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S.No. Name of the Supervisor /
Name of the Ph.D. Scholar Mode of Ph.D. Registration Number Date of Registration Research Topic Likely Date of Completion Availing Fellowship Funding Agency of Fellowship
Faculty of Arts : Department of PhilosophyUpdated on: 01/02/2017 
1.   V.T. Sebastian Saloni Saluja Full Time 16/327 17/11/2016 A philosophical analysis of Human nature ethical theories No
2.   Dr. Ambuj Sharma Kamlesh Kaur Part Time 16/295 06/10/2016 A comparative study of Karl Jaspers and Gandhi on the concept of freedom No
3.   M.Phil Student Rasleen Kour Full Time 2 20/09/2016 No
4.   M.Phil Student Malkiat Singh Full Time 1 20/09/2016 No
5.   M.Phil Student Shubhangi Full Time 3 20/09/2016 No
6.   M.Phil Student Vijay Kumar Full Time 4 19/09/2016 No
7.   Dr. Pankaj Srivastava Ashin Dhammapiya Full Time 16/210 02/09/2016 No
8.   Professor Asha Maudgil Harsimran Kaur Full Time 16/1178 16/08/2016 Conception of flux in philosophy of whitehead and Abhinav Gupta No
9.   Prof. H.P. Sah Sumit Kumar Full Time 16/217 22/07/2016 A Philosophical exploration of Patanjala yoga as a way of life No
10.   Dr. Shivani Sharma Nandathiri Full Time 15/130 10/07/2015 A philosophical study of development of Meditative system related to Dhammanupassana in Theravada Budhisim No
11.   Prof. Asha Maudgil Phramaha Banchong Phoonaphiphat Full Time 15/57 26/02/2015 An analytical study of the concept of Panna in Buddhist Philosophy No
12.   Dr. Shivani Sharma Ashin Candavara Full Time 15/36 10/02/2015 The concept of Citta in Buddhism: A philosophical study with special reference to Nikaya No
13.   Prof. Asha Maudgil Nguyen Thi Tam Tu Full Time 15/1004 27/01/2015 Value of Buddhism for young people a philosophical perspective No
14.   Dr. Shivani Sharma Shafiqul Islam Full Time 14/1221 06/01/2015 'REASON AND INTUITION' IN K.C. BHATTACHARYYA'S THEORY OF KNOWLEDGE : AN ANALYTICAL STUDY No
15.   Dr. Shivani Sharma Gurpreet Kaur Full Time 14/1224 12/11/2014 An epistemotogical study of Sada Pramana with special refenrece to Purva Mimamsa and nayaya schools of thought No
16.   Dr. Shivani Sharma Harminder Singh Full Time 14/1225 12/11/2014 A philosophical studyof Human consciousness with special reference to ancient eastern philosophies contemporary scientific advancements in the filed of consciousness studies No
17.   Prof. V.T. Sebastian Namrata Singh Full Time 14/1141 09/09/2014 Philosophical foundations of subjectivity phenomenological exploration with reference to husserl and theodor H. Adorno Yes UGC JRF
18.   Prof. V.T. Sebastian Navneet Chopra Full Time 14/2003 29/08/2014 Exploring the problem of other mind and its relation with language: At the interface of phenomenology and cognitive science. No
19.   Prof. V.T. Sebastian Ashin Kosalla Full Time 14/86 07/04/2014 The Buddhist Concept of Ecology: A philosophical analysis with special reference to the Tipitaka No
20.   Prof. Asha Maudgil Ashwani Kumar Kalra Full Time 13/189 10/12/2013 Karma Yoga and its educational significance- a philosophical analysis of the perspectives of Vivekananda and Gandhi No
21.   Prof. Asha Maudgil Rajeev Kumar Full Time 13/1256 21/10/2013 An analytical study of trisikkha in Jataka with special reference to environmental and social aspects Yes UGC JRF
22.   Prof. H.P. Sah Arun Garg Part Time 13/1260 17/10/2013 A comparatie study of philosophical views of Edmund Husserl and sudwig Wittgenstein on the foundations of Mathematics No
23.   Prof. Geeta Manaktala Jagdeep Singh Full Time 13/43 18/03/2013 Karma Yoga and its educational significance- a philosophical analysis of the perspectives of Vivekananda and Gandhi No
24.   Prof. V.T.Sebastian Ruchita Chandel Full Time 19318 09/08/2012 Educational Philosophy of Paulo Freire: A Phenomenological Reading No
25.   Dr. Shivani Sharma Amrita Sharma Full Time 19049 27/03/2012 The role of aesthetic education in the development of man; A philosophical study with special reference to Freidrich von Schiller No
26.   Dr. H.P.Sah Vidya Devi Full Time 19053 21/11/2011 An investigation into the non cognitive view of religion; an analytical approach synopsis of the thesis No
27.   Dr. H.P.Sah Sudhir Baweja Part Time 19051 21/11/2011 Swami Vevekanand Management and Leadership insights-A philosophical exploration No
29.   Dr. H.P.Sah and Prof. Geeta Manaktala Ekta Saini Full Time 18692 03/08/2011 A Philosophical investigation of internal history of human experience with special reference to Mircea Eliade's understanding of religion No
30.   Prof. Geeta Manaktala Amandeep Kaur Full Time 18684 02/08/2011 Concept of Martydom in Sikhism: Analysing Metaphysical Assumptions No
31.   Prof. V.T.Sebastian Sumita Banerjee Full Time 18354 30/11/2010 Authenticity of Human Existence: A Comparative Analysis of Sankara and Martin Heidegger No
32.   Prof. Geeta Manaktala Gursham S.Rehal Full Time 18360 30/11/2010 No
33.   Prof. Dharmanand Sharma Gautam Kalotra Part Time 17812 19/11/2009 Self-interrogation as self-realisation: A theoretical analysis of the egoless state according to Ramana Maharishi No
34.   Prof. V.T. Sebastian (M.Phil) Harwinder Kaur Full Time No
35.   Prof. V.T. Sebastian (M.Phil) Sachin Goyal Full Time No
36.   Prof. Asha Maudgil (M.Phil) Imroz Full Time No
37.   M.Phil Student Gaurav Kumar Full Time 10-USOL-5666 15/09/2017 Yes UGC JRF
38.   M.Phil Student Manju Full Time No
39.   M.Phil Student Radhika Sharma Full Time No
40.   M.Phil Student Naveen Kumar Saini Full Time No

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