Panjab University Research Scholars

S.No. Name of the Supervisor /
Name of the Ph.D. Scholar Mode of Ph.D. Registration Number Date of Registration Research Topic Likely Date of Completion Availing Fellowship Funding Agency of Fellowship
Faculty of Languages : Department of English & Cultural StudiesUpdated on: 24/10/2017 
1.   Prof. Rana Nayar Lovleen Kaur Baidwan Full Time 12932 16/08/2016 Political Violence, Exile and Motherhood: Re-Defining Identity in the Selected Novels of Julia Alvarez 01/10/2018 No
2.   Prof. Shelley Walia Anchalee Seangthong Full Time 12988 16/08/2016 From Nostalgia to Critical Memory: A Study of Counter-Narratives of Exile and Dispossession in Selected Memoirs from Palestine 30/06/2018 Yes ICCR (Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Ministry of External Affairs)
3.   Dr. Meenu Gupta Ruchi Kaushik Full Time 7/1235/7 October 2013 04/01/2016 Shifting Cultural Contexts and Multiple Translations of Kalidasa's Abhijnansakuntalam 07/10/2018 No
4.   Prof. Pratibha Nagpal Kuldeep Singh Full Time 15/1296 27/11/2015 Re-visiting to Historical Representation: A Study of Khaled Hosseini's Fiction 01/05/2019 No
5.   Dr. Surbhi Goel Chanchal Phalswal Full Time 15/1241 29/09/2015 Mutations in Popular Hindi Cinema 21/09/2020 Yes UGC- JRF
6.   Prof. Deepti Gupta Hira Irshad Full Time 15/1216 23/09/2015 Campus Slang: Informal Speech at Panjab University 23/09/2019 Yes UGC- JRF
7.   Prof. Rana Nayar Khushbeer Dhaliwal Full Time 7996 03/08/2015 Reconstituting Self, Family and Community: A Feminist Reading of Isabel Allende's Novels 01/03/2018 No
8.   Prof. Akshaya Kumar Jasleen Sahota Full Time 13/1058 31/07/2015 Dialectics of Image and Text: A Study of the Selected Photo Essays of the Post- 1990s 15/12/2017 No
9.   Prof. Rumina Sethi Shelly Parul Bhadwal Full Time 13/143 31/07/2015 Recasting Patriarchy, Nation and Self: Nineteenth-Century Feminist Voices and Women's Reform 31/07/2018 No
10.   Prof. Shelley Walia Bindya Rani Full Time 15/1040 19/03/2015 Intellectual Practice as Politics: An Enquiry into the Enigma of State Sponsored Violence in the Works of Hannah Arendt 13/03/2020 No
11.   Prof. Akshaya Kumar Parminder Singh Full Time 15/1031 17/03/2015 Problematics of Provinciality in the Cyberspace: A Critical Study of Punjabiyat Post-90s with reference to Selected Websites 31/12/2018 No
12.   Dr. Meenu Gupta Kamalpreet Kaur Full Time 15/1034 12/03/2015 Comparative Analysis of Harry Potter Series and the Bhagavad Gita 09/03/2018 No
13.   Prof. Harpreet Pruthi Michelle Philip Full Time 2014-E2- 213 12/02/2015 Cinema Studies, Feminism, and Film Viewership 31/01/2018 No
14.   Dr. Surbhi Goel Pavan Puneet Brar Full Time 15/29 04/02/2015 Synchronic Pathways of Food Consumption: A Critical Study of Urban Food Culture 04/02/2019 Yes UGC- JRF
15.   Prof. Praveen Sharda Harleen Kaur Khaira Full Time 15/3 19/01/2015 Possibilities of Portrayal: A Critical Study of Selected Graphic Biographies 23/05/2019 No
16.   Prof. Deepti Gupta Raj Kumar Full Time 14/1312 12/01/2015 A Stylistic Analysis of Popular Medical Prose: A Study of Selected Texts 12/01/2020 Yes UGC JRF
