Panjab University Research Scholars

S.No.Enrollment DateResearch ScholarTitle of Research Supervisor
Funding Agencies
Department of Anthropology
1.  07/10/2016Jatinder KaurDr. Maninder Kaur
Dr. K.D. Sharma
JRF-DST Project
2.  06/10/2016Raminder KaurDr. Maninder KaurUGC-JRF
3.  06/10/2016Jagriti MehtaDr. A.K. Sinha
Dr. Maninder Kaur
4.  16/09/2016Tanushree PanditDr. Ramesh Sahani
5.  26/07/2016Abhishek GuleriaDr. Ramesh Sahani
6.  06/05/2016Shruti MarwahaDr. A.K. Sinha
Dr. Ramesh Sahani
7.  06/05/2016Vandana KumariDr. Ramesh Sahani
8.  16/02/2016Sandeep BasraDr. Vishal Sharma
Dr. J.S. Sehrawat
9.  30/09/2015Aakash Deep WaliaProf. Rajan Gaur
10.  30/09/2015Karan KapoorProf. A.K. Sinha
Dr. Ramesh Sahani
11.  14/09/2015Deeksha SankhyanDr. Jagmahender Singh Sehrawat
12.  04/09/2015Mili ChauhanProf. Abhik Ghosh
13.  26/08/2015ChandniProf. Abhik Ghosh
Prof. Neelam R. Kumar
14.  21/08/2015Abhinav SoodDr. Gayathiri Padmanathan
15.  18/08/2015Rita KumariProf. A.K. Sinha
Dr. Kewal Krishan
16.  10/07/2015Sahil BansalProf. A.K. Sinha
17.  25/05/2015Tej KaurDr. Kewal Krishan
Dr. Adarsh Kumar
18.  01/05/2015Divesh DikDr. Maninder Kaur
19.  25/03/2015Jasbir AroraProf. Abhik Ghosh
20.  20/01/2015Mohd AliDr. Jagmahender Singh
21.  18/11/2014NehaDr. Kewal Krishan
Prof. Sanjeev Puri
22.  16/10/2014Punita JindalDr. Gayathiri Padmanathan
23.  01/10/2014Navneet Kaur GillProf. Rajan GaurUGC-JRF
24.  29/09/2014Amandeep KaurProf. Abhik Ghosh
Dr. Kewal Krishan
25.  29/09/2014Jaspreet KaurDr. Jagmahender SinghP.U. Ph.D
26.  29/09/2014Gurjinder KaurProf, Rajan GaurUGC-JRF
27.  23/09/2014Richa MukhraDr. Kewal KrishanP.U. Fellowship
28.  06/06/2014Nutan Kumari JhaProf. A.K. Sinha
Prof. K.D. Sharma
29.  25/05/2014Tashi SmanlaProf. Shalina MehtaCSIR
30.  24/02/2014NeeruProf. R.K. Pathak
31.  30/01/2014Monika ThakurProf. A.K. Sinha
Prof. K.D. Sharma
32.  10/10/2013SimmyProf. Abhik GhoshUGC-JRF
33.  09/10/2013Sonam ChadgalProf. Indu TalwarUGC-BSR- RFSMS
34.  09/10/2013Chozin WangmoProf. Abhik GhoshUGC-JRF
35.  08/10/2013Siddhartha SharmaDr. Kewal KrishanUGC-BSR- RFSMS
36.  21/08/2013Rashmi ChoudhariMenarche and Psycho-Social Development: an anthropological Study among Adolescent Girls of Ambala, HaryanaProf. K.D. Sharma
37.  18/07/2013Chhaya VermaProf. Abhik Ghosh
38.  11/06/2013Nitin Singh MandlaForensic Assessment of Effect of Regional Scripts (Mother Tongue) on English Handwriting in India.Prof. Abhik GhoshUGC-BSR- RFSMS
39.  17/05/2013Ramandeep BawaChanging Landscape of retailing Structure in View of the Growing Influence of Visual Merchandising on Evolving Mall Culture among Panjab University Girls.Prof. A.K. SinhaUGC-JRF
40.  06/12/2012NishaAnthropometric Measurements, Biochemical Parameters and Dietary Pattern of Coronary Heart Disease Patients of Age 45-70 Years.Dr. Kewal KrishanUGC
41.  13/09/2012Sandeep KaurDynamics of Identity Construction in Cyberspaces: Multi-Media and Youth in Texts of Locality and Globality-Empirical Study of College Going Youth in ChandigarhProf. Shalina MehtaUGC
42.  07/09/2012Bahadur SinghA Forensic Study of Gait Parameters (Footstep Length, Stride Length, Base of Gait, Angle of Gait and Area Swept in one Stride) and their Relationship with Stature in Jatt Sikh Male Population of Ludhiana District of PunjabDr. Kewal KrishanP.U. Fellowship
43.  07/09/2012Chirag NagpalDiscerning Customer Relationship Management In Cement Industry: An Exploration in Business AnthropologyProf. A.K. Sinha-
44.  21/08/2012Dinesh KumarSocietal Politics and Administrative Politics for the Specially challenged Individuals-Dialectics of enableness and empirilism-Anthropological Insights into the lives of physically and Mentally Challenged People Living in Chandigarh and Himachal Pradesh.Prof. Shalina MehtaUGC-JRF
45.  06/08/2012Arun BhardwajAn Ethnographic Study of the Hatti Community of District Sirmour, Himachal Pradesh.Prof. R.K. Pathak,
Prof. A.K. Sinha
