Panjab University Research Scholars

S.No. Name of the Supervisor /
Name of the Ph.D. Scholar Mode of Ph.D. Registration Number Date of Registration Research Topic Likely Date of Completion Availing Fellowship Funding Agency of Fellowship
Faculty of Law : Department of LawsUpdated on: 09/06/2017 
1.   Prof. Rattan Singh
Dr. Sukhbir Kaur
Shikha Dhiman Full Time 17/1425/Ph.D. 20/02/2017 No
2.   Dr. Jyoti Rattan Minakshi Gupta Full Time 17/1422/Ph.D. 20/02/2017 No
3.   Dr. Pushpinder Kaur Devinder Singh Anand Full Time 17/369/Ph.D. 16/12/2016 No
4.   Dr. Shiv Kumar Dogra
Dr. Aman Khehra
Chandeep Singh Full Time 17/368/Ph.D. 16/12/2016 No
5.   Prof. Geeta Joshi Dheeraj Arora Full Time 17/382/Ph.D. 16/12/2016 No
6.   Prof. Ranbir Kaur Vibhuti Nakta Part Time 17/392/Ph.D. 16/12/2016 No
7.   Dr. Sunaina Ashish Singh Taank Full Time 17/390/Ph.D. 16/12/2016 No
8.   Prof. Devinder Singh
Dr. Aditi Sharma
Akash Deep Nagal Full Time 17/386/Ph.D. 16/12/2016 No
9.   Prof. Devinder Singh
Dr. Anirudha Rajput
Vishal Sharma Part Time 17/385/Ph.D. 16/12/2016 No
10.   Prof. Nishtha Jaswal
Prof. Rajinder Kaur
Ramneek Kaur Part Time 17/1386/Ph.D. 16/12/2016 No
11.   Dr. Dharam Pal Singh Punia Arun Depta Full Time 17/370/Ph.D. 16/12/2016 No
12.   Dr. Pooja Sood
Dr. Vinay Sharma
Nishant Rattan Full Time 17/389/Ph.D. 16/12/2016 Yes UGC
13.   Dr. Jai Mala Chatinder Singh Full Time 16/241/Ph.D. 16/09/2016 Yes UGC
14.   Dr. Vinay Sharma Mahender Kumar Full Time 16/242/Ph.D. 16/09/2016 Yes UGC
15.   Prof. Rattan Singh
Dr. V.K. Negi
Sarita Full Time 16/246/Ph.D. 16/09/2016 Yes UGC
16.   Dr. Pooja Sood Anupam Jaswal Full Time 16/268/Ph.D. 16/09/2016 No
17.   Prof. Sangita Bhalla Accharpreet Bhardwaj Full Time 16/252/Ph.D. 16/09/2016 Yes UGC
18.   Prof. Shalini Marwaha Prikshit Full Time 16/253/Ph.D. 16/09/2016 Yes UGC
19.   Dr. Supinder Kaur Anjali Narwal Full Time 16/251/Ph.D. 16/09/2016 Yes UGC
20.   Dr. Brajesh Sharma Meenasha Full Time 16/243/Ph.D. 16/09/2016 No
21.   Prof. Ranbir Kaur
Prof. Paramjit Kaur
Jagdeep Singh Full Time 16/247/Ph.D. 16/09/2016 No
22.   Prof. Rajinder Kaur
Dr. Bharat
Bikram Singh Goraya Part Time 15/337/Ph.D. 10/05/2016 No
23.   Dr. V.K. Negi Kuldeep Singh Full Time 16/109/Ph.D. 11/04/2016 Not approved as yet Yes Panjab Universitty
24.   Prof. Nishtha Jaswal
Prof. Rajinder Kaur
Namita Bhardwaj Full Time 16/100/Ph.D. 11/04/2016 Yes UGC
25.   Dr. Dharam Pal Singh Punia Jayendra Kumar Part Time 16/163/Ph.D. 11/04/2016 No
26.   Dr. Ritu Salaria Deepshikha Full Time 16/120/Ph.D. 11/04/2016 No
27.   Dr. Ritu Salaria Sanjeev Kumar Full Time 16/105/Ph.D. 11/04/2016 No
28.   Dr. Karan Jawanda Sunil Kumar Full Time 16/106/Ph.D. 11/04/2016 No
29.   Dr. Ritu Salaria Mumtaz Part Time 16/113/Ph.D. 11/04/2016 No
30.   Prof. Devinder Singh
Dr. Bharat
Ankita Bali Part Time 16/139/Ph.D. 11/04/2016 No
31.   Dr. Ritu Salaria Manpreet Kaur Full Time 16/114/Ph.D. 11/04/2016 Yes UGC
32.   Dr. Pooja Sood Harpreet Kaur Full Time 16/1037/Ph.D. 07/01/2016 No
33.   Dr. Dharam Pal Singh Punia Neeraj Rathee Full Time 16/1039/Ph.D. 07/01/2016 No
34.   Prof. Rattan Singh
Dr. Jai Mala
Amita Arora Full Time 15/341/Ph.D. 08/12/2015 No
35.   Dr. Jasneet Kaur Walia
Dr. Jai Mala
Parvinder Kaur Full Time 15/339/Ph.D. 08/12/2015 Yes UGC
36.   Dr. Dinesh Kumar
Dr. Shipra Gupta
Meharpreet Singh Full Time 15/333/Ph.D. 08/12/2015 Yes UGC
37.   Prof. Nishtha Jaswal
Prof. Rajinder Kaur
Upagya Sharma Full Time 15/353/Ph.D. 08/12/2015 Corporal Punishment in Schools : A Socio-Legal Study No
38.   Dr. Jasneet Kaur Walia
Dr. Karan Jawanda
Kajori Bhatnagar Part Time 15/356/Ph.D. 08/12/2015 No
