Panjab University Research Scholars

S.No.Enrollment DateResearch ScholarTitle of Research Supervisor
Funding Agencies
Department of Physics
1.  27/02/2017Silky JindalProf. S.K. Tripathi
Prof. G.S.S. Saini
Without fellowship
2.  07/02/2017Deepak KumarProf. Ranjan KumarDST-INSPIRE
3.  31/01/2017Naresh KumarDr. Rajesh KumarUGC Open Fellowship
4.  30/01/2017Shikshita JainProf. S.K. Tripathi
Dr. Gurvir Kaur
Without fellowship
5.  25/01/2017Sandeep Dudi Dr. Lokesh KumarCSIR
6.  24/01/2017Anmol AroraProf. S.K. Tripathi
Dr. Kriti Sharma
Without fellowship
7.  13/01/2017Ragandeep Singh SidhuProf. Vipin Bhatnagar
Prof. J.B. Singh
Without fellowship
8.  04/01/2017Jagbir SinghProf. M.M. Aggarwal
Prof. A.K. Bhatti
9.  26/12/2016MahakDr. Gulsheen Ahuja
Prof. M.M. Gupta
Without fellowship
10.  30/11/2016MeenaProf. Suman Bala
Dr. Sunil Bansal
Without fellowship
11.  03/11/2016Sandeep KaurProf. Manjit KaurCSIR
12.  03/10/2016Anu RathiProf. A.K. Bhatti
Dr. Bimal Rai
IUAC-NSC Research Project
13.  19/09/2016Gurpreet KaurDr. J. S. Shahi
Dr. Rama Arora and Dr. J.D. Sharma
Without fellowship
14.  19/09/2016Amandeep KaurProf. J.B. Singh
Dr. Sunil Bansal
Without fellowship
15.  15/09/2016Nawaz AliDr. Ashok KumarWithout fellowship
16.  05/09/2016Sakshi SharmaProf. Rajeev Kumar PuriWithout fellowship
17.  02/09/2016Ramanjeet KaurDr. Rajesh Kumar
Dr. Vivek Kumar
Without fellowship
18.  22/06/2016AseemProf. M.M. Gupta
Dr. Gulsheen Ahuja
Without fellowship
19.  24/05/2016ShrutiProf. B.R. Behera
Prof. Devinder Mehta
20.  04/05/2016Veerpal KaurProf. Satya Prakash
Prof. S.K. Tripathi
Without fellowship
21.  22/03/2016Sumit KumarDr. Lokesh KumarCSIR
22.  14/01/2016Rajat GuptaProf. J.B. Singh
Dr. Sunil Bansal
23.  11/01/2016Shashank SinghProf. K.P. Singh
Prof. B.R. Behera
DAE Research Project
24.  15/12/2015Ashpreet KaurDr. Lokesh Kumar
Dr. Natasha Sharma
DST Research Project
25.  15/12/2015Anjali SharmaProf. M.M. Aggarwal
Prof. A.K. Bhatti
DST Research Project
26.  03/12/2015Maninder KaurDr. Samarjit Sihotra
Prof. Devinder Mehta
UGC NSC Research Project
27.  20/11/2015RenuProf. J.B. SinghUGC Open Fellowship
28.  20/10/2015Nazila SoleimaniounProf. S.K. Tripathi
Dr. Mamta Rani
ICCR (Foreign Student)
29.  12/10/2015Sameeksha SharmaProf. S.K. Tripathi
Dr. Mamta Rani
Without fellowship
30.  08/10/2015NikhilaProf. M.M. Gupta
Dr. Monika Randhawa
31.  08/10/2015AakritiProf. M.M. Gupta
Dr. Gulsheen Ahuja
Without fellowship
32.  08/10/2015Gur Simrat KaurProf. Tankeshwar Kumar
Dr. Sunita Srivastava
Without fellowship
33.  06/10/2015Samiksha SoodProf. Rajeev Kumar Puri
Dr. Sakshi Gautam
DAE Research Project
34.  09/09/2015AnuradhaProf. Ranjan Kumar
Dr. Ranber Singh
Without fellowship
35.  04/09/2015Honey AroraProf. B.R. Behera
Prof. Gulzar Singh
UGC NSC Research Project
36.  01/09/2015Devinder Pal KaurProf. B.R. Behera
Prof. Gulzar Singh
UGC NSC Research Project
37.  28/08/2015Sourav JainProf. Ranjan KumarWithout fellowship
38.  27/08/2015HemdeepProf. Devinder Mehta
Prof. R.K. Gupta
UGC Open Fellowship
39.  27/08/2015NishiDr. Rajesh KumarWithout fellowship
40.  23/07/2015Jasmeen KangProf. S.K. Tripathi
