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S.No. Name of the Supervisor /
Name of the Ph.D. Scholar Mode of Ph.D. Registration Number Date of Registration Research Topic Likely Date of Completion Availing Fellowship Funding Agency of Fellowship
Faculty of Arts : Department of PhilosophyUpdated on: 01/03/2018 
1.   Dr. Pankaj Srivastava Lotus Namgail Full Time 17-18/209 28/09/2017 Convergence of modern science(physics) & Buddhism No
2.   Dr. Pankaj Srivastava Neetu Full Time 17-18/194 28/09/2017 Role of philosophical therapy in resolving global conflicts No
3.   Dr. H.P.Sah Rohit Sharma Full Time 17-18/163 20/09/2017 Critical Study of Shatavaita with special reference to doctrine of Naada No
4.   V.T. Sebastian Gurwinder Kaur Full Time 17-18/211 15/09/2017 Concept of evolution of man to superman in light of Nietzsche and Sri aurobindo No
5.   Dr. Pankaj Srivastava Manish Sharma Full Time 2017-EZ-149 13/09/2017 Addressing subjectivity from Lacanian and Buddhist Persective Yes UGC-JRF
6.   V.T. Sebastian HARWINDER KAUR Full Time 17-18/161 11/09/2017 The notion of happiness : a conceptual analysis Yes UGC JRF
7.   V.T. Sebastian Sachin Goyal Full Time 17-18/160 11/09/2017 Theories of good and evil: a conceptual analysis No
8.   Prof. Asha Maudgil Nguyen Thi Thanh Tung Full Time 2017-EZ-71 23/02/2017 The Idea of Bodhisattva in Engaged Buddhism No
9.   V.T. Sebastian Saloni Saluja Full Time 16/327 17/11/2016 A philosophical analysis of Human nature ethical theories No
10.   Dr. Ambuj Sharma Kamlesh Kaur Part Time 16/295 06/10/2016 A comparative study of Karl Jaspers and Gandhi on the concept of freedom No
11.   Dr. Pankaj Srivastava Ashin Dhammapiya Full Time 16/210 02/09/2016 No
12.   Professor Asha Maudgil Harsimran Kaur Full Time 16/1178 16/08/2016 Conception of flux in philosophy of whitehead and Abhinav Gupta No
13.   Prof. H.P. Sah Sumit Kumar Full Time 16/217 22/07/2016 A Philosophical exploration of Patanjala yoga as a way of life No
14.   Dr. Shivani Sharma Nandathiri Full Time 15/130 10/07/2015 A philosophical study of development of Meditative system related to Dhammanupassana in Theravada Budhisim No
15.   Prof. Asha Maudgil Phramaha Banchong Phoonaphiphat Full Time 15/57 26/02/2015 An analytical study of the concept of Panna in Buddhist Philosophy No
16.   Dr. Shivani Sharma Ashin Candavara Full Time 15/36 10/02/2015 The concept of Citta in Buddhism: A philosophical study with special reference to Nikaya No
17.   Prof. Asha Maudgil Nguyen Thi Tam Tu Full Time 15/1004 27/01/2015 Value of Buddhism for young people a philosophical perspective No
18.   Dr. Shivani Sharma Shafiqul Islam Full Time 14/1221 06/01/2015 'REASON AND INTUITION' IN K.C. BHATTACHARYYA'S THEORY OF KNOWLEDGE : AN ANALYTICAL STUDY No
19.   Dr. Shivani Sharma Gurpreet Kaur Full Time 14/1224 12/11/2014 An epistemotogical study of Sada Pramana with special refenrece to Purva Mimamsa and nayaya schools of thought No
20.   Dr. Shivani Sharma Harminder Singh Full Time 14/1225 12/11/2014 A philosophical studyof Human consciousness with special reference to ancient eastern philosophies contemporary scientific advancements in the filed of consciousness studies No
21.   Prof. V.T. Sebastian Namrata Singh Full Time 14/1141 09/09/2014 Philosophical foundations of subjectivity phenomenological exploration with reference to husserl and theodor H. Adorno Yes UGC JRF
22.   Prof. V.T. Sebastian Navneet Chopra Full Time 14/2003 29/08/2014 Exploring the problem of other mind and its relation with language: At the interface of phenomenology and cognitive science. No
23.   Prof. V.T. Sebastian Ashin Kosalla Full Time 14/86 07/04/2014 The Buddhist Concept of Ecology: A philosophical analysis with special reference to the Tipitaka No
24.   Prof. Asha Maudgil Ashwani Kumar Kalra Full Time 13/189 10/12/2013 Karma Yoga and its educational significance- a philosophical analysis of the perspectives of Vivekananda and Gandhi No
25.   Prof. Asha Maudgil Rajeev Kumar Full Time 13/1256 21/10/2013 An analytical study of trisikkha in Jataka with special reference to environmental and social aspects Yes UGC JRF
26.   Prof. H.P. Sah Arun Garg Part Time 13/1260 17/10/2013 A comparatie study of philosophical views of Edmund Husserl and sudwig Wittgenstein on the foundations of Mathematics No
27.   Prof. Geeta Manaktala Jagdeep Singh Full Time 13/43 18/03/2013 Karma Yoga and its educational significance- a philosophical analysis of the perspectives of Vivekananda and Gandhi No
28.   Prof. V.T.Sebastian Ruchita Chandel Full Time 19318 09/08/2012 Educational Philosophy of Paulo Freire: A Phenomenological Reading No
29.   Dr. Shivani Sharma Amrita Sharma Full Time 19049 27/03/2012 The role of aesthetic education in the development of man; A philosophical study with special reference to Freidrich von Schiller No
30.   Dr. H.P.Sah Vidya Devi Full Time 19053 21/11/2011 An investigation into the non cognitive view of religion; an analytical approach synopsis of the thesis No
31.   Dr. H.P.Sah Sudhir Baweja Part Time 19051 21/11/2011 Swami Vevekanand Management and Leadership insights-A philosophical exploration No
33.   Dr. H.P.Sah and Prof. Geeta Manaktala Ekta Saini Full Time 18692 03/08/2011 A Philosophical investigation of internal history of human experience with special reference to Mircea Eliade's understanding of religion No
34.   Prof. Geeta Manaktala Amandeep Kaur Full Time 18684 02/08/2011 Concept of Martydom in Sikhism: Analysing Metaphysical Assumptions No
35.   Prof. V.T.Sebastian Sumita Banerjee Full Time 18354 30/11/2010 Authenticity of Human Existence: A Comparative Analysis of Sankara and Martin Heidegger No
36.   Prof. Geeta Manaktala Gursham S.Rehal Full Time 18360 30/11/2010 No
37.   Prof. Dharmanand Sharma Gautam Kalotra Part Time 17812 19/11/2009 Self-interrogation as self-realisation: A theoretical analysis of the egoless state according to Ramana Maharishi No
38.   M.Phil Student Gaurav Kumar Full Time 10-USOL-5666 15/09/2017 Yes UGC JRF

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