17.   Prof. Anil Raina Dinesh Kumar Full Time 14/1313 26/12/2014 History-Fiction Interface in Select Contemporary Pakistani Novels in English 26/12/2019 Yes UGC JRF
18.   Dr. Sakoon N. Singh Shubhneet Kaur Kharbanda Full Time 14/232/Ph.D 10/11/2014 The Idea of the "Human" in Children's Literature: A Posthumanist Inquiry 01/11/2018 No
19.   Prof. Anil Raina Monica Sabharwal Full Time 19412 26/05/2014 In the Shadow of 9/11: Negotiating Multiple Identities in a Muslim-American in the Selected Post 9/11 texts 01/12/2017 No
20.   Prof. Rana Nayar Jasmine Anand Full Time 19085/ Ph. D 20/02/2014 Multiple Faces of India: Problematizing History, Identity and Nation in Select Non-Fiction of the Post 1970s 01/09/2017 No
21.   Prof. Akshaya Kumar Gaurav Kalra Full Time 13/1292 17/12/2013 Discourse of Sainthood: A Study of Vivekananda's Selected Photographs, Films and Biographies 10/12/2018 No
22.   Dr. Surbhi Goel Vijeta Budhiraja Full Time 12435 28/11/2013 Politics and Aesthetics of Representaion in Cinematographic Frames: A Critical Study of Cinema Punjab 28/11/2019 No
23.   Prof. Harpreet Pruthi Vikram Singh Full Time 13/1276/Ph.D 19/11/2013 Representation of the Shiva Myth in Popular Culture: A Critical Study of Selected Popular Fiction, T.V. Serial and Graphic Novel 19/11/2018 No
24.   Prof. Rumina Sethi Shelly Bhoil Full Time 13/253 01/11/2013 Literature of the Dispossessed: A Study of Tibetan Nationalism in Exile through the Evolution of Tibetan English Fiction 19/04/2017 No
25.   Dr. Vijaya Singh Jaidev Bishnoi Full Time 13/247 31/10/2013 Fiction of Development: A Study of Displacement, Disaster and Dispossession in Selected Indian Novels 03/12/2018 Yes UGC- JRF
26.   Dr. Harpreet Kaur Vohra Mandeep Kaur Full Time 13/248 Ph.D. 11393 31/10/2013 Madness and Muteness as Emotional Responses to the Holocaust: A Study of Elie Wiesel's Experience as a Survivor 31/10/2019 No
27.   Prof. Rana Nayar Vinod Kumar Full Time 13/215 30/10/2013 Dramatic Representation of Ghadar Movement: A Critical Study of Sant Singh Sekhon's Mittar Piara, Ajmer Rode's Komagatamaru and Sharon Pollock's Komagatamaro Incident 01/10/2018 No
28.   Prof. Deepti Gupta Bipasha Bharti Full Time 13/238 30/10/2013 Adaptation Theory and the Graphic Novel: A Study of Two Texts 30/10/2018 No
29.   Dr. Suneeta Patnayak Gurmangeet Kaur Baath Full Time 13/246/11579 30/10/2013 Quest For Alternate Spaces In American Transgender Young Adult Fiction 30/10/2017 No
30.   Dr. Maninderpal Kaur Sidhu Harpreet Kaur Full Time 13/240 30/10/2013 Roots, Migration, Cosmopolitanism: Cultural Formations in Selected British Diasporic Fiction 30/10/2018 No
31.   Dr. Meenu Gupta Ambika Sharma Full Time 13/1236 30/10/2013 Decoding History in Archives: A Critical Study of Catachresis of Land, Body and Subject in Selected Historical Works of William Dalrymple 30/10/2018 No
32.   Prof. Anil Raina Nishtha Saxena Full Time 13/1224 28/10/2013 Relocating the Spiritual in Cultural Studies: A Study of M.K. Gandhi's Concepts of Satyagraha, Swaraj, Swadeshi and Sarvodaya 30/07/2018 No
33.   Prof. Deepti Gupta Mohita Saxena Full Time 13/1225 21/10/2013 Exploring the Impact of Mobile Assisted (English) Language Learning on Self Motivated Learners 01/12/2018 No
