Upadhyay
Mehak Taneja Full Time 15/1283/Ph.D. 08/10/2015 Nil No
19.   Dr. M. C. Sidhu
Punita Full Time 15/1284/Ph.D. 08/10/2015 Nil No
20.   Prof. I. B. Prasher
Shivani Raghuwanshi Full Time 15/1286/Ph.D. 08/10/2015 Nil No
21.   Prof. A. S. Ahluwalia
Dr. M. C. Sidh and Prof. Z.A. Reshi
Afreen Jan Full Time 15/136/Ph.D. 15/07/2015 Carbon Sequestration and nutrient accomulation in macrophytes of temperate and sub-tropical wetlands of India No
22.   Prof. Harsh Nayyar Lomeshwar Full Time 15/1062/Ph.D 01/05/2015 Yes ICRISAT Project Fellowship
23.   Prof. Daizy R. Batish
Dr. Shalinder Kaur
Amarpreet Kaur Full Time 14/1307/Ph.D 15/01/2015 Yes BSR, UGC
24.   Prof. Sunita Kapila Satvir Kaur Full Time 14/376/Ph.D. 09/01/2015 No
25.   Prof. A.S. Ahluwalia Navneet Kaur Cheema Full Time 14/368/Ph.D 29/12/2014 Yes MAF, UGC
26.   Prof. Richa Puri Harsimran Kaur Dhillon Full Time 14/373/Ph.D 19/12/2014 No
27.   Prof. C. Nirmala
Prof. MIS Bisht NEHU
Oinam Santosh Meetei Full Time 14/1306/Ph.D 19/12/2014 Yes DBT Project Fellowship
28.   Prof. Richa Puri Rinku Jhamta Full Time 14/308/Ph.D 19/12/2014 Yes UGC
29.   Dr. Kamaljit Singh
Dr. Jaspreet Kaur
Navdeep Kaur Full Time 14/374/Ph.D 10/12/2014 No
30.   Prof. I.B. Prasher Pawandeep Chaudhary Full Time 14/369/Ph.D 10/12/2014 No
31.   Prof. Richa Puri Sana Khan Full Time 14/370/Ph.D. 10/12/2014 Yes MAF, UGC
32.   Dr. M. C. Sidhu
Prof. A. S. Ahluwalia
Shweta Puri Full Time 14/375/Ph.D. 10/12/2014 No
33.   Prof. Kamaljit Singh
Dr. Jaspreet Kaur
Navdeep Kaur Full Time 14/374/Ph.D 10/12/2014 Ployamines and heavy metals: an introctive study of putrescine and cadmium to ameliate stress induced toxcity in munbean and soybean crops. No
34.   Prof. Harsh Nayyar Akanksha Sehgal Full Time 14/1209/Ph.D 10/11/2014 Yes University Fellowship
35.   Prof. Harsh Nayyar Manu Priya Full Time 14/1208/Ph.D 10/11/2014 Yes UGC-CSIR
36.   Dr. Anju Rao Sahar Bano Full Time 14/1162/Ph.D 29/09/2014 Yes RGNF UGC
37.   Prof. Promila Pathak Arvind Kumar Full Time 14/1106/Ph.D 26/05/2014 Yes CSIR
38.   Prof. Daizy R. Batish Narayan Singh Full Time 14/1105/Ph.D 26/05/2014 Yes PU
39.   Prof. I. B. Prasher Vijay Sanspal Full Time 14/1021/Ph.D. 27/03/2014 No
40.   Prof. Daizy R. Batish
Dr. H.P. Singh (DES)
Sangeeta Full Time 14/1022/Ph.D 10/03/2014 Yes UGC
41.   Prof. Harsh Nayyar Kumari Sita Full Time 13/1323/Ph.D 23/12/2013 Yes ICARDA Project Fellowship
42.   Prof. I.B. Prasher
Dr. Rajiv Kumar (DES)
Manju Full Time 13/1320/Ph.D 23/12/2013 Yes SAP-UGC
43.   Prof. Sunita Kapila Vibha Full Time 13/291/Ph.D. 28/11/2013 Yes PU
44.   Dr. Kamaljit Singh Dhiraj Kapur Full Time 10581/Ph.D 01/10/2013 No
45.   Dr. M. C. Sidhu Tanu Sharma Full Time 10613/Ph.D. 01/10/2013 Yes DST
46.   Prof. Daizy R. Batish Aditi Shreeya Bali Full Time 18953/Ph.D. 26/09/2013 Chemical characterization and Investigation of the allelopathic potential of essential oil of Callistemon viminalis (Gaertn.) G. Don Yes INSPIRE DST
47.   Prof. Neera Garg Amrit Bharti Full Time 10095/Ph.D 09/09/2013 Yes RGNF, UGC
48.   Prof. I.B. Prasher Reena Kumari Dhanda Full Time 9774/Ph.D 02/09/2013 Yes RGNF UGC
49.   Prof. Neera Garg Amrita Full Time 9687/Ph.D 30/08/2013 Yes BSR, UGC
50.   Prof. A. S. Ahluwalia Sunil Kumar Full Time 9830/Ph.D. 21/08/2013 Yes BSR, UGC
51.   Dr. A.N. Singh Amandeep Kaur Full Time 9182/Ph.D 12/08/2013 Yes RGNF, UGC
52.   Prof. Neera Garg Sandeep Singh Full Time 9184/Ph.D. 12/08/2013 Yes DST
