Panjab University Research Scholars

S.No.Enrollment DateResearch ScholarTitle of Research Supervisor
Funding Agencies
Department of Philosophy
1.  17/11/2016Saloni SalujaA philosophical analysis of Human nature ethical theories V.T. Sebastian
2.  06/10/2016Kamlesh KaurA comparative study of Karl Jaspers and Gandhi on the concept of freedomDr. Ambuj Sharma
3.  20/09/2016Rasleen KourM.Phil Student
4.  20/09/2016Malkiat SinghM.Phil Student
5.  20/09/2016Shubhangi M.Phil Student
6.  19/09/2016Vijay Kumar M.Phil Student
7.  02/09/2016Ashin DhammapiyaDr. Pankaj Srivastava
8.  16/08/2016Harsimran KaurConception of flux in philosophy of whitehead and Abhinav GuptaProfessor Asha Maudgil
9.  22/07/2016Sumit KumarA Philosophical exploration of Patanjala yoga as a way of lifeProf. H.P. Sah
10.  10/07/2015NandathiriA philosophical study of development of Meditative system related to Dhammanupassana in Theravada BudhisimDr. Shivani Sharma
11.  26/02/2015Phramaha Banchong PhoonaphiphatAn analytical study of the concept of Panna in Buddhist PhilosophyProf. Asha Maudgil
12.  10/02/2015Ashin CandavaraThe concept of Citta in Buddhism: A philosophical study with special reference to NikayaDr. Shivani Sharma
13.  27/01/2015Nguyen Thi Tam TuValue of Buddhism for young people a philosophical perspectiveProf. Asha Maudgil
15.  12/11/2014Gurpreet KaurAn epistemotogical study of Sada Pramana with special refenrece to Purva Mimamsa and nayaya schools of thoughtDr. Shivani Sharma
16.  12/11/2014Harminder SinghA philosophical studyof Human consciousness with special reference to ancient eastern philosophies contemporary scientific advancements in the filed of consciousness studiesDr. Shivani Sharma
17.  09/09/2014Namrata SinghPhilosophical foundations of subjectivity phenomenological exploration with reference to husserl and theodor H. AdornoProf. V.T. Sebastian
18.  29/08/2014Navneet ChopraExploring the problem of other mind and its relation with language: At the interface of phenomenology and cognitive science.Prof. V.T. Sebastian
19.  07/04/2014Ashin KosallaThe Buddhist Concept of Ecology: A philosophical analysis with special reference to the TipitakaProf. V.T. Sebastian
20.  10/12/2013Ashwani Kumar KalraKarma Yoga and its educational significance- a philosophical analysis of the perspectives of Vivekananda and GandhiProf. Asha Maudgil
21.  21/10/2013Rajeev KumarAn analytical study of trisikkha in Jataka with special reference to environmental and social aspectsProf. Asha Maudgil
22.  17/10/2013Arun GargA comparatie study of philosophical views of Edmund Husserl and sudwig Wittgenstein on the foundations of MathematicsProf. H.P. Sah
23.  18/03/2013Jagdeep SinghKarma Yoga and its educational significance- a philosophical analysis of the perspectives of Vivekananda and GandhiProf. Geeta Manaktala
24.  07/02/2013Surjit KumarDr. Shivani Sharma
25.  09/08/2012Ruchita ChandelEducational Philosophy of Paulo Freire: A Phenomenological ReadingProf. V.T.Sebastian
26.  27/03/2012Amrita SharmaThe role of aesthetic education in the development of man; A philosophical study with special reference to Freidrich von SchillerDr. Shivani Sharma
27.  21/11/2011Vidya DeviAn investigation into the non cognitive view of religion; an analytical approach synopsis of the thesisDr. H.P.Sah
28.  21/11/2011Sudhir BawejaSwami Vevekanand Management and Leadership insights-A philosophical explorationDr. H.P.Sah
29.  05/08/2011Komaljeet KaurProf. V.T.Sebastian
30.  03/08/2011Ekta SainiA Philosophical investigation of internal history of human experience with special reference to Mircea Eliade's understanding of religionDr. H.P.Sah and Prof. Geeta Manaktala
31.  02/08/2011Amandeep KaurConcept of Martydom in Sikhism: Analysing Metaphysical AssumptionsProf. Geeta Manaktala
32.  01/08/2011Sukhdeep KaurThe Nature of an art object with special reference to poetry; theorizing philosophicallyDr. Shivani Sharma
33.  30/11/2010Sumita BanerjeeAuthenticity of Human Existence: A Comparative Analysis of Sankara and Martin HeideggerProf. V.T.Sebastian
34.  30/11/2010Arshdeep Kaur TerkianaGlobalisation, Cultural Identity and Alterity: An Ethical Response to Cultural PluralismProf. V.T.Sebastian
35.  30/11/2010Gursham S.RehalProf. Geeta Manaktala
36.  08/04/2010Ashin DhammacaraProf. Asha Maudgil & Prof. Dharmanand Sharma
37.  19/11/2009Gautam KalotraSelf-interrogation as self-realisation: A theoretical analysis of the egoless state according to Ramana MaharishiProf. Dharmanand Sharma
38.  17/07/2009Pharmaha Patibhan KanchaichatAn analytical study of the concept of duty and self-realisation in F.H. Bradley's EthicsProf. Asha Maudgil
39.  Harwinder KaurProf. V.T. Sebastian (M.Phil)
40.  Sachin GoyalProf. V.T. Sebastian (M.Phil)
41.  ImrozProf. Asha Maudgil (M.Phil)
42.  Gaurav KumarM.Phil Student
43.  ManjuM.Phil Student
44.  Sumit KumarA philosophical exploration of Patanjali Yoga as a way of lifeM.Phil Student
45.  Radhika SharmaM.Phil Student
46.  Naveen Kumar SainiM.Phil Student

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