34.   Prof. Praveen Sharda Rohit Sharma Full Time 10829 07/10/2013 Aesthetics, Theology and Politics: Shifting Contexts of Barahmasa(s), The Song(s) of Seasons 02/07/2018 No
35.   Dr. Surbhi Goel Parul Chugh Full Time 10873 07/10/2013 Forms of Creative Labour in Film Culture: An Intersectional Study of Female Participation Cinema 07/10/2018 No
36.   Dr. Meenu Gupta Gourav Chhabra Full Time 10925 07/10/2013 Entertainment as Hegemonic Discourse: A Study of War Videogames 02/10/2018 No
37.   Dr. Meenu Gupta Harpreet Kaur Full Time 13/1218 07/10/2013 Chick Lit Fiction and its Cultural Variation: A Comparative Study of Selected British, American and Indian Novels 01/10/2018 No
38.   Prof. Manju Jaidka Monika Dhillon Full Time 13/1250, 10922 07/10/2013 Resistance and Subversion in Selected Plays of Neil Simon, Dario Fo and Christopher Durang 07/10/2017 No
39.   Prof. Deepti Gupta Avish Setia Full Time 13/1229/Ph.D 07/10/2013 From Progressive to Popular: Changing Cultural Aesthetics of Hindi Film Lyrics from 1950 Onwards 01/10/2018 No
40.   Prof. Sudhir Kumar Manika Arora Full Time 13/1221/10839 07/10/2013 Dynamics of the Image: A Study of Sujata Bhatt's Poetry 01/10/2018 No
41.   Prof. Praveen Sharda Ravinder Kaur Full Time 13/1009 19/04/2013 Political Activism and Social Media: A Critical Study of Dalit Blogs 19/04/2018 No
42.   Prof. Pratibha Nagpal Anshita Sharma Full Time 13/1012 18/04/2013 Narratives of Resurgence and Hope: Exploring the Renaissance in Sarat Chandra Chatterjee's Palli Samaj, Arakkhaniya, Srikanta, Pather Dabi, Shesh Prashan 18/04/2018 No
43.   Prof. Anil Raina Harsh Bhardwaj Full Time 13/1018 28/03/2013 From Man to Superman: A Study of the Concept of Superman/Overman in the Selected Texts 15/12/2017 No
44.   Prof. Pushpinder Syal Mojtaba Tajeri Full Time 13160 27/02/2013 An Exploration of Digital Story Telling in Learning and Teaching of English as a Second Language. 20/12/2012 No
45.   Prof. Rumina Sethi Nivedita Gupta Full Time 261 08/01/2013 Negotiating Spaces: A Study of the Marginalization and Resistance of Women in Selected Accounts of Civil Conflicts 23/09/2017 No
46.   Prof. Anil Raina Manjot Kaur Full Time 19552 03/12/2012 The Politics of Memori(alization): A Study of Re-presentation in Selected Post-1984 Works on Punjab 01/11/2017 No
47.   Prof. Pushpinder Syal Mitra Pajoumnia Full Time 19403 09/10/2012 An Empirical Study of the Relationship between Critical Thinking and English Reading Comprehension in Second Language Learners 25/12/2017 No
48.   Dr. Surbhi Goel Gauravdeep Kaur Full Time 19410 09/10/2012 Cultural Politics, History and Praxis: A Critical Study of Dhrupad, A Living Tradition of Music 01/12/2017 No
49.   Prof. Deepti Gupta Sumeet Brar Part Time 19400/PH.D 04/10/2012 Ecocritical Analysis in Diasporic Context: A Study of Chitra Banerjee Divakarunis Select Fiction 30/09/2017 No
50.   Prof. Akshaya Kumar Amandeep Kaur Full Time 19396 04/10/2012 Poetry of Resistance in the Post-progressive Phase : A Critical Study of the Select Indian Poets 01/10/2017 No