53.   Prof. Neera Garg Lakita Kashyap Full Time 13/1075/Ph.D 07/05/2013 Yes UGC
54.   Prof. C. Nirmala
Dr. A.N. Singh
Ram Chand Full Time 13/63/Ph.D 01/04/2013 No
55.   Prof. P. Pathak Varinder Singh Full Time 3161/Ph.D. 14/03/2013 Studies on the germination, regeneration competence and induction of flowering in some commercial viable orchids in vitro : Identification of suitable explants and chemical stimulus Yes RGNF, UGC
56.   Prof. I. B. Prasher Sushma Full Time 3432/Ph.D. 05/03/2013 Taxonomic studies on corticolous micromycetes of important trees of Himachal Pradesh and their screening for Lignocellulolytic enzymes Yes BSR, UGC
57.   Prof. C. Nirmala Harjit Kaur Full Time 2889/Ph.D 26/02/2013 Phytomodulatory effects of fresh and processed shoots of Demndrocalamus hamiltonii on lipid profile and antioxidant defense system No
58.   Prof. Richa Puri Harleen Kaur Full Time 2907/Ph.D 26/02/2013 Yes INSPIRE DST
59.   Prof. C. Nirmala Natasha Saini Full Time 2891/Ph.D 26/02/2013 Yes PU
60.   Prof. Richa Puri Nirja Kumari Full Time 2671/Ph.D 26/02/2013 Yes PU
61.   Dr. Anju Rao
Prof. Richa Puri
Nishtha Full Time 2878/Ph.D 26/02/2013 No
62.   Prof. A. S. Ahluwalia Simranjeet Kaur Full Time 3155/Ph.D 26/02/2013 Yes SAP, UGC
63.   Prof. Sunita Kapila Meenakshi Sharma Full Time 2911/Ph.D 22/02/2013 No
64.   Prof. Daizy R. Batish
Dr. H.P. Singh (DES)
Gunjan Goyal Full Time 13/28/Ph.D 30/01/2013 Essential oil of Melaleuca leucadendra (L.) : Phytotoxicity and potential role in weed management Yes UGC
65.   Prof. C. Nirmala Thounaojam Premlata Devi Full Time 13/29/Ph.D. 30/01/2013 Yes UGC
66.   Prof. Promila Pathak
Prof. Rakesh Tuli, NABI, Mohali
Raja Jeet Full Time 19542/Ph.D 03/12/2012 Transcriptional profiling and functional characterization of candidate gene(s) related to iron enrichment in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) grains Yes ICMR
67.   Prof. Daizy R. Batish
Prof. R. K. Kohli
Sangeeta Sharma Full Time 19540/Ph.D 03/12/2012 Role of nitric oxide in regulating the rooting of hypocotyls of Vigna adiate (L.) R. Wilczek Yes UGC
68.   Dr. Anju Rao Amarpreet Kour Full Time 19331/Ph.D 11/10/2012 Bryodiversity of District Budgam (Jammu and Kashmir) Yes BSR, UGC
69.   Prof. C. Nirmala Vivek Sharma Full Time 19359/Ph.D 13/09/2012 Changes in bioactive components and anti-nutrients during processing of bamboo shoots Yes CSIR
70.   Prof. Harsh Nayyar Rashmi Full Time 19319/Ph.D 23/08/2012 Evaluation of combined effects of drought and heat stress during pod development on differentially sensitive chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) genotypes Yes DST
71.   Prof. Daizy R. Batish
Prof. R. Kohli
Saroj Kumari Fagodia Full Time 19321/Ph.D 23/08/2012 Yes UGC
72.   Prof. Daizy R. Batish
Prof. R. K. Kohli
Anita Sharma Full Time 19258/Ph. 25/07/2012 Investigating the allelopathic potential of Hyptis suaveolens (L.) poit.-An invasive alien weed Yes BSR, UGC
73.   Prof. Sunita Kapila Shivani Thakur Full Time 19168/Ph.D 24/05/2012 Morpho-anatomical and biochemical studies in some Indian Bryophytes Yes BSR, UGC
74.   Prof. I. B. Prasher Rajeev Sharma Full Time 19016/Ph.D. 01/05/2012 Micromycete diversity of Siwalik Ecosystem of Punjab A monographic study No
75.   Dr. A. N. Singh
Prof. C. Nirmala
Viney Kumar Full Time 19082/Ph.D. 22/03/2012 Ecological assessment of geochemical accumulation and distribution pattern of heavy metals in urban soils of Chandigarh and Baddi areas in lower Shiwalik Region: Impact of urban and industrial activities No