39.   Dr. Pushpinder Kaur Dolly Singh Full Time 15/348/Ph.D. 08/12/2015 E-Waste Management and Legal Regime in Digital India : A Study with Special Reference to Chandigarh Yes UGC
40.   Prof. Meenu Paul Rahul Gupta Part Time 15/344/Ph.D. 08/12/2015 Law of Patenting of Biotechnological Inventions in India and USA : A Comparative Study No
41.   Dr. Jasneet Kaur Walia
Dr. Amita Verma
Tanmeet Kaur Sahilwa Full Time 15/345/PH.D. 08/12/2015 Human Rights Perspective of Begging in India : A Socio-Legal Study No
42.   Dr. Shiv Kumar Dogra
Dr. Brajesh Sharma
Brijinder Bhushan Full Time 15/306/Ph.D. 26/10/2015 No
43.   Dr. V.K. Negi
Dr. Monika Negi
Sarita Paul Part Time 15/194/Ph.D. 08/10/2015 No
44.   Prof. Geeta Joshi Deepinder Kaur Part Time 15/1249/Ph.D. 06/10/2015 Central Bureau of Investigation - A Caged Parrot : An Analytical Comparison with the United States of Americas Federal Bureau of Investigation No
45.   Dr. Jyoti Rattan
Dr. Tejinder Kaur
Jasleen Kaur Full Time 15/1255/Ph.D. 05/10/2015 Law Regulating Agricultural Produce Marketing in India : A Study No
46.   Dr. Aditi Sharma Jaspal Kaur Part Time 15/1259/Ph.D. 22/09/2015 No
47.   Dr. Arti Puri Sunil Kumar Full Time 15/137/Ph.D. 15/07/2015 No
48.   Dr. Shiv Kumar Dogra Sudhir Kumar Saklani Full Time 15/1090/Ph.D. 13/05/2015 No
49.   Dr. Shruti Bedi Pallavi Full Time 15/1088/Ph.D. 13/05/2015 Law Relating to Advertisements in India : An Analysis No
50.   Prof. Nishtha Jaswal
Prof. Rajinder Kaur
Reenu Chauhan Full Time 15/1096/Ph.D 13/05/2015 Impact of Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights on Indian Trade : A Study No
51.   Prof. Rajinder Kaur
Prof. Rashmi K. Aggarwal
Gurjinder Singh Full Time 15/1097/Ph.D. 13/05/2015 Yes UGC
52.   Dr. Babita Devi Sunil Chauhan Part Time 14/296/Ph.D. 12/01/2015 Role of Legal Services Authorities in Providing Legal Services : A Study with Special Reference to the State of Haryana No
53.   Dr. Aman Amrit Cheema Jaswinder Part Time 14/294/Ph.D. 02/01/2015 A Criminological Study of Delinquency in India with Special Reference to Psychopaths No
54.   Dr. Vandana A. Kumar Atousa Toudiei Full Time 14/1333/Ph.D. 29/12/2014 Legal Perspective of E-Commerce : A Study of Developed and Developing Countries No
55.   Prof. Harmeet Singh Sandhu
Dr. Ashish Virk
Kapil Bansal Part Time 14/340/Ph.D. 03/12/2014 No
56.   Dr. Jai Mala Shashi Bhushan Full Time 14/331/Ph.D. 01/12/2014 Socio-Legal Status of Live-in-Relationship : A Comparative Study of France, Philippines, Scotland and India No
57.   Dr. Ashish Virk
Dr. Aman Amrit Cheema
Hari Ram Anthala Full Time 14/301/Ph.D. 26/11/2014 Banking System in India : A Legal Study with Special Reference to Fraud and Forgery in Public Sector Banks in Ambala City, Haryana No
58.   Dr. Anil Kumar Thakur Tanvir Kaur Full Time 14/287/Ph.D. 26/11/2014 No
59.   Dr. Anil Kumar Thakur Ajay Sharma Full Time 14/284/Ph.D. 26/11/2014 Law Relating to Whistleblowing in India : A Critical Study Yes UGC
60.   Dr. Anil Kumar Thakur
Dr. Jai Mala
Lal Chand Full Time 14/283/Ph.D. 26/11/2014 Adjudication of Disputes Relating to Water of Inter-State Rivers and Trans Boundary Rivers with Special Reference to India : An Analytical Study Yes UGC
61.   Dr. Jai Mala Simran Jeet Kaur Full Time 14/300/Ph.D. 26/11/2014 Role of Non-Governmental Organizations in Protection of Human Rights in India : A Socio-Legal Study with Special Reference to Bachpan Bachao Andolan No
62.   Dr. Shiv Kumar Dogra Anupam Manhas Full Time 14/298/Ph.D. 26/11/2014 Socio-Legal Impact of Tibetan Asylum in Dharamshala : Rights, Diaspora and Citizenship No