Dr. R.K. Kotnala
Without fellowship
41.  08/07/2015KanikaProf. Navdeep GoyalCAS
42.  11/06/2015AnkushProf. Navdeep Goyal
Dr. Sanjeev Gautam
Without fellowship
43.  03/06/2015Anuj GuptaDr. Sandeep SahijpalCSIR
44.  03/06/2015Jiadeep SinghDr. Ashok KumarMaulana Azad National Fellowship
45.  03/06/2015Sukhdeep SinghProf. S.K. TripathiPURSE-II
46.  03/06/2015Harpreet Singh KainthProf. Devinder Mehta
Dr. J.S. Shahi and Dr. Sanjeev Kumar
47.  03/06/2015Surinder SinghProf. Ranjan KumarWithout fellowship
48.  04/05/2015PoonamProf. S.K. Tripathi
Dr. Kriti Sharma
Without fellowship
49.  23/04/2015Tejpreet KaurDr. Sandeep SahijpalUGC Meritorious
50.  23/04/2015ShivaliProf. M.M. Gupta
Dr. Gulsheen Ahuja
UGC Open Fellowship
51.  26/02/2015Baljeet KaurProf. Navdeep Goyal
Dr. Sanjeev Gautam
UGC Meritorious
52.  26/02/2015Harpreet SinghProf. S.K. Tripathi
Dr. Jadab Sharma
Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship
53.  05/12/2014Pardeep MalhotraProf. Devinder MehtaWithout fellowship
54.  21/11/2014Sandeep KaurProf. Suman Bala
Prof. Vipin Bhatnagar
55.  21/11/2014Kavita RaniProf. B.R. BeheraDST-INSPIRE
56.  07/11/2014PriyankaProf. J.B. Singh
Prof. Vipin Bhatnagar
57.  07/11/2014RichaProf. Navdeep Goyal
Dr. Sanjeev Gautam
58.  23/09/2014Sumandeep KaurProf. Tankeshwar Kumar
Dr. Sunita Srivastava and Dr. Ashok Kumar
UGC Meritorious
59.  14/08/2014ManishaDr. J. S. Shahi
Prof. Vipin Bhatnagar
60.  14/08/2014Anwinder KaurDr. Ashok KumarWithout fellowship
61.  30/07/2014Isha GawriProf. S.K. Tripathi
Prof. K.P. Singh
UGC Meritorious
62.  01/07/2014SheenamProf. S.K. Tripathi
Dr. Devinder Singh
UGC Meritorious
63.  27/06/2014Ritu PalSelf similar localized solutions of generalized nonlinear schrodinger equationProf. C.N. Kumar
Dr. Kuldeep Kumar
Without fellowship
64.  11/06/2014LovikaInvestigating the adsorption behavior of biomolecules on the surface of metal nanoparticles using experimental and theoretical techniquesProf. G.S.S. Saini
Dr. Gurinder Singh and Dr. Aman Kaura
Without fellowship
65.  06/05/2014Abhimanyu ChawlaStudy and development of massively parallel algorithms for particle tracking in experimental high energy physicsDr. Vipin BhatnagarWithout fellowship
66.  06/05/2014Sandeep SharmaProf. Manjit KaurDST (INO)
67.  04/04/2014Shivani BhartiInteraction of drugs with semiconductor core/shell nanoparticleProf. S.K. Tripathi
Dr. Shikha Gupta
68.  28/02/2014Sahila ChopraStudy of Non-compound nucleus contribution in heavy and superheavy nuclear systems formed in heavy ion reactionsProf. Devinder Mehta
Prof. R.K. Gupta
69.  26/02/2014Satvinder SinghStudy of bioconjugated znO-Au nanocomposite using experimental and first principles methodsProf. S.K. Tripathi
Dr. Gurinder Singh
UGC Research Project
70.  10/02/2014Baljinder SinghSynthesis and characterization of zno nanostructured materials in the presence of inorganic and bio moleculesProf. G.S.S. Saini
Dr. Gurinder Singh and Dr. Aman Kaura
UGC Meritorious
71.  29/11/2013Amardeep BhartiInvestigation of light trapping by plasmonic nanostructure in flexible photovoltaic cellProf. Navdeep Goyal
