Panjab University Research Scholars

S.No. Name of the Supervisor /
Name of the Ph.D. Scholar Mode of Ph.D. Registration Number Date of Registration Research Topic Likely Date of Completion Availing Fellowship Funding Agency of Fellowship
Faculty of Arts : Department of SociologyUpdated on: 20/01/2017 
1.   Dr. Moniva Sarkar Ravi Kumar Full Time 16/1290 29/09/2016 No
2.   Dr. Moniva Sarkar Imtiyaz Ali Kharpa Full Time 16/1287 29/09/2016 No
3.   Dr. Moniva Sarkar Subhash Chander Full Time 16/1291 28/09/2016 No
4.   Dr. Jagdish Chander Ankit Dhasmana Full Time 15/254 17/09/2015 No
5.   prof. Rajesh Gill Sai Aanchal Full Time 15/245 17/09/2015 No
6.   Dr. Manoj Kumar Priyanka Full Time 15/252 17/09/2015 No
7.   Dr. Manoj Kumar Sumanpreet Kaur Full Time 15/253 17/09/2015 No
8.   Dr. Reena Rani Monika Negi Full Time 15/251 17/09/2015 No
9.   Dr. Reena Rani Malvika Bishnoi Full Time 15/250 17/09/2015 No
10.   Dr. Amrinder Bhullar Pooja Garg Full Time 15/260 17/09/2015 No
11.   Dr. Sipra Sagarika Ashwani Kumar Full Time 15/247 17/09/2015 No
12.   Dr. Rani Mehta Milanpreet Full Time 15/246 17/09/2015 No
13.   Dr. Rakesh Thakur Tarminder Kaur Full Time 15/255 17/09/2015 No
14.   Dr. Ranjay Vardhan Jyoti Rani Full Time 15/256 17/09/2015 No
15.   Dr. Ranjay Vardhan Monika Choudhary Full Time 15/257 17/09/2015 No
16.   Dr. Ranjay Vardhan Seema Deswal Full Time 15/258 17/09/2015 No
17.   Dr. Sipra Sagarika Kannu Mangotra Full Time 15/259 17/09/2015 No
18.   Dr. Sipra Sagarika Rajdeep Singh Full Time 15/248 17/09/2015 No
19.   prof. Rajesh Gill Anjo Devi Full Time 15/244 17/09/2015 No
20.   Dr. Jagdish Chander
Prof. Manjit SIngh
Chandan Chauhan Full Time 14/36 09/02/2015 In Process No
21.   Dr. Manoj Kumar Meenakshi Rana Full Time 14/1328 20/01/2015 In Process No
22.   Prof. Kiran Preet Kaur Ruchi Bhatia Full Time 15/2 12/01/2015 No
23.   Prof. Kiran Preet Kaur Sukhbir Full Time 14/360 11/12/2014 No
24.   Dr. Ranjay Vardhan Sugandha Kohli Full Time 14/359 11/12/2014 No
25.   Dr. Jagdish Chander Sonu Full Time 14/355 11/12/2014 No
26.   Dr. Rani Mehta Sarika Full Time 14/358 11/12/2014 In Process No
27.   Dr. Manoj Kumar Reetu Sharma Full Time 14/354 11/12/2014 No
28.   Dr. Manoj Kumar Meenakshi Yadav Full Time 14/352 11/12/2014 In Process No
29.   Dr. Reena Rani Peter Dichunlung Rwangmei Full Time 14/353 11/12/2014 In Process No
30.   Dr. Anupam Bahri Mangla Full Time 13/1213 09/10/2013 No
31.   Dr. Rakesh Thakur Tejindet Pal Singh Full Time 13/1249 04/10/2013 No
32.   Dr. Jagdish Chander Anuradha Jaidka Full Time 13/1209 01/10/2013 No
33.   Dr. Ranjay Vardhan Manjinder Kaur Full Time 13/190 30/08/2013 No
34.   Dr Sunita Pandey Poonam Full Time 13/1091 16/05/2013 No
35.   Dr. Ranjay Vardhan Sujata Full Time 13/1086 09/05/2013 No
36.   Dr. Ranjay Vardhan Prabhjot Kaur Bangarh Full Time 13/1088 06/05/2013 No
37.   Prof. Madhurima Reeba Gaba Full Time 13/1073 30/04/2013 An Analysis of Working Patterns, Job Performance and Leadership Styles of Civil Servants in Haryana: A gender based study Yes UGC JRF
38.   Dr. Ranjay Vardhan Amrit Kaur Full Time 13/1070/ 29/04/2013 No
39.   Dr. Ranjay Vardhan Amrit Kaur Full Time 13/1070/ 29/04/2013 No
40.   Dr. Anupam Bahri Harleen Kaur Full Time 13/1074 29/04/2013 In Process No