51.   Dr. Surbhi Goel Ishan Sharma Full Time 19354 24/09/2012 Dissent, Dialogue and Political Ethnography: A Study of Activism in Indian Documentary Films 01/01/2018 No
52.   Prof. Rana Nayar Sumeet Gill Full Time 19358 21/09/2012 Politics of Communalism: An Analysis of Hindu-Muslim Relations in India Through Selected Texts 30/06/2017 No
53.   Prof. Akshaya Kumar Yashveer Full Time 19042 14/02/2012 Space as Ideological Landscape: A Critical Study of the Discourse of Red Corridor 31/12/2017 No
54.   Prof. Anil Raina Nosheen Kapoor Full Time 18957 19/11/2011 The Metaphysical Approach to Identity: A Study in Select Literary Texts 25/06/2017 No
55.   Prof. Lovelina Singh Tajinder Singh Full Time 747 11/11/2011 The Art of Subversion: A Study of the Selected Working of Kurt Vonnegut 01/08/2017 No
56.   Prof. Pratibha Nagpal Ritu Sharma Full Time 18983 11/11/2011 Poetry as Protest: A Study of Selected Poems of Nirala, Faiz and Pash 16/10/2015 No
57.   Prof. Akshaya Kumar Parvinder Full Time 18973 09/11/2011 Replaying the Self: The Cultural Aesthetics of the Life Writing of Sportspersons 24/06/2016 No
58.   Dr. Sharda Kaushik
Dr. Sanjay K Munjal
Bhavna Full Time 18955 09/11/2011 Teaching English Writing Skills to Hearing Impaired Learners: An Evaluative Study of using Interactive Writing Approach in the Special School 02/10/2017 No
59.   Dr. Meenu Gupta Nidhi Aggarwal Full Time 18959 09/11/2011 Writing/Righting History: A Critical Study of M.G. Vassanji's Selected Novels 30/10/2017 No
60.   Prof. Shelley Walia Sunaina Jain Full Time 18421 07/11/2011 Changing Configurations of Spirituality : Mapping Ecofeminism in the Selected Novels of Alice Walker 14/04/2015 No
61.   Prof. Rana Nayar Romil Preet Kaur Full Time 18770 07/09/2011 Re-writing History: A Critique of Kamila Shamsie's Novels 30/03/2018 No
62.   Dr. Surbhi Goel Navchetan Benipal Full Time 18821 06/09/2011 Representation of Women Lawn Tennis players as Icons 31/07/2017 No
63.   Prof. Praveen Sharda Savita Grover Full Time 18415 01/11/2010 Semiotics of Incarceration: A Comparative Analysis of the Holocaust and the Post 90s Prison Accounts 31/07/2018 No
64.   Dr. Surbhi Goel Gaurav Sood Full Time 18423 01/11/2010 Mapping of Urban Culture : A Study of Cinematicscapes with special reference to Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata 17/06/2015 No
65.   Prof. Shelley Walia Mrinalini Full Time 18209 20/05/2010 Decoding Hierarchies in Ancient Sanskrit Drama (A Study of Kalidasa's Abhijananasakuntalam, Bhasa's Svapanavasavadatta and Shudraka's Mrichhakatikam 06/02/2015 No
66.   Prof. Shelley Walia Ranjeet Kaur Full Time 18199 17/05/2010 The Politics of Marginalization : Oppression and Resistance in the Works of Rohinton Mistry 17/05/2018 No
67.   Dr. Meenu Gupta Ranjeet Singh Full Time 17618 22/09/2009 Semiotic Representation of Middle Class India: A Study of Chacha Choudhary Comic Book Series 29/02/2016 No
68.   Prof. Deepti Gupta Arun Kumar Full Time 17565 07/01/2009 Role of Affective Factors in Second Language Acquisition: A Comparitive Study of the Urban-Rural Schools of Ferozepur District 31/12/2014 No

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