Dr. Sanjeev Gautam
UGC Meritorious
72.  29/11/2013Anjali AttariProf. M.M. AggarwalUGC Open Fellowship
73.  29/11/2013Jashangeet KaurStudy of GE-Sb-Te based phase change materialsProf. Navdeep GoyalUGC Open Fellowship
74.  13/09/2013Anil KumarBand GAP engineering of cadmium sulphide (cdS) nanoparticleProf. Navdeep Goya
Dr. Sanjeev Gautam
Without fellowship
75.  19/08/2013Gagandeep AulakhOrder-disorder phenomena in Mn based heusler compoundsProf. Ranjan KumarWithout fellowship
76.  01/08/2013Jagdish Chandra JoshiDevelopment of hidden markov model (HMM) based avalanche forecasting system for north-west HimalayaDr. Sunita Srivastava
Prof. Tankeshwar Kumar
Without fellowship
77.  01/08/2013Shivali TondonProf. M.M. GuptaWithout fellowship
78.  01/08/2013Manoj KumarQuest for half metallicity in binary and ternary alloysProf. G.S.S. Saini
Dr. Manish Kumar
Without fellowship
79.  31/07/2013Sonia Parmar Study of charged-neutral fluctuations in Pb-Pb collisions in alice at the LHCProf. M.M. Aggarwal
Prof. A.K. Bhatti
UGC Meritorious
80.  31/07/2013Venus SharmaFirst principles study of doped gallium nanostructuresDr. Sunita SrivastavaWithout fellowship
81.  11/04/2013Shivcharan VermaParticle induced X-Ray production cross-section measurements and pixe-pige analysis of environmental and archeological samplesDr. Ashok KumarPURSE-II
82.  11/04/2013Sukhdeep KaurStudy of slope scale variability of snow parameters for western Himalayan snowpack Prof. Devinder Mehta
Dr. Pramod K. Satyawali
Without fellowship
83.  10/04/2013Anterpreet KaurMeasurement of multijet cross section rations in proton-proton collisions with the CMS detector at the LHC Prof. Manjit KaurUGC Meritorious
84.  10/04/2013Divya GoyalSynthesis, characterization and study of antibacterial properties of metal nanoparticlesProf. G.S.S. Saini
Dr. Rajesh Kumar
UGC Meritorious
85.  08/04/2013Arun KumarMeasurement of electrical and optical properties of metal modified Se-Te chalcogenide semiconductorsProf. Navdeep GoyalWithout fellowship
86.  02/04/2013Daisy KalraProf. Vipin Bhatnagar
Dr. Ashok Kumar and Prof. John W. Cooper
DST Research Project
87.  30/11/2012Kulwinder Kaur-Dr. Ranjan KumarDST-INSPIRE
88.  30/11/2012Ruchi Mahajan-Dr. B.R. Behara--
89.  30/11/2012Ankita MehtaStudy of di-boson processes in cms experiment at large hadron colliderProf. J.B. Singh
Prof. Vipin Bhatnagar and Prof. Nickvan
UGC Open Fellowship
90.  30/11/2012Janpreet SinghExperimental and theoretical investigation of (GeTe)m (Sb2Te3)n for phase change memoryProf. S.K. Tripathi
Dr. Gurinder Singh
UGC Open Fellowship
91.  30/11/2012Swati KhattaElectronic and magnetic properties of II-VI semiconducting materialsProf. S.K. Tripathi
Prof. Satya Parkash
92.  30/11/2012Ridhi ChawlaStudies of the drell-yan process in the CMS detector at the LHCProf. Manjit Kaur
Dr. Slawomir Marek Tkaczyk
93.  30/11/2012Jyoti TripathiProf. Vipin Bhatnagar
Prof. John W. Cooper
DST Research Project
94.  30/11/2012Harleen KaurStudy of solitary wave solutions of inhomogeneous nonlinear evolution equationsProf. C.N. KumarWithout fellowship
