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S.No. Name of the Supervisor /
Name of the Ph.D. Scholar Mode of Ph.D. Registration Number Date of Registration Research Topic Likely Date of Completion Availing Fellowship Funding Agency of Fellowship
Faculty of Centres & Facilities : Energy Research CentreUpdated on: 19/11/2018 
1.   Dr. Gargi Ghoshal Shweta Bhadu Full Time 18112001010 20/09/2018 No
2.   Dr. Gaurav Verma Mohammad Babar Full Time 17611001433 20/09/2018 No
3.   Prof. Anupama Sharma Sharmistha Full Time 2018-EZ-112 30/08/2018 No
4.   Prof. Urvashi Gupta
Prof. R. P Sharma JECRC University Jaipur
Ms Jeevanpreet Kaur Full Time 2018-EZ-113 21/08/2018 No
5.   Assistant Prof. Gargi Ghoshal
Dr. Sanjay Bhadada, PGIMR, Chandigarh
Ms jaspreet Kaur Full Time 13005000046 21/08/2018 No
6.   Dr. S.K. Kansal
Dr. S.K. Mehta
Neeru Rani Full Time 2018-EZ-129 21/08/2018 No
7.   Prof. Anupama Sharma Preeti Full Time 2018-EZ-111 20/08/2018 No
8.   Prof. Amrit Pal Toor Yamini Pandey Full Time 01/03/2018 Yes DST's PURSE-II Grant
9.   Prof. Anupama Sharma
Dr. Sonal Singhal
Jaspreet Kaur Full Time 12-CHEM-12, Enroll no. 17-18/477 16/02/2018 magnetic nanoparticles, quantum dots, nanocomposites No
10.   Prof. Amrit Pal Toor
Dr. Amit Sobti
Disha Guliani Full Time 2014-CC-172 16/01/2018 Esterification Yes DST- Inspire
11.   Dr. B.K Gill
Dr. Avneet Saini
Shubhi Joshi Full Time 18110000944, Enroll No. 17-18/180 16/10/2017 Peptidls- graphlnl Nano composites No
12.   Prof. Anupama Sharma
Dr. Sonal Singhal
Renu Full Time 14-CHEM-61, Enrollment -17-18/116 05/09/2017 nano science and its applications Yes CSIR-JRF
13.   Prof. Sushil Kumar Kansal
Prof. S.K. Mehta
Manpreet Kaur Full Time 2017-EZ-88 28/07/2017 metal Organic Frameworks and their sensing applications No
14.   Prof. Sushil Kumar Kansal
Dr. S. Saravanamurugan
Sahil Kumar Full Time 17/476 26/05/2017 Yes CSIR
15.   Prof. Sushil Kumar Kansal
Dr. S. Saravanamurugan
Hadi Ali Full Time 17/477 26/05/2017 Yes CSIR
16.   Prof. Urvashi Gupta
Prof. R.K. Wanchoo and Prof. Veena Sharma
Shushant Shukla Full Time 2017-EZ-85 02/05/2017 Stability of fluid flow problems No
17.   Prof.Amrit Pal Toor shalini shashni Full Time 15/112 12/06/2015 Yes UGC
18.   Prof. AmritPal Toor
Prof. R.K. Wanchoo
Aarsee Dhindsa Full Time 14/1116 28/07/2014 liquid-liquid extraction studies using nanofluid drops Yes UGC
19.   Prof. Ritu Gupta
Prof. R.K. Wanchoo
Parminder Singh Full Time 19227 12/04/2012 A Parametric study on Convective Heat Transfer in Nano-fluids flowing through Straight Tubes and Helical Coils. Yes DST-PURSE
20.   Prof. AmritPal Toor
Prof. R.K. Wanchoo
Pankaj Chawla Full Time 17771 02/12/2010 Decolourization and Minerlization studies on some basic dyes using Titanium dioxide mediated heterogeneous photocatalysis in slurry and fixed mode No
21.   Dr. S. Basu, Dr. SSB UICET
Prof. U.S. Shivhare, Dr.SSB UICET
KAMALJIT KAUR THIND Full Time 15/1022/Ph.D/ No

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