41.   Prof. Sherry Sabbarwal VANDANA SHARMA Full Time 13/1071 29/04/2013 Inclusive and Segregated Education: A study of Children with Special Needs in Chandigarh No
42.   Prof. Madhurima Renu Rani Full Time 13/1067 29/04/2013 Care giving to aged famiily members: A sciological study in Chandigarh No
43.   Dr. Rani Mehta Bhupesh GIll Full Time 19553 19/12/2012 In Process No
44.   prof. Rajesh Gill Gagandeep Kaur Full Time 14/356 11/12/2012 No
45.   Prof. Madhurima Dilraj Kaur Full Time 19128 01/05/2012 No
46.   Dr. Kumool Abbi Atinder Pal Kaur Full Time 19090 29/03/2012 Impact of International Migration on Women left behind: A Sociological Study of the Kamboj's in Punjab No
47.   Navneet Arora Komaldeep Kaur Full Time 19094 28/03/2012 Yes UGC JRF
48.   Prof. Kiran Preet Kaur Chingangbam Newgold Devi Full Time 18806 30/09/2011 Entrepreneurial Orientation and Performance: A Study of Women Entrepreneurs in Manipur No
49.   Prof. Kiran Preet Kaur Deep Chand Full Time 18808 30/09/2011 Entrepreneurial Orientation, Problems and Performance: A Study Of Tea Growers in Palampur, Himachal Pradesh No
50.   Prof. Madhurima Bindu Full Time 18818 30/09/2011 A Study Of Social Isolation Among Single Elderly Living Alone In Chandigar No
51.   Dr. Kumool Abbi Supananfan Deep Uppal Full Time 18812 30/09/2011 No
52.   Dr. Kumool Abbi Vandana Kohli Full Time 18814 30/09/2011 Social Transpormation and Identity formation among meos of Mewat, Haryama No
53.   Dr. Kumool Abbi Amrit Pathak Full Time 18816 30/09/2011 Women Naxalities in Chhatisgarh: Social and Political Challenges No
54.   Prof. S.Sabbarwal Ratika Sharma Full Time 18766 23/08/2011 Environmental, Economic and Socio-Cultural Impact of Tourism: A Study in Garkwal Region of Uttarakhand No
55.   Dr. Rani Mehta Divya Amrohi Full Time 18547 24/01/2011 Understanding Agricultural Sustainability From Farmers Perspective: A Study Of Amritsar District In Punjab. No
56.   Prof. Sherry Sabbarwal VEENAT Full Time 18527 24/01/2011 DEATH BELIEFS AND PRACTICES: A CROSS- RELIGION STUDY No
57.   prof. Rajesh Gill Nirmala Devi Full Time 18525 24/01/2011 Khap Panchayats in Haryana: A study of Change and Continuity No
58.   Dr. Rani Mehta Leishangthem Linda Devi Full Time 18391 21/10/2010 Higher Education In Manipur: Socio-Economic And Political Dimensions No
59.   Prof. M.K.Teja Navdeep Kaur Full Time 18154 02/08/2010 Nutrition And Health Education: Impact On Knowledge, Awareness And Practices Of The Beneficiaries Of Anganwadi Centres In U.T.Chandigarh No
61.   Navneet Arora Suchet Kumar Full Time 18149 13/04/2010 No
62.   prof. Rajesh Gill Richa Walia Full Time 18145 31/03/2010 Adolescent Girls In Rural Haryana Of Their Problems And Coping Mechanisms. No
63.   Prof. Kiran Preet Kaur Harshdeep Kaur Full Time 17882 28/08/2009 Environmental Sustainability And Community Participation :A Study of Kali Bein River Cleaning Project No
65.   Dr. Kumool Abbi Parmindet Kaur Full Time 17448 21/05/2009 Social change among Dalit Women: A Sociological Study of Rural Punjab No
66.   Prof. Sherry Sabbarwal Rajnish Full Time 17597 27/03/2009 Disability and Rehabilitation: A Study of People Living With HIV/AIDS No
67.   Dr. Kumool Abbi Navneet Saini Full Time 18214 24/08/2008 Violence Against Women in the Family: A Study of Malwa Region in Rural Punjab No