95.  30/11/2012Sarita MannThermal transport properties of pure and hetero-grapheneProf. Ranjan Kumar
Prof. V.K. Jindal
Without fellowship
96.  01/08/2012Genius WaliaStudy of the drell-yan process qq→Z/y*→u+u-IN p-p collisions using cms detector at LHCProf. Manjit Kaur
Dr. Slawomir Marek Tkaczyk
97.  31/07/2012Neeraj BansalStatic nuclear electromagnetic moment measurements in lanthanum nucleiProf. A.K. Bhatti
Dr. Vivek Kumar
Without fellowship
98.  30/03/2012Kushal Kapoor Study of fusion-fission dynamics via light particles multiplicity measurementsDr. Ashok KumarUGC Meritorious
99.  30/03/2012Gaganpreet Kaur-Dr. Rajesh KumarNSC
100.  30/03/2012Preeti BansalOn the systematic in "nuclear multifragmentation: system size and isospin effectsProf. R.K. Puri
Dr. Sakshi Gautam
UGC Meritorius
101.  30/03/2012Gurjot SinghStudy of photon-atom interaction processes in x-ray energy region and phytoremediation of se-contaminated soil using x-ray fluorescence techniqueProf. D. MehtaUGC Meritorious
102.  30/03/2012Vishal Gupta-Dr. J.S. Sahi--
103.  29/02/2012Maninder Kaur-Prof. K.P. Singh & Dr. Ashok KumarUGC (Open Fellow)
104.  12/01/2012Ramandeep Kumar-Prof. J.B. SinghUGC (Meritorious)
105.  26/12/2011Sandeep Kaur-Prof.Satya Prakash/Dr.G.S.S. Saini--
106.  19/12/2011Vipenpal Singh"In beam nuclear structure studies of some neutron deficient nuclei 100 massretion"Prof. Nirmal Singh
Dr. samarjit Sihotra
UGC Meritorious
107.  19/12/2011Chander ShekharSnow cover characterization using radiometric measurements and remote sensing data in visible and infra red region of emspectrumDr. Sunita Srivastava
Dr. H.S. Negi
Without fellowship
108.  19/12/2011SumanSynthesis and characterization of znO / polymer nanocompositesProf. Navdeep Goyal
Dr. Rajesh Kumar
UGC Meritorious
109.  29/11/2011Prabhjot Kaur-Dr.G.S.S. Saini--
110.  29/11/2011Mandeep Kaur-Prof.R.K. PuriCSIR
111.  29/11/2011Deepika Grover-Dr.Navdeep GoyalUGC (Meritorious)
112.  29/11/2011Ramneek Kaur-Dr.S.K. TripathiUGC (Meritorious)
113.  29/11/2011Gurpreet Kaur -Dr.Sandeep SahijpalUGC (Meritorious)
114.  29/11/2011Meenu ThakurStudy of dynamics of fusion-fission process in near super- heavy regionDr. B.R. BehraUGC Open Fellowship
115.  29/11/2011Gurpreet Kaur"Measurement of fusion barrier distributions by quasi-elastic scattering method"Prof. B.R. BeheraWithout fellowship
116.  29/11/2011Kuldeep Kaur-Dr. Vipin BhatnagarMaulana Azad National Fellowship
117.  29/11/2011Priya SharmaStudy of reaction mechanism of heavy compound systems through the evaporation residue and fission cross-section measurementsProf. B.R. Behra
Dr. Ashok Kumar
UGC Meritorious
118.  29/11/2011Rohit Kumar-Prof. R.K. PuriUGC-DAE
119.  29/11/2011Manbir Kaur-Prof. Suman Beri--
120.  29/11/2011Kuldeep KaurEmpirical determination of the neutrino flux and precision measurement of neutrino oscillation at the NovA experimentDr. Vipin Bhatnagar
Prof. Sanjib R. Mishra
Without fellowship
121.  29/11/2011Kanchan Sharma-Prof. N. Goyal--
122.  20/09/2011SoniaSome problems pertaining to systems governed by cubic- quartic anharmonic potentialDr. Sunita Srivastava