63.   Dr. Anil Kumar Thakur Tanvir Kaur Full Time 14/287/Ph.D. 26/11/2014 No
64.   Dr. Ajay Ranga Suneel Ranga Full Time 14/292/Ph.D. 26/11/2014 Atrocities Against Scheduled Castes : A Socio-Legal Study with Special Reference to the State of Haryana Yes UGC
65.   Dr. Shruti Bedi Sugandha Passi Full Time 14/278/Ph.D. 26/11/2014 Relevancy of Inculpatory and Exculpatory Statements in Judicial Proceedings : A Comparative Study of India and U.S.A. No
66.   Dr. Shruti Bedi Harsimran Kaur Bedi Full Time 14/290/Ph.D. 26/11/2014 The Concept of Marriage under Hindu Law and the Emerging Varying Relationships that are in the Nature of Marriage : A Socio-Legal Study No
67.   Dr. Ritu Salaria Preeti Full Time 14/299/Ph.D. 26/11/2014 Forensic Investigation of Unnatural Death : A Medico-Legal Study Yes UGC
68.   Dr. Ajay Ranga Indu Rani Part Time 14/282/Ph.D. 26/11/2014 Narco Analysis as a Tool of Investigation : A Socio-Legal Study No
69.   Dr. Dinesh Kumar Pooja Devi Full Time 14/1115/Ph.D. 28/07/2014 Criminal Jurisidiction of States under International Law No
70.   Dr. Babita Devi
Dr. Anil Kumar Thakur
Rohit Singla Full Time 14/117/Ph.D 21/07/2014 Functioning of Private vis--vis State Universities : A Socio-Legal Study with Special Reference to State of Haryana Yes UGC
71.   Dr. Vandana A. Kumar Gurdeep Kaur Pandher Full Time 14/115/Ph.D. 21/07/2014 Narcoterrorism as Security Threat to Humanity : A Critique of Strategies and Laws in India Yes UGC
72.   Prof. Paramjit Kaur
Dr. Tejinder Kaur
Sukhnandan Singh Full Time 14/116/Ph.D. 21/07/2014 Law Relating to Diplomatic Relations with Special Reference to India and USA Yes UGC
73.   Prof. Bhajan Kaur Raman Sharma Full Time 14/1108/Ph.D. 26/05/2014 Social Security under Labour Laws in India with Special Reference to District Una (Himachal Pradesh) No
74.   Dr. Vandana A. Kumar Polaki Full Time 14/90/Ph.D. 28/04/2014 Legal Protection of Trade Secrets and Confidential Information in India : Towards Codified Regime Yes UGC
75.   Dr. Amita Verma
Dr. Karan Jawanda
Sumati Jund Full Time 14/1043/Ph.D. 11/04/2014 Sanitation Laws and Public Health in India : A Study No
76.   Prof. Paramjit Kaur Shweta Thakur Full Time 14/1052/Ph.D. 11/04/2014 Impact of Armed Conflict on Environment : A Study in the Context of International and National Legal Regime No
77.   Dr. Jai Mala Seema Rani Part Time 14/1048/Ph.D. 11/04/2014 Legal Positivism and Indian Constitution : An Analytical Study No
78.   Dr. Jai Mala Neelam Rani Part Time 14/1049/Ph.D. 11/04/2014 National Fire Safety Norms in India : A Study with Special Reference to Ludhiana City (Punjab) No
79.   Dr. Babita Devi
Dr. Madhur M. Mahajan
Poonam Full Time 14/49/Ph.D. 04/03/2014 Law Relating to Food Security in India : Challenges and Prospects No
80.   Prof. Devinder Singh
Prof. J.K. Chauhan
Charu Sharma Full Time 13/1295/Ph.D. 18/12/2013 Child Labour in India : A Socio-Legal Study with Special Reference to Baddi Industrial Area of Himachal Pradesh No
81.   Dr. Anil Kumar Thakur
Dr. Supinder Kaur
Paramjeet Singh Full Time 13/283/Ph.D. 17/12/2013 Law Relating to Data Protection of Outsourcing Companies : A Study No
82.   Prof. Shalini Marwaha Kanwal Marwaha Full Time 13/284/Ph.D. 03/12/2013 Citizenship in a Globalised World : A Legal Study No
83.   Prof. Rajinder Kaur
Dr. Dinesh Kumar
Aastha Bagga Full Time 13/229/Ph.D. 28/10/2013 Application of Criminal Law to Intellectual Property Rights : A Study No
84.   Prof. Devinder Singh
Dr. Babita Devi
Razit Sharma Part Time 13/1199/Ph.D. 25/09/2013 Law Relating to Water and Its Management in India with Special Reference to the State of Himachal Pradesh No
