Panjab University Research Scholars

S.No.Enrollment DateResearch ScholarTitle of Research Supervisor
Funding Agencies
Department of Zoology
1.  03/10/2016Ahmad AliDr. Archana ChauhanUGC-CSIR
2.  03/10/2016Harender KumarDr. Ravneet KaurICMR
3.  03/10/2016Ramkesh DalalProf. Upma Bagai
4.  16/04/2016Era SethDr. Mani ChopraUGC-JRF
5.  12/04/2016Basharat AliDr. Y. K. Rawal
6.  12/04/2016Rakhee ChauhanDr. Ravinder Kumar
7.  12/04/2016VincyDr. Ravneet Kaur
8.  12/04/2016Puneet BhardwajDr. Indu Sharma
9.  12/04/2016Uma KumariDr. Ravinder KumarCSIR
10.  12/04/2016Rajwinder KaurDr. Vijay Kumar
11.  15/10/2015Manpreet SinghDr. Vijay Kumar
12.  15/10/2015Varun GorkiProf. Upma Bagai
13.  15/10/2015Naveed PervaizDr. Ravinder Kumar
14.  15/10/2015Phuntsog DolmaDr. Archana ChauhanUGC-NFHE
15.  18/08/2015Bijender SinghProf. Sukhbir Kaur
16.  12/06/2015NamitaProf. Neelima R. Kumar
17.  12/06/2015Anupika SoodProf. Sukhbir Kaur
18.  27/04/2015SangeetaDr. Jaspreet Kaur
Prof. Neelima R. Kumar
19.  27/04/2015Deepak Kumar GoyalProf. Sukhbir Kaur
20.  25/03/2015Priti KumariProf. V. L. Sharma
Dr. Indu Sharma
21.  18/11/2014Aitizaz Ul AhsanProf. V. L. Sharma
Dr. Mani Chopra
22.  23/07/2014AnuraginiDr. Y. K. Rawal
23.  27/04/2014Poonam KeshavProf. Sukhbir KaurUGC NET
24.  09/04/2014Ritu SharmaProf. R. JindalCSIR
25.  26/11/2013Surbhi KaushalTargeting arsenic induced metabolic disturbances and genotoxicity: Its mitigation by Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) to prevent malignant transformationProf. V. L. Sharma
Dr. Mani Chopra
26.  18/11/2013Bijayani SahuDr. R. Sandhi
Dr. A Singh
27.  23/09/2013Gurpreet KaurProf. Sukhbir KaurUGC BSR
28.  13/09/2013Seema RaniProf. V. L. SharmaUGC BSR
29.  13/09/2013RuchikaDr. Upma BagaiUGC BSR
30.  08/08/2013Kriti HandaToxic effects of sub-lethal concentration of Chromium (VI) on Cyprinuscarpiocommunis L.Prof. R. JindalUGC BSR
31.  11/07/2013Reshma SinhaAmeliorative role of dietary supplement of Emblica officinalis against malachite green induced cytotoxic and biochemical stress in Cyprinus carpio communis L. Prof. R. JindalUGC-BSR
32.  10/06/2013Umesh BhartiThe protective effect of propolis and pollen an Anti -tuberculosis drugProf. Neelima R. Kumar
33.  28/05/2013KalpanaEvaluation of immunomodulatory and leishmanicidal efficacy of Rhodiola imbricata Edgew and its bioactive component, Salidroside against the kinetoplastid parasite, Leishmania donovani :an in vitro and in vivo study Prof. Sukhbir KaurDST INSPIRE
34.  07/05/2013UrvashiImmunomodulation of immune cells in kidney transplant (KTx) patients given stem cell therapyDr. Upma BagaiCSIR
35.  18/09/2012Smriti BatoyeNot decidedDr. R. Jindal-
36.  18/09/2012Anita DeviTherapeutic potential of honey bee products in vitro and in vivo studiesProf. Neelima R. Kumar
Dr Jaspreet Kaur
37.  18/09/2012Smriti BatoyeEvaluation of the toxicity of fenvalerate on grass carp, Ctenopharyngodonidellus (Cuvier and Valenciennes)Prof. R. JindalUGC-BSR
38.  12/04/2012Priyanka KumariAnalysis on the biodiversity of tribe megachiline (Hymenoptera, mewgachilidae) from Sutlej basin of Northern plains in IndiaProf. Neelima R. KumarUGC BSR
39.  25/01/2012Shweta ModgilThe role of early life lead exposure in progression of retinal degeneration in mouse model of RGC disruptionProf.V.L SharmaCSIR JRF
40.  21/12/2011Rupinder KaurEvaluation of immunomodulatory and antileishmanial efficacy of some herbal extracts against murine visceral leishmaniasisProf. Sukhbir KaurUGC BSR
41.  21/11/2011Sakshi VermaStudies on histopathological, biochemical and genotoxic changes induced by sublethal concentrations of cadmium chloride in Labeorohita(Hamilton)Prof. R. JindalDST-INSPIRE
42.  21/11/2011Veerpal KaurEcological studies on Sukhna Lake, ChandigarhDr. Y.K. Rawal
43.  28/07/2011Jamuna NegiStudies on microbial flora and macromolecular composition of honey stomach of Apis spp.Prof. Neelima R. KumarUGC BSR
44.  22/07/2011Ruchika MandlaStudies on the Brood Food of CommericalApissppProf. Neelima R. KumarDST-INSPIRE
45.  02/12/2010Laishram Dolie DeviMolecular and biochemical characterization of parasite and host factors in different clinical outcomes of falciparum malaria in Orissa, IndiaProf. V. L. Sharma
46.  24/10/2007Deepak SainiDiversity and foraging behaviour of insect pollinators on some forest trees in Kandi area (District Gurdaspur, Punjab)Prof. Neelima R. Kumar
47.  Sharanpreet KaurStudy on Geometritd Moths of HimachalProf. V. K. WaliaDST-PURSE

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