Prof. Vishwamittar
Without fellowship
123.  01/09/2011Amandeep Kaur Kalsi-Prof. J.B. Singh--
124.  05/08/2011Ritika SachdevaStructure and vibrations of some drug moleculesProf. G.S.S. Saini
Prof. V.P. Singh
Without fellowship
125.  05/08/2011Sandeep Kumar Pundir-Dr. Rajesh Kumar,Dr. Sukhvir SinghUGC (Meritorious)
126.  05/08/2011Mridu Sharma-Prof. D. Mehta--
127.  29/07/2011Bhanu Sharma-Prof. M.M. Aggarwal--
128.  10/01/2011Kanchan Kumar De-Prof. K.S. Bindra,Prof. P.K. Ahluwalia--
129.  22/12/2010Anu Bala"Study of b?x (3872) k ? decay with belle detector at kek b-factory"Prof. J.B. SinghUGC (Open Fellow)
130.  06/12/2010Bhawandeep -Prof.Suman Bala/Prof.C.S. AulakhDST
131.  06/12/2010Kanishka "A study of up going muons in ical detector at india-based neutrino observatory (INO)" Dr.V. Bhatnagr/ Prof. D. IndumathiUGC (Meritorious)
132.  06/12/2010Monika Mittal-Prof. Manjit KaurUGC (Meritorious)
133.  30/11/2010Raj Kumari-Prof.R.K. Puri--
134.  30/11/2010Jagdish Kaur"Transport studies of metal doped semiconductor nonomaterials"Dr.S.K. TripathCSIR
135.  30/11/2010Deepika Rathee "Study of event-by-event fluctuations in heavy ion collisions in alice at LHC"Prof. M.M. AggarwalUGC (Meritorious)
136.  20/08/2010Ram Murti"Electrical properties of amorphous chalcogenides"Prof. S. Parkash,Prof. N. GoyalForeign Student
137.  19/08/2010Vishali"Study of carbon nanotubes modified by swift heavy ion irradiation"Prof. Keya DharamvirUGC Meritorious
138.  19/08/2010Nibras Mossa UmranEffect of endohedral doping on c60 and carbon nanotubes"Dr. Ranjan KumarUGC (Meritorious)
139.  18/08/2010Priyanka Fakay"Implictation of mixing phenomena for the phenomenological fermion mass matrices"Prof.M.M. Gupta/Dr. Monika RandhawaUGC (Open Fellow)
140.  18/08/2010Saeed Jabbar Abbas"Synthesis and characterization of conductive polymers nanocomposite thin films"Prof. S.K. TripathiUGC (Meritorious)
141.  17/08/2010Rajni Bansal"Study of collective flow, its disappearance and nuclear dynamics using isospin-dependent quantum molecular dynamics model"Prof. R.K. PuriDST-INSPIRE
142.  13/08/2010Vaneeta Bala" Theoretical and experimental study of semiconductor / polymer nanocomposites"Dr. Ranjan Kumar / Dr. S.K. TripathiUGC (Open Fellow)
143.  09/08/2010Ila Garg"Study of quark sector flavor violation and inflation in new minimal supersymmetric so (10) GUT"Prof.C.S. Aulakh--
144.  09/08/2010Charanjit Kaur"Study of baryon number and lepton flavour violation in the new minimal supersymmetric so (10) gut"Prof. C.S. AulakhCSIR
145.  03/08/2010Anita Rani"Study of II-VI and III-V dilute magnetic semiconductora"Dr. Ranjan KumarCSIR
146.  03/08/2010Kumari Seema"Structural and electronic properties of dilute magnetic oxides and heusler alloys"DR.Ranjan Kumar--
147.  26/07/2010Mamta Rani"Syntheses and characterization of dye sensitized metal oxide nanomaterials for photovoltaic applications"Dr.S.K. Tripathi--
148.  21/07/2010Sukhjit Kaur "Study of fragmentation and associated phenomena in neutronrich heavy-ion collisions"Dr. R.K. Puri--