85.   Prof. Ranbir Kaur
Dr. Aman Khehra
Tarun Kumar Full Time 13/1202/Ph.D. 25/09/2013 Insider Trading Laws in India : A Comparative Study with United States of America and United Kingdom No
86.   Dr. Dharam Pal Singh Punia Vivek Khatkar Full Time 13/202/Ph.D. 10/09/2013 Role of National Human Rights Commission : Issues and Challenges No
87.   Prof. Vijay Nagpal
Dr. Babita Devi
Parvesh Kumar Rajput Part Time 13/184/Ph.D. 22/08/2013 Powers and Privileges of the Armed Forces : A Study Yes ICSSR Doctoral Fellowship
88.   Dr. Supinder Kaur Kiran Pal Full Time 13/182/Ph.D. 22/08/2013 Role of Central Bureau of Investigation in India with Special Reference to Economic Scams : A Study No
89.   Prof. Shalini Marwaha Manleen Kaur Full Time 13/1081/Ph.D. 08/05/2013 Laws Relating to Forest Protection in India : A Study with Special Reference to Rights of Forest Dwellers No
90.   Prof. P.S. Jaswal
Prof. Nishtha Jaswal
Neelam Batra Part Time 13/1083/Ph.D. 08/05/2013 Protection of Parents and Senior Citizens : A Socio-Legal Study No
91.   Dr. V.K. Negi
Dr. Monika Negi
Robin Kumar Full Time 13/1079/Ph.D. 08/05/2013 Rule of Absolute Liability with Special Reference to Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 : A Critical Analysis Yes UGC
92.   Dr. Ajay Ranga
Dr. Jaswinder Kaur
Kushal Singla Part Time 13/36/Ph.D. 06/02/2013 Role of Personal Identity under Indian Legal System : A Study No
93.   Prof. Geeta Joshi Jolly Sharma Full Time 19455 23/10/2012 Role of Police in the Administration of Criminal Justice System : A Critical Study with Special Reference to Chandigarh No
94.   Dr. Jyoti Rattan MANISH CHAHAR Full Time 19388 03/10/2012 No
95.   Dr. Jyoti Rattan SONIA JAIN Full Time 19390 03/10/2012 TRIPs and International Intellectual Property Protection in Age of Internet Technology : A Legal Study No
96.   Prof. Bhajan Kaur RAKESH Full Time 19344 24/09/2012 No
97.   Prof. Vijay Nagpal SUKHRAJ KAUR Full Time 19338 24/09/2012 No
98.   Prof. Bhajan Kaur and Dr. Shipra Kaushal ASHISH Full Time 19342 24/09/2012 No
99.   Prof. Vijay Nagpal SONIA Full Time 19340 24/09/2012 No
100.   Prof. Bhajan Kaur GURDEEP KAUR Full Time 19360 24/09/2012 No
101.   Prof. Bhajan Kaur
Dr. Shipra Gupta
Ashish Full Time 19342 24/09/2012 Corporate Lobbying in India : A Legal Study No
102.   Dr. Shipra Kaushal and Prof. Nishtha Jaswal SURAJ PRAKASH AZAD Full Time 19305 23/08/2012 No
103.   Dr. Shruti Bedi GURJINDER KAUR Full Time 19309 23/08/2012 No
104.   Prof. Bhajan Kaur and Prof. V.K. Bansal LALIT MITTAL Full Time 19315 23/08/2012 No
105.   Prof. Ranbir Kaur SHALLU NUNIWAL Full Time 19311 23/08/2012 No
106.   Dr. Anupama Goel SOHAN SINGH Full Time 19317 22/08/2012 No
107.   Dr. Jyoti Rattan PRIYA SHARMA Full Time 19157 09/08/2012 No
108.   Prof. Shalini Marwaha and Dr. Rajinder Kaur, Army Institute of Law RAJESH KUMAR Full Time 19162 23/05/2012 No
109.   Prof. Vijay Nagpal SUSHMA Full Time 19126 17/05/2012 No
110.   Prof. J.K. Chauhan SUREKHA TANEJA Full Time 19114 30/04/2012 No
111.   Prof. Nishtha Jaswal SANDHYA ROHAL Full Time 19136 25/04/2012 No
112.   Prof. J.K. Chauhan and Dr. Devinder Singh MOHINI Full Time 19229 16/04/2012 No
113.   Dr. Anupama Goel KANU Full Time 19233 16/04/2012 No
114.   Dr. Shipra Kaushal AMARJIT KAUR Full Time 19221 10/04/2012 No
115.   Dr. Shipra Kaushal HARVINDER KAUR Full Time 19217 09/04/2012 Yes UGC
116.   Dr. Daya Nand Garg NAVITA SANDHU Full Time 19089 12/01/2012 No
117.   Prof. Vijay Nagpal and Prof. B.K. Sharma VIKRAM JIT SINGH Full Time 19147 11/01/2012 No