68.   Dr. Kumool Abbi Sukhreet Kaur Sandhu Full Time 17085 15/07/2008 Marriage and Fertility Patterns in Rajasthan: A Comparative study of Rajputs Jats and Dalits No
69.   Rajni Full Time 2103 Status of Primary Education in Rural Punjab: A Study of District Hoshiarpur No
70.   Komal Sharma Full Time 1704 Wives Left Behind By NRI Grooms In Punjab : A Study of Antecedents, Consequences And Interventions No
71.   Yumlembam Khogen Singh Full Time 849 Socio-Religious Movements Among The Meiteis of Manipur: A Study of Sanamahi and Meitei Christian Movements Yes JRF UGC
72.   Meenu Sahgal Full Time 1936 Experiencing Adolescence : A Study of Perceptions of Adolescents, Parents And Teachers in Chandigarh No
73.   Harshdeep Kaur Full Time 853 Environmental Sustainability And Community Participation :A Study of Kali Bein River Cleaning Project Yes JRF UGC
74.   Gursharan Kaur Full Time 880 Entrepreneurial Orientation And Performance: A Study Ramgarhia Entrepreneurs In Punjab No
75.   Sukhpreet Kaur Full Time 2099 Community Participation and Drug De-Addiction :A Study of Community Based De-Addiction Clinics in and Around Chandigarh No
76.   Sunita Full Time 8016 Portrayal of Women In Media: A Study of Perceptions of College Girls In Ludhiana District No
77.   Amanpreet Singh Full Time 1303 Adolescent Sexuality And Sex Education: A Study of Adolescents, Their Parents and Teachers in Schools of Sangrur District (Punjab) No
78.   Kiran Kumari Full Time 1940 Perceptions of Visually Impaired on Social Support System : A Study of Educated Blind in the State of Punjab and U.T. Chandigarh No
79.   Monica Chauhan Full Time 2622 Contemporary Social Structure of Ladakh : A Study of Change And Continuity in Leh District Yes JRF UGC
80.   Ramandeep Kaur Gill Full Time 1683 Role of Panchayats in Rural Development : A Study of Villages In District Fatehabad of Haryana No
81.   Rimplejeet Kaur Full Time 3479 Marital Dissatisfaction : A Study of Factors Leading to Filing of Case For Divorce In Punjab No
82.   Mana Tabatabai Rad Full Time 1819 Structure and Agency: A Study of Women’s Portrayal in Contemporary Iranian and Indian Cinema No
83.   Paksima Mojavezi Full Time 1827 Depiction of Women in Literature: A Study of Novels Written by Iranian and Indian Women Authors Yes ICCR
84.   Masako Azuma Full Time 1823 Sikh Diaspora In Japan: A Study of Social and Cultural Practice Yes ICCR
85.   Mayanglambam Lilee Devi Full Time 1674 Reservation and Empowerment : A Study of Schedules Caste and Non-Scheduled Caste Lois in Manipur No
86.   Mani Pal Full Time 5517 Job Reservation and Social Inclusion : A Study of Scheduled Caste Employees in Chandigarh Yes JRF UGC
87.   Rajesh Kumar Full Time 9455 Empowerment of Dalits is in Rural Punjab: A Study of Achievements and Impediments No
88.   Prof. Manjit Singh Gunjan Setia Full Time 17416 Farmers Suicide in Bathinda and Sangrur Districts of Punjab causes and consequences Yes JRF UGC
89.   Sunakar Patra Full Time 1163 Development, Displacements, Rehabilitation And Resistance: A Case Study of Kalinga Nagar, Orissa No
90.   Sudhyan Singh Negi Full Time 9451 Changing Social Structure of Kinnaura Tribe in Himachal Pradesh No

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