149.  21/07/2010Harmandeep Kaur "green synthesis of silver nanoparticles and their biological applications"Dr. S. K. Tripathi / Dr. Arfchaba BhatanagarDST-INSPIRE
150.  21/07/2010Gurpreet Singh"Vibrational spectroscopic study of some antioxidants"Prof. G.S.S.SainiDST-INSPIRE
151.  21/07/2010Ranjit Singh"Dosimetric verification for electron and photon beams in radiotherapy and element analysis of cancerous tissues by x-ray fluorescence techniqueProf. D. Mehta Dr. J.S. Sahi &Prof B. Singh
Dr. J.S. Sahi
Without fellowship
152.  21/07/2010Heena Duggal"Investigation of inner-shell vacancy decay processes through x-ray emission and analytical applications using xrf technique"Prof. D. Mehta & Dr. Sanjeev Kumar--
153.  19/07/2010Jitendra Gangwar"Microstructure assisted phase transformation in pure and doped oxide nanostructures with optical and electrical properties"Prof. S.K. Tripathi & Dr. A.K. Srivastava--
154.  06/07/2010Anil Sonkusare"Development and characterization of porons silicon gas sensor"Dr. Ranjan Kumar,Dr. Sunita Mishra--
155.  28/06/2010Randhir Singh"Vibration spectroscopic study of salvation of laser dyes"Prof. G.S.S. Saini--
156.  31/05/2010Dharmender Singh Rana-Prof. R.K. PuriCSIR
157.  01/04/2010Renu Bala"Structure and dynamics of quantum fluids"Prof.K.N. Pathak/Prof.R.K. Modgil /Dr.Sunita Srivastava--
158.  30/03/2010Gurvir KaurSynthesis and Characterization of Semiconductor Type-I Core/Shell Nanoparticles and Their Interaction with Biomolecules.Dr.S.K. Tripathi--
159.  30/03/2010Seema Gautam"Density Functional Study fo Pure and Doped Metal Cluster Evolution of Structure and Properties with size"Prof.Keya Dharamvir/Dr. Neetu GoelCSIR
160.  30/03/2010Samandeep; "Texture specific fermion massmatrices and so (10)"Prof. M.M. GuptaCSIR
161.  30/03/2010Madan Singh"Texture specific mass matrices and cp violating phases"Prof. M.M. GuptaUGC (Open Fellow)
162.  10/03/2010Devina Sharma"Size effects in cuprate superconductors and ab-initio study of their electronic properties"Dr. Ranjan Kumar/ Dr. V.P.S. Awana--
163.  20/01/2010Shobhna Dhiman-Prof. K. Dharmvir,Dr. Ranjan Kumar--
164.  12/11/2009Gagandeep Kaur"Structures and dynamics of grapheme-metal contacts"Prof. K. Dharmvir
Dr. Suchi Gupta
Without fellowship
165.  18/09/2009Akhil JhinganStudy of fact of nuclear structure in heavy ion induced nuclear fusion-fission process"Dr. B.R. BehraUGC (Meritorious)
166.  16/09/2009Maninder KaurInvestigation of Heavy-Ion Induced Fusion Reactions at Near and Above Barrier EnergiesDr.B.R. Behera/Dr.Gulzar SinghUGC (Meritorious)
167.  04/09/2009Navneet KaurNuclear Structure Studies in Mass A ~ 130 RegionDr.Ashok KumarUGC (Open Fellow)
168.  01/09/2009Ruchi Gupta Study of Multijet event in P-P Collisions at 7 TE V using the CMS Detector at the LHC"Prof.Manjit Kaur/Prof.Sunanda BanerjeeCSIR
169.  01/09/2009Rama GuptaStudy of Variants of Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation for solitary wave solutions"Dr.C.N. KumarCSIR
170.  01/09/2009Sakshi GautamStudy of isospin effects in the disappearance of flow and multifragmentation"Prof.R.K. PuriCSIR