118.   Dr. Shipra Kaushal JASKARAN SINGH Full Time 19145 11/01/2012 No
119.   Dr. Meenu Paul DEEPTI GUPTA Full Time 19143 11/01/2012 No
120.   Prof. J.K. Chauhan and Dr. Devinder Singh NITIN Full Time 19091 23/12/2011 No
121.   Dr. Daya Nand Garg and Dr. Manu Sharma, UIAMS, P.U. AMAN KHERA Full Time 18930 15/12/2011 No
122.   Dr. Jyoti Rattan AKASHDEEP SINGH Full Time 19057 30/11/2011 No
123.   Prof. Sangita Bhalla GAURAV AGGARWAL Full Time 19059 22/11/2011 No
124.   Dr. Paramjit Kaur SONAL MINHAS Full Time 19063 22/11/2011 No
125.   Dr. Jasmeet Gulati AMRIT PAL KAUR Full Time 18803 30/08/2011 No
126.   Prof. V.K. Bansal and Dr. Anupama Goel GEETA Full Time 18736 29/08/2011 No
127.   Prof. Vijay Nagpal NANDITA KAUSHIK Full Time 18758 29/08/2011 No
128.   Dr. Devinder Singh JASVEER SINGH Full Time 18797 26/08/2011 Yes UGC
129.   Prof. Nishtha Jaswal GYANENDRA KUMAR SHARMA Full Time 18740 23/08/2011 No
130.   Prof. Shalini Marwaha and Dr. Anupama Goel ASHA DEVI BHATT Full Time 18742 17/08/2011 No
131.   Dr. Meenu paul RAINA KAPOOR Full Time 18738 17/08/2011 No
132.   Prof. Vijay Nagpal and Prof. B.K. Sharma SAHIL KUMAR Full Time 18756 17/08/2011 Yes UGC
133.   Dr. Meenu Paul PRAMOD KUMAR SHARMA Full Time 18744 17/08/2011 Yes UGC
134.   Prof. V.K. Bansal and Dr. Anupama Goel HARMAN SHERGILL Full Time 18762 17/08/2011 No
135.   Dr. Shipra Kaushal JUBLEE Full Time 18760 17/08/2011 No
136.   Dr. Meenu Paul DHARMENDER SINGH LAMBA Full Time 18748 17/08/2011 No
137.   Prof. Meenu Paul Pramod Kumar Sharma Full Time 18744 17/08/2011 Legal Framework for Investor Protection : An Analytical Study of Indian Securities Laws Yes UGC
138.   Dr. Shipra Gupta Jublee Part Time 18760 17/08/2011 Rights of Illegitimate Children : A Socio-Legal Study No
139.   Dr. Shruti Bedi and Prof. R.S. Grewal NAVJEET Full Time 18691 07/04/2011 No
140.   Prof. Ranbir Kaur GURPREET SINGH Full Time 18693 07/04/2011 No
141.   Dr. Jasmeet Gulati and Prof. R.S. Grewal GURPREET KAUR Full Time 18683 06/04/2011 No
142.   Dr. Jasmeet Gulati KANUPRIYA GREWAL Full Time 18679 06/04/2011 No
143.   Dr. Pushpinder Kaur GURVINDER SINGH Full Time 18689 06/04/2011 Yes UGC
144.   Dr. Amita Verma and Dr. Rajinder Kaur YUGDEEP KAUR Full Time 18681 06/04/2011 No
145.   Dr. Shruti Bedi MUDASIR AHMAD BHAT Full Time 18687 06/04/2011 No
146.   Dr. Jasmeet Gulati ALAMDEEP KAUR Full Time 18685 06/04/2011 No
147.   Prof. P.S. Jaswal ANJU BERWAL Full Time 18594 17/02/2011 No
148.   Prof. Bhajan Kaur AMIT SIHAG Full Time 18453 20/12/2010 No
149.   Prof. P.S. Jaswal SARIKA GUPTA Full Time 18427 07/12/2010 No
150.   Prof. M.S. Bains GURJIT KAUR Full Time 18467 07/12/2010 Nexus Between State Security and Individual Liberty in Relation to Extradition and Asylum: An Analytical Study No
151.   Dr. Daya Nand Garg VARUN MALIK Full Time 18471 25/11/2010 No
152.   Prof. J.K. Chauhan and Dr. Devinder Singh JASWINDER KAUR Full Time 18413 23/11/2010 An Analytical Study of the Judicial Review of Administrative Action in India No
153.   Dr. Paramjit Kaur ANJAY KUMAR Full Time 18400 23/11/2010 No
154.   Dr. Anupama Goel and Dr. Jyoti Rattan KUMARI MONIKA Full Time 18455 08/11/2010 No
155.   Dr. Daya Nand Garg MANOJ KAUSHIK Full Time 18435 03/11/2010 Yes UGC
156.   Prof. R.P. Gupta SUNIL KUMAR Full Time 18441 03/11/2010 No
157.   Prof. Ranbir Kaur and Prof. R.S. Grewal GURPREET KAUR Full Time 18312 02/11/2010 Higher Education: A Critique of the Substantive Standards and Their Implementation in the State of Punjab No
158.   Prof. Bhajan Kaur ANAND KUMAR Full Time 18431 01/11/2010 No
159.   Prof. P.S. Jaswal AMBIKA SHARMA Full Time 18433 01/11/2010 No