76.   Prof. I.B. Prasher Geetinder Kaur Full Time 19183/Ph.D 10/03/2012 Foliicolous fungal diversity of Himachal Pradesh A monographic study Yes RGNF, UGC
77.   Prof. Richa Puri Geetika Singh Full Time 19185/Ph.D 22/02/2012 Role of endogenous hormones and vigour enhancement techniques in enhancing viability of ageing bamboo seeds Yes ICMR
78.   Prof. C. Nirmala Kanchan Rawat Full Time 19008/Ph.D 10/02/2012 Effect of various processing techniques on the nutrient content of juvenile edible shoots of some commercially important bamboos Yes BSR, UGC
79.   Prof. Harsh Nayyar Simranjeet Kaur Full Time 19012/Ph.D. 01/02/2012 Exploring the interactive effects of selenium and salt stress on growth and physiology of mungbean (Phaseolus aureus Roxb) Yes MAF
80.   Dr. M. C. Sidhu Sweta Thakur Full Time 18716/Ph.D 29/09/2011 Ethnobotanical study and phytochemical analysis of some medicinally important angiosperms of District Mandi (Himachal Pradesh) Yes BSR, UGC
81.   Dr. A. N. Singh
Prof. C. Nrmala
Rupinder Kaur Full Time 18801/Ph.D 30/08/2011 Ecological aspect of soil extracellular enzymatic activities and their role in soil carbon sequestration under contrasting habitats Yes BSR, UGC
82.   Dr. Anju Rao
Prof. Sunita Kapila
Sapna Full Time 18718/Ph.D 09/08/2011 Cytological studies on some North-west Himalayan bryophytes Yes BSR, UGC
83.   Prof. I. B. Prasher
Dr. Kamaljit Singh
Rajnish Kumar Verma Full Time 18695/Ph.D 15/04/2011 Hyphomycete Diversity of Himachal Pradesh-A Monographic study Yes BSR, UGC
84.   Prof. Daizy R. Batish
Prof. R. K. Kohli
Anu Sharma Full Time 18591/Ph.D. 17/02/2011 An ecological assessment of some underutilized edible plants in urban and rural ecosystems of Chandigarh and determination of their antioxidant potential Yes ICMR
85.   Prof. I.B. Prasher
Prof. A. S. Ahluwalia
Gargi Singh Full Time 18480/Ph.D 10/12/2010 Taxonomic studies on corticolous fungi of trees of Union Territory of Chandigarh and adjoining areas Yes BSR, UGC
86.   Prof. Neera Garg Rekha Pandey Full Time 18410/Ph.D 07/12/2010 Influence of different arbuscular mycorrhizae on physiological and biochemical responses of Cajanus cajan (L.) millsp. (Pigeonpea) genotypes under salt stress No
87.   Prof. Richa Puri
Prof. M. L. Sharma
Geeta Devi Full Time 18404//Ph.D. 06/12/2010 Ethno-medicinal plants of Tribal District Kinnaur Himachal Pradesh Yes CSIR
88.   Dr. Kamaljit Singh Kanika Katoch Full Time 18506/Ph.D. 03/12/2010 Role of calcium in alleviating cadmium induced heavy metal toxicity in mungbean and chickpea. Yes BSR, UGC
89.   Prof. Promila Pathak Shivani Verma Full Time 18412/Ph.D. 29/11/2010 Influence of different growth additives on in vitro asymbiotic seed germination, micropropagation and related morphogenetic stages in some medicinally important orchids Yes BSR, UGC
90.   Prof. Daizy R. Batish
Prof. R. K. Kohli
Anjana Negi Full Time 18315/Ph.D. 22/11/2010 Exploring the role of plant functional traits and allelopathy in imparting invasive potential to Broussonetia papyrifera (L.) Vent Yes CSIR
91.   Prof. Daizy R. Batish
Prof. R. K. Kohli
Neelkant Sharma Full Time 18297/Ph.D 22/11/2010 Exploring the alelopathic properties of Pinus roxburghii Sargent No
92.   Prof. A. S. Ahluwalia
Dr. Sanjeev Puri
Kawalpreet Kaur Full Time 18374/Ph.D. 19/11/2010 Studies on growth pattern of Spirulina plantensis and its role as hepatoprotectant Yes MAF, UGC