171.  01/09/2009Nitish Kumar"Search for a heavy neutral gauge boson through its tau pair decay mode using cms detector at the lhc"Prof. J.B. Singh/ Prof. K. MazumdarThesis Submitted
172.  19/08/2009Akshu Pahuja DFT Study of Endohedral Fullerene Molecules"Dr.Sunita SrivastavaCSIR
173.  15/07/2009Madan Lal"Investigation of atomic inner-shell vacancy decay and photon-atom scattering processes"Prof. Keya Dharamvir--
174.  07/07/2009Gurjeet Singh"Ricati generalized solitary wave solutions of nonlinear equations"Prof, D. Mehta Prof. N. SinghRajiv Gandhi National Fellowship
175.  26/06/2009Shally Loomba-Prof. C.N. Kumar--
176.  18/06/2009Chinkal SoodStructural Electronic Optical and Mechanical Properties of Ternary Chalcopyrite semiconductors.Dr. Ashok Kumar & Dr. V. Bhatnagar--
177.  09/06/2009Sheetal Sharma"Systematic studies on classical and quantum dynamical systems"Prof.V.K. JindalCSIR
178.  05/06/2009Jasvinder Pal Singh VirdiNanocrystalline CdSe thin films"Dr.C.N. Kumar/Dr.S.C. MishraUGC (Meritorious)
179.  02/06/2009Reena Devi, Flow of Fluids in Various Nanogeometries.Dr.Sunita Srivastava/Dr.TankeshwarCSIR
180.  02/06/2009Mamta SharmaSynthesis and Characterization of Nanocrystalline II-VI core/shell structure and device fabricationDr.S.K. TripathiUGC (Meritorious)
181.  02/06/2009Alaa Shawi Mashaan"Transport properties of doped and undoped Prof. G.S.S. Saini,Prof. S.K. TripathiForeign Student
182.  01/06/2009Sumali BansalStructure Stabilizationof Clusters and Ultrathin Chains of GoldProf.Keya Dharamvir/Prof.V.K. JindalUGC (Meritorious)
183.  28/05/2009Mandip Singh Phenomenology of CP Violation and Fermion MixingsProf.M.M. GuptaUGC (Meritorious)
184.  19/05/2009Amandeep Singh"Study of particle production in mipp experiment with be and bi targets using different beams of 58 and 120 ge v/c"Dr. Ashok KumarWithout fellowship
185.  09/04/2009Amit GoyalStudy of Nonlinear evolution equations with variable coefficients for solitary wave solutionsDr.C.N. Kumar/Dr.Sunita SrivastavaCSIR
186.  04/03/2009Luxmi Chand"Fabrication and characterization of mems (micro electro mechanical sysyems) based thin film high temperature sensor for space applications"Prof. N. Goyal
Dr. M.M. Nayak
Without fellowship
187.  03/02/2009Babita Rani"Simulation Studies of Interaction of Constituents of Air and Small metallic clusters with Graphene"Prof. K. Dharmavir & Prof. V.K. Jindal--
188.  11/12/2008Surender Kumar"Nuclear structure studies in the vicinity of Z=50 shell closoures through the fusion evaporation reactions"Prof. D. Mehta &Dr. J.K. GoswamiUGC (Open Fellow)
189.  06/11/2008Jasmeet Kaur"Static nuclear electromagnetic moment measurements in the a-130 region"Prof. A.K. Bhatti,Dr. R.K. Bowmik--
190.  01/10/2008Pooja RaniStability, structure and electronic properties of hetero-graphenes"Prof. V.K. JindalUGC (Open Fellow)
191.  01/10/2008Sukhdev DograSpectroscopic studies of porphyrin and phthalocyanine interactions with chemical analytes.Prof. G.S.S. Saini/ Dr. B.C. Chaudhary--
192.  26/09/2008Richa Sharma "Study of Neutrino Interaction in Minos"Dr.Vipin BhatnagarProf. Brajesh C. Chaudhary--