160.   Prof. Nishtha Jaswal LAKHWINDER SINGH Full Time 18308 29/10/2010 Expanding Horizons of Right to Privacy: A Study Yes UGC
161.   Prof. Sangita Bhalla and Dr. Jasmeet Gulati NANCY SHARMA Full Time 18310 29/10/2010 No
162.   Prof. Nishtha Jaswal MANPREET KAUR Full Time 18306 29/10/2010 Euthanasia and Right to Die with Dignity: A Socio-Legal Study Yes UGC
163.   Prof. Shalini Marwaha and Dr. Paramjit Kaur MANPREET KAUR Full Time 18304 29/10/2010 No
164.   Prof. M.S. Bains JAGWINDER SINGH Full Time 18314 29/10/2010 No
165.   Dr. Paramjit Kaur SUMAN KUMARI VIMAL Full Time 18405 28/10/2010 No
166.   Dr. Paramjit Kaur HARPREET KAUR Full Time 18200 18/08/2010 Legal Framework for Handling and Management of Hazardous Waste: A Critical Study Yes UGC
167.   Prof. Bhajan Kaur CHARU DUREJA Full Time 17875 26/08/2009 Protection of Copyright and Neighbouring Rights in Digital Age under Indian Law: A Critical Analysis No
168.   Prof. Sangita Bhalla and Prof. R.S. Grewal ANMOL BRAR Full Time 17705 05/06/2009 Critical Evaluation of the Concept and Working of Plea-Bargaining with Special Reference to Indian Criminal Justice System No
169.   Prof. D.N. Jauhar and Dr. Jyoti Rattan JAGMINDER KAUR Full Time 17191 27/05/2009 Human Rights of Non-Citizens (Aliens): Efficacy of International, Regional and Domestic Instruments No
170.   Dr. Shipra Kaushal NAVNEET KAUR DHALIWAL Full Time 17331 21/05/2009 Emerging Trends in Corporate Governance in India: A Comparative Study No
171.   Prof. J.K. Chauhan and Dr. Devinder Singh BHARAT Full Time 17717 28/04/2009 Law Relating to Limited Liability Partnership and Its Impact on Business Environment No
172.   Prof. J.K. Chauha and Dr. Devinder Singh CHANDRESHWARI MINHAS Full Time 17707 28/04/2009 An Analytical Study of Climate Change and Its Control in International and National Legal Regime with Special Reference to Shimla and Kangra Districts of Himachal Pradesh No
173.   Prof. Sangita Bhalla RADHIKA DEV VERMA Full Time 17709 28/04/2009 Genetically Modified Organisms: Socio-Legal Implications with Special Reference to India No
174.   Dr. Daya Nand Garg PREM CHAND Full Time 17567 09/01/2009 The Role and Function of National Commission for Scheduled Castes in Implementing Constitutional Safeguard for Scheduled Castes: A Socio-Legal Study No
175.   Prof. P.S. Jaswal and Prof. Nishtha Jaswal DEEPTI MONGA Full Time 17543 23/12/2008 Legitimate Expectation in the Realm of Administrative Actions and The Judicial Review: A Study No
176.   Dr. Vandana A. Kumar MOAMIL HASSAN Full Time 17535 23/12/2008 Money Laundering International and National Legal Control Mechanism: A Critical Evaluation No
177.   Dr. Geeta Joshi NEELIMA GARG Full Time 17541 23/12/2008 Criminal Justice System and Its Connect with Fundamental Rights: A Critique No
178.   Prof. D.N. Jauhar & Prof. Vijay Nagpal CHARAN SINGH Full Time 17306 05/09/2008 Conviction Rate and the Role of Public Prosecutor: A Critique of Criminal Justice Delivery System in India with Special Reference to the State of Haryana No
179.   Dr. Daya Nand Garg MUNEESHWAR JOSHI Full Time 17321 05/09/2008 A Socio-Legal Critique of the Issue of Reservation with Special Reference to the Constitution (Ninety Third Amendment) Act, 2005 No
180.   Prof. P.S. Jaswal and Prof. Veer Singh KANU PRIYA Full Time 17296 01/09/2008 Immigration From India and Its Implications: A Socio-Legal Study with Special Reference to State of Punjab No
181.   Dr. Daya Nand Garg and Prof. Rakesh Gupta SHEKHAR VERMA Full Time 17217 22/04/2008 Winding Up of Companies and Role of the Judiciary No
