Panjab University Research Scholars

S.No. Name of the Supervisor /
Name of the Ph.D. Scholar Mode of Ph.D. Registration Number Date of Registration Research Topic Likely Date of Completion Availing Fellowship Funding Agency of Fellowship
Faculty of Science : Department of BiochemistryUpdated on: 10/05/2018 
1.   Dr. Navneet Agnihotri Ramdhan Yadav Full Time PDF/2016/002438 30/03/2017 Yes DST
2.   Dr. Nirmal Prabhakar
Dr. Suman Singh
Shilpa Rana Full Time 17/472/Ph.D 4665/R/S 21/03/2017 Yes UGC-JRF
3.   Prof. Archana Bhatnagar Swati Sharma Full Time 16/320/Ph.D. 23/12/2016 Yes ICMR-JRF
4.   Prof. Archana Bhatnagar Priya Dodd Full Time 16/319/Ph.D 19/12/2016 Yes CSIR-JRF
5.   Dr. Amarjit S. Naura Gayatri Full Time 16/234/Ph.D 30/09/2016 Yes ICMR-JRF
6.   Prof. Archana Bhatnagar
Dr. Aman Sharma (PGIMER, Chd)
Preeti Gautam Full Time 16/1174/Ph.D. 01/08/2016 Yes DST-SERB
7.   Prof. Rajat Sandhir & Dr. Nitin Singhal, Scientist D, NABI Vishal Singh Full Time 16/196/Ph.D 8484/R&S 10/05/2016 Development of siRNA functionalized graphene oxide based therapeutic nano formulation to ameliorate type 2 diabetes Yes ICMR SRF
8.   Dr. Navneet Agnihotri Chetna Bhandari Full Time 16/138/Ph.D.5197 25/04/2016 Yes DBT
9.   Prof. Rajat Sandhir Satya Prakash Sharma Full Time 2016-E2-85 01/04/2016 Yes UGC
10.   Prof.Sukesh Chander Sharma & Dr. Shailender Kumar Arya
Prof.Sukesh Chander Sharma & Dr. Shailender Kumar Arya
Seema Full Time 16/66/Ph.D 2565/R&S 25/02/2016 No
11.   Dr. Amarjit S. Naura Sukriti Sharma Full Time 16/1068/Ph.D. 14/01/2016 - Yes UGC-BSR
12.   Prof. Rajat Sandhir Anjana Full Time 16/1067/Ph.D 11/01/2016 - Yes UGC-BSR
13.   Dr. Amarjit S. Naura Esha Singla Full Time 15/1308/Ph.D. 05/11/2015 - Yes CSIR
14.   Prof. Archana Bhatnagar
Prof. Archana Bhatnagar
Jyotsana Kaushal Full Time 16/1056/Ph.D 04/11/2015 Yes ICMR-JRF
15.   Dr. Navneet Agnihotri Priyanka Bhadwal Full Time 15/1273/Ph.D. 14/10/2015 - Yes ICMR
16.   Dr. Nirmal Prabhakar
Dr. Navneet Agnihotri
Anu Bharti Full Time 2015-EZ-172 24/09/2015 Studies on affinity based biosensors for the detection of breast cancer No
17.   Prof. Archana Bhatnagar
Dr. Aman Sharma (PGIMER, Chd)
Gurjasmine Kaur Full Time 15/1126/Ph.D 29/07/2015 Yes CSIR-JRF
18.   Prof. S. C. Sharma Lakhvinder Singh Full Time 15/1037/Ph.D. 04/05/2015 No
19.   Prof. Archana Bhatnagar, Dr. Aman Sharma, PGIMER Ankit Tandon Full Time 15/1036/Ph.D. 13/04/2015 - Yes UGC
20.   Prof. Akhtar Mahmood, Prof. S. C. Sharma Shabeer Ahmad Rather Full Time 15/1050/Ph.D 01/04/2015 - No
21.   Prof. S. C. Sharma Ajay Kumar Full Time 14/1152/Ph.D 18/09/2014 - Yes UGC
22.   Prof. Rajat Sandhir Avishek Halder Full Time 14/82/Ph.D 24/04/2014 - Yes UGC-BSR
23.   Dr. Amarjit S. Naura Gurupreet Singh Sethi Full Time 14/88/Ph.D 23/04/2014 - Yes UGC-BSR
24.   Dr. Navneet Agnihotri
Dr. Kim Vaiphei (PGIMER), Dr. Vikas Gupta (PGIMER)
Bhoomika Full Time 14/35/Ph.D 11/04/2014 - Yes DST-Project
25.   Prof. Archana Bhatnagar Naveet Pannu Full Time 14/85/Ph.D 07/04/2014 - Yes UGC-BSR
26.   Prof. Rajat Sandhir Smriti Gupta Full Time 14/84/Ph.D 07/04/2014 - Yes UGC-BSR
27.   Dr. Navneet Agnihotri Prerna Sharma Full Time 14/83/Ph.D 07/04/2014 - Yes UGC-BSR
28.   Dr. Amarjit S. Naura Vivek Dharwal Full Time 14/38/Ph.D 17/02/2014 - Yes CSIR
29.   Prof. Rajat Sandhir Mohit Full Time 13/280/Ph.D 20/11/2013 - Yes UGC
30.   Dr. Dipti Sareen Pranav Bhaskar Full Time 13/1112/Ph.D 24/06/2013 - Yes UGC-BSR
31.   Dr. Navneet Agnihotri Sandeep Kumar Full Time 13/1076/PhD 07/05/2013 To study the anti-carcinogenic and chemopreventive potential of piperlongumine and role of NF-KB and its target genes in experimental colon cancer (tentative) Yes RGNF
32.   Prof. Rajat Sandhir
Prof. M. P. Bansal (Dept. of Biophysics, P.U., Chd)
33.   Prof. S.Ojha,Prof. Rajat Sandhir Sanjiv Kumar Full Time 17739/Ph.D 08/05/2009 Evaluation of protective effect of different taxa of Lantana Camara on gastrointestinal dysfunctions in rodents Yes CSIR-JRF

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