46.  03/08/2012Ratika ThakurBio-Cultural Factors of Reproductive Tract Infections and Treatment Seeking Behavior Among Married Women in District Shimla, Himachal PradeshProf. A.K. Sinha,Prof. R.K. Pathak (Co-supervisor)UGC-JRF
47.  03/08/2012Amanjot SinghGenetic Association Study of Polymorphism Related to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in Populations of Punjab and HaryanaProf. R.K. PathakUGC-JRF
48.  03/08/2012Gian SinghPhysical Growth and Nutritional Status of Pre-School Children of Kinnaur District, Himachal Pradesh.Prof. R.K. Pathak,Prof. Indu Talwar (Co-supervisor)UGC-BSR- RFSMS
49.  03/08/2012Rupal SoodPeople Parks and Conflict Management: An Anthropological Study of Dhauladhar Wildlife Sanctuary, District Kangra Himachal PradeshDr. Abhik Ghosh,Prof. Rajan Gaur (Co-supervisor)UGC-JRF
50.  17/05/2012Preetika MishraMetric and Non-Metric Study of Sexual Dimorphism of Cranium, Femur and Tibia in Autopsied Sample of Chhattisgrah.Dr. Kewal Krishan
Prof. R.K. Singh
51.  16/03/2012Sarabjeet SinghRe-constructing Geographical Spaces for Creating alternative City Structures and Socio-Culture Consequences: A Case Study of Proposed Eco-City-New Chandigarh, Mohali (Punjab)Prof. Shalina MehtaUGC-JRF
52.  05/03/2012Priyanka AiriAssessment of Nutritional Status and Prevalence of Anaemia Among Select Adolescent Girls of District Yamunanagar, HaryanaProf. Indu TalwarUGC
53.  28/02/2012Raman GillTouch and Colour in Carpet Weaving: An Anthropological Study of Textile ManufacturingDr. Abhik Ghosh-
54.  17/02/2012Gagandeep SinghGenetic Structure and Diversity of Some Endogamous Groups of North IndiaProf. Indu Talwar
Prof. A.J.S. Bhanwar
55.  14/02/2012Kavita JarodiaPhysical Growth and Nutritional Profile of Rural Jat Sikh and Scheduled Caste Children aged 2 to 8 Years of Bathinda District of Punjab: a Longitudinal Investigation.Prof. Rajan GaurUGC-RGNF
56.  19/09/2011Baljeet SinghPhysical Growth and Nutritional Assessment of Adolescent Boys of Shina Tribe: A High Attitude Population in Gurez Valley, Jammu and KashmirProf. Indu TalwarPanjab University
57.  11/08/2011Abhishek SharmaAnthropological Study of the Traditional Medicine System of Kinnaur District, Himachal PradeshProf. R.K. PathakUGC Meritorious Scholarship
58.  12/07/2011Shruti ChopraBio-psychosocial perspectives of Coronary Heart Disease in Northwest India: an anthropological Study.Prof. K.D. Sharma,Prof. Y.P. Sharma (Co-supervisor)UGC-JRF
59.  12/07/2011Vijay Kumar BodhDialectics of Development, Dams and Deconstructing Cultural Narratives and Political Negotiations: a Comparative Study of Dam Development Projects in Lahul & Spiti and Kinnaur district of Himachal PradeshProf. Shalina MehtaUGC-JRF
60.  23/02/2011Jaspreet Singh-Dr. Abhik Ghosh, Prof. Rajan Gaur (Co-supervisor)-
61.  04/02/2011Rohit KumarAn anthropological Study of the Elderly Residing in Old Age homes in Punjab and Chandigarh.Prof. R.K. PathakUGC-JRF
62.  21/05/2010SoniaFoot size and Shape among adult Punjabi Women of Chandigarh with Special Reference to Footwear Design and PracticesProf. R.K. Pathak-
63.  23/10/2009Evelyn NgaithianvenInfant Physical Growth among the Paite Tribe of Manipur-An anthropological Study.Prof. R.K. PathakUGC-SRF
64.  14/09/2009Reetinder KaurAn Anthropological study of socio-cultural dimensions and health care of cancer patients with special reference to Malwa region of PunjabProf. A.K. SinhaICMR
65.  07/08/2009Sapam Ranabir SinghLocating Texts of social vulnerability in disaster prone sites -an emerging challenge in cyclone affected Puri district of Orissa: Perspectives from anthropology.Prof. Shalina Mehta,UGC-SRF
66.  20/01/2006Chakravarti MahajanAn Anthropological Study Exploring the Contours of Hindu Muslim Relations in Doda district Jammu & KashmirDr. Abhik Ghosh, Dr. Amita Baviskar(Co-supervisor)ICSSR
67.  24/10/2005Aakriti SharmaSpatial Genetic Microdifferentation in Rajputs of Himachal Pradesh.Prof. K.D. Sharma-

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