182.   Dr. Sangita Bhalla and Dr. Jasmeet Kaur Egan SHWETA DHIR Full Time 17165 08/04/2008 Reproductive Freedom: A Human Rights Issue with Special Reference to India No
183.   Prof. P.S. Jaswal and Prof. Nishtha Jaswal ANJALI BANSAL Full Time 17161 08/04/2008 Criminalisation of Politics in India: A Critique No
184.   Dr. Ranbir Kaur SONAL DATTA Full Time 17163 08/04/2008 Sexual Offences against Women: A Socio-Legal Study with Special Reference to the State of Punjab No
185.   Prof. D.N. Jauhar and Prof. Ranbir Kaur KANWALJEET SINGH Full Time 16938 19/02/2008 A Critical Study of the Law Relating to Crime Investigation with Special Reference to Punjab Police Rules No
186.   Prof. Shalini Marwaha & Dr. Anupama Goel NEETU GUPTA Full Time 16991 31/01/2008 Right to Education: A Critique with special reference to the state of Haryana No
187.   Prof. Shalini Marwaha KULPREET KAUR Full Time 17068 29/01/2008 Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards in International Commercial Arbitration: A Study with reference to India No
188.   Dr. Meenu Paul VIRENDER DAHIYA Full Time 17116 22/01/2008 A Merger Strategy and Corporate Acquisition: An Analytical Study No
189.   Dr. Paramjit Kaur ROHITA KUKRETI Full Time 17070 21/01/2008 Legal Control Mechanism for Protection and Preservation of Marine Environment No
190.   Prof. Veer Singh & Prof. Nishtha Jaswal JASNEET KAUR WALIA Full Time 16967 18/01/2008 Expending Horizons of Freedom of Speech and Expression and the Judicial Response No
191.   Prof. P.S. Jaswal & Dr. Paramjit Kaur GURPREET KAUR Full Time 17040 18/12/2007 Working of the Local Self Government with Special Reference to the State of Punjab No
192.   Prof. Veer Singh & Prof. P.S. Jaswal RASHMI KHORANA NAGPAL Full Time 16966 27/11/2007 Human Rights Approach to Sustainable Development in National and International Regime No
193.   Dr. Jasneet Kaur Egan SUKHBIR KAUR Full Time 16974 21/11/2007 Impact of Media in Criminal Justice System: A Critique No
194.   Prof. J.K. Chauhan and Dr. Devinder Singh DINESH KUMAR Full Time 16973 16/11/2007 Social Auditing of Human Rights Compliance in Transnational Corporations: A Juridical Critique No
195.   Prof. Veer Singh and Prof. Nishtha Jaswal MAMTA DUTTA Full Time 16944 19/10/2007 Recognition and Protection of Folk Medicines: A Study of Emerging Legal Regimes No
196.   Prof. Sangita Bhalla NAVDEEP KAUR GILL Full Time 16932 19/10/2007 A Friendly Adoption Regime for Children with Parental Care: A Critique No
197.   Prof. D.N. Jauhar & Prof. Ranbir Kaur MONIKA GOYAL Full Time 16940 19/10/2007 Trade Marks as Intellectual Property with Special Reference to Well known trademarks: A Critique of Indian Law No
198.   Hon'ble Justice M.M. Kumar and Prof. Nishtha Jaswal RAM KUMAR SINGLA Full Time 16946 19/10/2007 Expending Scope of the Role of Expert Witness in Administration of Justice: A Critique No
199.   Prof. D.N. Jauhar and Prof. Ranbir Kaur MANPREET GREWAL Full Time 16680 05/06/2007 Socio-Legal Perspectives of Alcoholism with Special Reference to the State of Punjab No
200.   Prof. R.S. Grewal and Prof. Veer Singh GURPREET KAUR Full Time 16653 25/05/2007 Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substance Act: Its Operational Analysis With Special Reference to the State of Punjab No
201.   Dr. Meenu Paul AKASH KHOSLA Full Time 16775 08/05/2007 Regulation of Cyber Space: A Socio-Legal Study with Special Reference to Cyber Law in India No
202.   Dr. Meenu Paul KRISHANA KUMAR KHANDELWAL Full Time 16739 01/05/2007 Concept of Exemptions and Right to Information: A Critique No