193.  17/09/2008Ishu Goyal"A systematic study of dynamic properties of nanofluids"Dr.Sunita SrivastavaUGC (Meritorious)
194.  05/09/2008Gaganpreet"Static and Dynamical Properties of Nanofluids"Dr.Sunita SriavastavaUGC (Meritorious)
195.  02/09/2008Manie Bansal" Study of fusion reactions using deformed and oriented nuclet"Prof. R.K. GuptaThesis Submitted
196.  31/07/2008Ritu Aggarwal Measuremant of High Neutral Current ep Cross section and Extraction of xF3 Structure Function using zeus Detector at HERAProf.Manjit KaurCSIR
197.  31/07/2008Kriti Sharma"Study of density of states distribution of nanocrystalline cdx (x=se, te) thin films by photoconducting techniques"Dr. S.K. Tripathi/ Dr. G.S.S. SaiiniUGC (Open Fellow)
198.  30/07/2008Kulbir Kaur"Study of structural and electronic properties of nanoscale amorphous semiconductors"Prof.Satya Prakash/Dr.Navdeep GoyalUGC (Meritorious)
199.  05/05/2008Suresh Kumar"Riccati generalized solitary wave solutions of nonlinerar equations".Prof. K. Dharmvir,Dr. Inderpreet,Dr. L. M. Bhardwaj--
200.  24/04/2008Atul BhallaInvestigation of low energy photon-atom interaction processes and analytical application in the study of metal pollutants in water.Prof. D. Mehta & Dr. jangvir Singh Shahi--
201.  05/02/2008Jyoti Kansal -Prof.M.M. Gupta/Dr.Monika Randhawa--
202.  14/11/2007Rajbir Kaur Study of particle induced x-ray and gamma ray emissions and their analytical applications.Dr.Ashok KumarUGC (Meritorious)
203.  05/11/2007NishuStudy of associated Higgs Production with WH>WWW*> lrlrlr at LHC energy using CMS detectorProf. Suman BalaUGC (Meritorious)
204.  18/10/2007Manuk Zubain Mehta"Study of hadronic jet structure and subject multiplicity in p-p collisions at LHC"Prof. Manjit KaurUGC (Meritorious)
205.  26/09/2007Varinderjit SinghStudy of dissipation strength and role of shell closure in fission dynamics at high excitation energies.Dr. B.R. BeheraSPMF (CSIR)
206.  17/05/2007Rohit SandalNeutron multiplicity measurements as a probe of nuclear viscosity and fusion-fission dynamics.Dr. B.R. Behra--
207.  04/01/2007Lovedeep Kaur"Study of Z+ jets with cms detector at LHC"Prof. Suman BalaUGC (Open Fellow)
208.  27/12/2006Ritu Passija-Dr. Sunita Srivastava--
209.  27/12/2006Vivek Kumar Sharma"Study of solitary wave solutions for generalized nonlinear schrodinger eqation"Prof. C.N. Kumar & Dr. J.K. Goswami--
210.  27/12/2006Suman Lal"Synthesis and characterization of carbon nano-tube doped electroactive polymers"Prof. S.K. Tripathi / Dr. Samriti Khosla--
211.  21/08/2006Archana Sharma Study of W -> munu channel and muon triggers for CMS experiment at LHCProf.Suman BalaUGC (Meritorious)
212.  15/05/2006PriyankaStructure and stability of clusters and nanowires of gold and other transition metalsProf. Keya Dharmvir--
213.  28/11/2005Rohit Verma"Implications of precision measurements on ckm phenomenology, neutrino oscillations and mass matrices"Prof. M.M. Gupta--
214.  16/02/2005Rajiv ChugA study of nuclear flow global stopping and thermalization in heavy-ion collisions at intermediate energies.Prof. R.K. Puri--

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