93.   Prof. R. K. Kohli
Prof. Daizy R. Batish
Arvind Kumar Full Time 18373/Ph.D. 01/11/2010 Impact of Cell-phone electromagenetic field (EMF) radiations on the plant growth and development Yes BSR, UGC
94.   Prof. Daizy R. Batish
Prof. R. K. Kohli and Dr. H.P. Singh
Nitina Ahuja Full Time 18359/Ph.D. 14/10/2010 An assessment of the herbicidal potential of eugenol and some insights into its mode of action Yes BSR, UGC
95.   Prof. Neera Garg Purnima Bhandari Full Time 18353/Ph.D. 13/10/2010 Influence of silicon and arbuscular mycorrhizae on physiological and biochemical responses of Cicer arietinum L. (chickpea) genotypes under salt stress Yes DST
96.   Prof. I. B. Prasher Radha Chauhan Full Time 18357/Ph.D. 13/10/2010 Physiological studies on some wood inhabiting fungi Yes DST
97.   Prof. A. S. Ahluwalia
Prof. J.I.S. Khattar
Harjinder Singh Full Time 18186/Ph.D. 18/08/2010 Cellular differentiation in a rice field cyanobacterium with special reference to akinetes Yes RGNF, UGC
98.   Prof. Richa Puri Shikha Sharma Full Time 18293/Ph.D. 04/08/2010 Screening of some pharmaceutically important medicinal plants of commerce from Chandigarh. Yes BSR, UGC
99.   Prof. Promila Pathak Kriti Dhiman Full Time 18152/Ph.D 28/07/2010 Endo-mycorrhizal endophytes and in vitro symbiotic seed germination some therapeutically important terrestrial orchids. No
100.   Prof. Promila Pathak Anuprabha Full Time 18132/Ph.D. 26/07/2010 On assessment of asymbiotic seed germination and regeneration potential of some commercially significant but endangered Indian Orchids: A study In vitro Yes BSR, UGC
101.   Prof. Neera Garg Priyanka Singla Full Time 18134/Ph.D 26/07/2010 Effect of exogenous application of flavonoid on growth, symbiotic performance and related metabolism in mycorrhizal chickpea plants under salt stress Yes INSPIRE DST
102.   Prof. Daizy R. Batish
Prof. R. K. Kohli
Priyanka Full Time 17894/Ph.D 06/04/2010 Investigating the role of -pinene in alleviating the phytotoxic effect of hexavalent chromium [ CR (VI)] Yes CSIR
103.   Prof. Sunita Kapila Kanchna Devi Full Time 17906/Ph.D. 09/03/2010 Biochemical studies in some North West Himalayan Bryophytes Yes BSR, UGC
104.   Dr. M. C. Sidhu Sumiksha Full Time 17688/Ph.D. 08/10/2009 Cyto-morphological and Ethno-medicinal evaluation of angiosperm flora of District Una (Himachal Pradesh) No
105.   Prof. Daizy R. Batish
Prof. R. K. Kohli and Dr. H.P. Singh, (DES)
Sartaj Singh Full Time 17755/Ph.D. 15/06/2009 Chemical Characterization and antioxidant activity of essential oils from wildlt occurring plants of family Lamiaceae in Morni Hills (Haryana) Yes CSIR
106.   Prof. Harsh Nayyar
Dr. I. S. Dua
Prince Thakur Full Time 17172/Ph.D 13/06/2008 Response of Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) to temperature extremes at reproductive growth: Characterization of stressful temperatures vs. reproductive ontogeny No
107.   Prof. Daizy R. Batish
Prof. R. Kohli and Dr. H.P. Singh(DES)
Nidhi Sharma Full Time 17170/Ph.D. 12/06/2008 Physiological and biochemical basis of L- DOPA (L-3,4 Dihydroxyphenylala nine) impaired rhizogenesis and root growth No
108.   Prof. A. S. Ahluwalia Jatinder Full Time 16798/Ph.D. 10/09/2007 Evaluation of Potential of Microalgae as a source of Biodiesel No
109.   Prof. A. S. Ahluwalia Uday Bhan Singh Full Time 16736/Ph.D. 22/06/2007 Potential of Algae in Carbon Sequestrations Yes CSIR

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