203.   Prof. Bhajan Kaur NEERU AHUJA Full Time 16737 01/05/2007 Theory of Irretrievable Breakdown of Marriage under the Hindu Law: A Critical Analysis No
204.   Prof. Bhajan Kaur Neeru Ahuja Full Time 16737 01/05/2007 Theory of Irretrievable Breakdown of Marriage under the Hindu Law : A Critical Analysis No
205.   Prof. J.K. Chauhan and Dr. Devinder Singh SATISH KUMAR Full Time 16623 09/02/2007 Parliamentary Privileges and Powers to the House on Expulsion of Members: A Critique No
206.   Prof. Bhajan Kaur KARAN JAWANDA Full Time 16631 31/01/2007 Rights to Women Under Changing Perspective of Hindu Law: An Appraisal No
207.   Prof. R.S. Grewal RUCHI SEKHRI Full Time 16655 16/01/2007 Restorative Justice: A Study in the Context of Indian Criminal Justice System No
208.   Prof. V.K. Bansal and Prof. Shalini Marwaha TEJWINDER SINGH Full Time 16643 16/01/2007 Legislative Measures to Control Terrorism and their enforcement With Special Reference to the State of Punjab: A Critique No
209.   Prof. Veer Singh & Dr. Paramjit Kaur ANJU SHARMA Full Time 16641 16/01/2007 Bail: An Analytical Study of Emergeing Trends in India No
210.   Dr. Devinder Singh VINOD KUMAR Full Time 16637 16/01/2007 A Socio-Legal Study of Crimes Against Children with Special Reference to the State of Punjab No
211.   Prof. J.K. Chauhan and Dr. Devinder Singh MANISH KUMAR KHUNGER Full Time 16492 22/09/2006 Right to Information Act, 2005: Its Enforcement and Efficacy with Special Reference to the State of Punjab No
212.   Prof. J.K. Chauhan AMIT SHARMA Full Time 16353 29/08/2006 Speedy Justice in Criminal Jurisprudence: A Need for Reforms No
213.   Dr. Vijay Nagpal SHEKHAR KUMAR Full Time 16349 29/08/2006 Alternative Disputes Resolution System in India: A Socio-Legal Study No
214.   Dr. Vijay Nagpal NEHA Full Time 16476 28/08/2006 Juvenile Justice System: A Socio-Legal Critique No
215.   Prof. Sangita Bhalla PRABHJOT SINGH Full Time 16472 28/08/2006 Custodial Violence and the Internatioanl Human Rights Standards: A Study of the Indian Penal Justice System No
216.   Prof. D.N. Jauhar PARMINDER KAUR Full Time 16408 27/06/2006 DNA Profile: In Forensic Investigations No
217.   Prof. M.S. Bains RITU JAIN Full Time 16404 19/06/2006 IPRs and Regulatory Issues in Herbal Medicines: Their Global Ramifications No
218.   Prof. M.S. Bains GOVINDER SINGH Full Time 16249 06/06/2006 A Functional Study of the UN Security council for the Maintenance of International Peace and Security No
219.   Prof. Veer Singh MANDEEP MITTAL Full Time 16394 23/05/2006 A Critique of Justice Delivery System and the Public Interest in India No
220.   Prof. M.S. Bains SUKHBIR KAUR Full Time 16406 23/05/2006 Genocide and Humanitarian Law: An Analytical Study in International Law No
221.   Prof. R.S. Grewal and Prof. Sangita Bhalla SANDIPIKA Full Time 16396 23/05/2006 Expanding Horizons of Corporate Criminal Liability: A Critical Evaluation No
222.   Prof. M.S. Bains NARINDER KUMAR Full Time 16328 17/03/2006 Judicial Accountability: A Study with Special Reference to India No
223.   Prof. P.S. Jaswal SABINA SALIM Full Time 16044 10/11/2005 Transboundary Environmental Harm: A Critique of Emerging Liability Principles No
224.   Prof. D.N. Jauhar and Dr. Raman Mittal SONIA GREWAL Full Time 15783 17/12/2004 Farmers' Rights and Food Security in India: A Critique of the Protection of Plant Varieties And Farmers' Rights Act, 2001 No
225.   Prof. D.N. Jauhar MANDEEP KUMAR Full Time 15772 20/09/2004 Problematics of Urbanisation and Landlord - Tenant Relations In Punjab: A Critique of the Rent Act No

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